It’s a given that Trump and his minions spew lies and slanders about their “enemies” (i.e. their political opponents) at a rate only rivaled by the amount of sludge spewed during the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Today, the slanders against Joe Biden were so vile that a Fox News host shut it down. Yes, you read that right. Someone on Fox News, which has peddled slime, propaganda and bullshit for nearly thirty years, hit their gag limit.

The source of today’s putridity is Hogan Gidley, who honed his chops as a professional liar and slanderer by first working with Mike Huckabee’s HuckPAC and Rick Santorum’s 2012 presidential campaign (where Santorum proved that wearing Mister Rogers-style cardigan sweaters didn’t make voters turn to him to be First Dad). Gidley joined the White House press corps in October 2017, and has been a stand-up liar for Trump ever since.

About two weeks ago, Gidley moved to the Trump campaign. He fit right in with the other traitors, grifters, liars and carnival hucksters running that particular shitshow.

Today he popped up on Fox’s America’s Newsroom, which pretends to provide straight news reporting. Co-host Sandra Smith tried to engage Gidley with a question about whether Trump would debate Biden during the general election campaign. Gidley didn’t want to talk about that.

Gidley began by vomiting all over the Supreme Court’s ruling that Trump isn’t above the law, after which Smith turned to the question of a Biden-Trump debate.

She played a clip from James Carville on MSNBC, who called Trump a “dupeless dolt” (not sure what “dupeless” means, but regardless, you tell ’em, James) and said that given the fact Biden held his own in debates against Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, Biden would trounce Trump. Gidley didn’t want to talk about that. Instead, he wanted to absolutely slander Biden:

I love the fact that James Carville would point to the past debates of Joe Biden. Let’s be clear, that’s why he was last in all the polls during the debates. It was only South Carolina that saved him. When you’re on a debate stage, you can’t reach out like Joe Biden has done so many times and said, “Please, please bring me my documents, I need to read off of them, the fact sheet that my staff has given me.” You are going to hear interesting comments from Joe Biden about how children love his leg hair and how he used to coax children up onto the porch with ice cream during quarantines.

Wow. In the space of about 30 seconds, Gidley dumped the topic of debates and threw gutter allegations about Biden being a demented pedophile. We’ll come back to that.

To her credit, Smith called “whoa” on Gidley, who pivoted to imply that Biden suffers from senility or dementia by making up some mental lapse about 9/11:

And how he doesn’t know the dates of 9/11, when it happened, what year. Those are things that —

Smith ended Gidley’s venomous Gish Gallop of bullshit, saying: “Hold on — hold on, Hogan. We are talking about whether or not the president wants to debate Joe Biden, and whether or not inside the Joe Biden camp they are urging Joe Biden to debate Donald Trump. Who benefits the most from a debate?” Gidley then wriggled away from the question with more insults about Biden’s ability to speak publicly.

The whole clip, provided by Media Matters, is here, if you want to sit through it.

Here’s a shorter clip on YouTube:

Let’s step back and unpack Gidley’s projectile spew of gutter-level lies.

First off, Biden wasn’t last in the polls until South Carolina. He was actually neck-and-neck with Sanders. But that’s just a minor lie to set us up for what comes next.

There’s no evidence I’ve seen to indicate that Biden has stopped a debate to ask to see a fact sheet so he can “read off of them,” as Gidley said. This is, of course, another insinuation that Biden is senile, or suffers from dementia, or whatever.

Gidley then launches into the main course of the encounter, the allegations that Biden is a pedophile. The “children love his leg hair” bit apparently centers on a speech he gave in 2019, where he talked about his grandchildren messing with his “hairy legs” in the swimming pool. Probably not the best thing he could have said, but it’s a granddad thing to say, right up there with “Little Jeffy loves to sit in my lap and pull on my beard.” But Gidley twists that into something that sounds totally foul.

Gidley then launches full-bore into an accusation that Biden is the equivalent of the guy in the trenchcoat who lurks outside school playgrounds: “he used to coax children up onto the porch with ice cream during quarantines.” That’s a tremendous lie, and one that should have earned Gidley a punch in the mouth.

What did Biden actually say?

They [my grandchildren] sit out in the backyard and we sit on the porch and I bribe them with ice cream…but I’m not able to go down and hug them and kiss them which I usually do.

You have to wonder just what kind of worms are in Gidley’s brain for him to twist a happy scenario of Grandpa Joe “bribing” his grandchildren with ice cream (presumably to hang out with him in the yard) into something involving Biden using sweet treats to lure random children into his grasp.

Oh, and that bit about Biden forgetting the date of 9/11? All I can find on Google is a couple of YouTube videos from the “GOP War Room” which twists Biden’s well-documented stutter into a false allegation that he forgot the date of one of the most horrific attacks on America in our history.

Because it’s Fox News, home of Russian propaganda and endless tsunamis of lies about Democrats, the anchor didn’t bother to actually haul Gidley up for the horrendous lies he blasted over the airwaves. She didn’t correct him, or inform the viewers about the actual context of Gidley’s lies. So, the viewers who sat through Gidley’s pernicious blizzard of vicious slanders went away from the broadcast with those slanders resonating in their minds.

Thanks, Fox.

We’ll get daily doses of this between now and November. I really hope that news anchors and hosts on networks other than Fox (and Breitbart, and Newsmax, and OANN, and…) will find the nerve, and will have the backing of the media executives who sign their paychecks, to shut this shit down when Trump’s carnival barkers and sewage peddlers come to their studios.

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  1. Well, I suppose they have to make “Grandpa” Joe seem especially creepy since Donald Trump doesn’t seem to spend any time with any of his TEN grandchildren. He has 5 grandkids courtesy of Don Jr (and his ex-wife, Vanessa), 3 courtesy of “hot daughter” Ivanka and “genius” Jared, and 2 courtesy of Eric and his wife Lara.

  2. How about the tRump attack ad we’re seeing here in St. Paul, Minnesota nightly ad naseum about “defunding the police?” The ad depicts someone calling 911 and getting a message that says, “No one can take your call.right now because the police department has been defunded….To report a rape, press 1, for murder, press 2 etc.” At the end, an ugly mug appears and says, “I’m Donald J. tRump and I approved this message.” ????

  3. Joe Biden will take that punk out behind the barn and give him the whuppin he deserves. And on another front. People typically accuse other people of what they are guilty of. Could this cupcake be showing off his leg hair to children he has convinced to come on his porch. Do we have a confession here.

  4. The concept of dignifying any broadcast including tRump as a “debate” is mindless duplicity. The so-called “debate” series in 2016 more than amply proved that such displays are nothing more than a grade school mud ball fight grandstanding opportunity for tRump. Do not expect a 2020 election “debate” to carry any more gravitas than a cafeteria food fight.

    • Think back to the Biden-Palin debate of 2008. Biden massacred her, mostly because he DID conduct himself with grace and aplomb. You’re saying that Trump and Biden both will turn the debate into a mud wrestling match. Biden won’t do that.


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