I dunno. I’m not a lawyer, never played one on tv, and don’t pretend to be one. But if you know something about politics, then by necessity you tend to learn a little something about the law. They kind of tend to intersect. And you can see when someone is insofar over their head that they can’t even see the surface of the ocean anymore.

It has been widely reported that Trump is having a helluva time getting a top tier law team to defend him. He asked John Sale, a former federal prosecutor and federal defense lawyer, partner in a white shoe law firm to defend him, but Sale respectfully blew him off. Sale is that kind of a guy.

And so, Trump moved on to his next logical choice to defend him against espionage charges, Florida insurance lawyer Lindsey Halligan. Sweet Jesus, why not just save the cash and go with a public defender? Oh yeah, I forgot, Trump doesn’t pay his bills.

Halligan was the Trump lawyer that was present at Mar-A-Lago when the FBI search went down. And she’s a slow moving train wreck. Especially if you watch FUX News, you’ve probably already seen more of her than you want. Her answer to every question seems to start off with We believe…News Flash! A lawyer isn’t paid to believe, they’re paid to know. And a criminal defense lawyer is paid to always put the best situation on the case as possible.

I believe one example will suffice. This time it was Cruella de Ingraham who took her turn to stick a hatpin into a Trump blow-up bop doll. On Thursday there was a hearing in federal court on a FOIA request brought by several national news agencies to unseal the search warrant affidavit. Halligan was present representing Trump, but did not speak, nor file a motion. She was an observer.

Ingraham, no more a lawyer than I am, still caught the obvious problem. If you’re representing the President, and if you didn’t file a motion to enter into the case on his behalf, didn’t you just waive your right to enter into the proceeding at a later date, so that you can negotiate the extent of the redactions?

Halligan’s response was pure, unadulterated lawyer babble, No Laura, we don’t believe that we have given up our right to file a motion later at all. After all, we haven’t even seen the affidavit yet. Once we’ve seen the redacted version, we’ll decide whether or not to file a motion at that time.

Spoiler Alert Lindsey! Guess what? The national media network and their lawyers haven’t seen the affidavit yet either! That’s what they filed the FOIA request for in the first place. Your stance is like a poker player bowing out of a hand to take a piss, coming back to the table and seeing a jumbo pot, and telling the dealer to deal him in.

Halligan had the chance to stand up in court, file a motion to represent Trump in the proceedings, and put some skin in the game. But she didn’t. And now there’s no legal reason for the judge to let her see the redacted affidavit until it’s released to the public. Welcome to the practice of federal law, Lindsey.

This actually makes me queasy. Under our system, every defendant is entitled to competent defense. When Trump goes down, I want him to do it with a team of blue ribbon criminal defense lawyers next to him, not a stable of K-Mart ambulance chasers. I want it to be ironclad.

And so, for the crime of not only being legally incompetent, but lacking enough logic to realize that you have to throw a chip in to get a seat at the table, Lindsey Halligan, stand up and take a bow, FOOL!


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  1. I see what must be a classic Roy Cohn move to get incompetent representation to move for mistrial later for incompetent representation. Trump’s teacher has taught him well. The problem is there’s no endgame. Kicking it down the road may work for limited funded opposition in the NY real estate world but this is the big show. The pigeons are gonna come home to roost sooner or later.

  2. Incompetent people tend to have incompetent representatives defending themselves!! Example, former President Trump former defense attorney Rudy Giuliani!!

  3. Come on guys…Trump went with his expertise…& his perfect ability to judge a woman attorney. He gazed at her tits & ass & asked himself, is this a pussy I would grab?

  4. I’m with you, Murf. Even Treason-Weasels deserve their day in court and to be represented by competent counsel. Tell you what, let’s start a fund–no, wait, Formerly already did that.
    I guess there’re some things real lawyers just won’t do, no matter how much they don’t get paid. Better call Saul.

  5. You guys will never learn. You hate this man so badly yet are so terrified that he will win in 2024, that you are desperatly looking for reasons to smear him at every turn. He will win again. The search was 100% political, if Trump would have done the same to Hillary, you guys would have called him a dictator. You are all hypocrites. Trump will win, then he will sue for defamation and win again, then he will take back the presidency in 2024. I am ok with that because the country (America) was better off when he was president which is kinda the point.

    • Are you that stupid that you really believe that this fool is innocent if so it’s something truly wrong with you. Everyone is not jist making this stuff up about this conman. He is a crook and the world and his followers know he is a conman, a crook, a traitor, a spy for Russia and North Korea, that’s why he took all those documents with him bcuz he was going to sell them or use them against the government to try to stay out of prison. All you followers can act like u believing Trump lie, but u all going to go to hell with him and all his lied. And u so call Christian going to hell with him too bcuz u have allowed the devil to get into you all and preacher that lie right in the pulpit. All you are doing is cursing yourself with a cursed. And all your sheep that are being lied too there blood is on your hands ✋️ 🙌. I truly feel sorry for all of you bcuz you all or losed souls. You all are following a cult and you all are to blind to see that. You all are so blind when it come to Trump that’s how you know that it’s a cult bcuz u all really don’t see what he is doing to u all. All he is doing is feeding u all e il and taking all you money. Every little thing happen to Yrump he is begging you all for money. You fool has already gave Trump over $500 million dollars right b4 he leave office and now $500m dollars, and then you all don’t think he is using u guys. And all he has spend of that money in all abt $10m the most. Remember he sit it up where 75% of the u fool give him he can do whatever he want with the money and it’s nothing u guys can do abt it, and u all still giving him bcuz he playing this victim and he the one being victimized, and it u guys that he is victimized. When it all come out abt Trump and he go to prison than maybe the spell will be broken from him.

      • Yes. She’s that fucking stupid. Go drink your cyanide for Jesus. Everyone is doing it. The preacher says it’s the righteous thing to do. Drink up.

      • The sad part about what you just said is that I am a Christian and I honestly am not concerned at all about judgement day. I can guarantee you that I will ve ok. God won’t judge me based on my political opinion unlike you. Can you honestly say the same about yourself?

        • No, God won’t judge you based on (solely) on your political affiliation. He will judge you based on how you, and the man you support, followed his teachings on how to treat the poor, the helpless, the downtrodden and “the least of these.”

        • I’m guessing you are basing your belief that God won’t hold your support for a blasphemous lying thieving treasonous adulterer against you on faith.
          You might be wrong. Repent while you still can.

      • Your delegation investigated him for 4 years using the power of the US govt. Still they found no proof of wrong doing. They only made themselves look silly. He is either inocent or a wizard. You decide.

        • Guessing you weren’t paying attention to any of it. Please remember billy barr redacted much, if not most, of Mueller’s report. One thing that did stand out was the fact that Mueller stated in the report there was nothing exonerating former guy. barr was a criminal fuck and would screw his own mother to be beside any power-even the piddling power of the mango moron.

          And that is just ONE of the investigations. You might want to pay attention.

      • You will see soon. All the documents they say he stole, were likely walked out of the white house by an unaware staff member. Let’s be honest this isn’t about what he took. It is about making him look bad by raiding his home, and when some personal issues are found and leaked to the press, the real motive will be seen.

        Whats worse, when he is reelected in 2024, because of the precedent the democrats and Joe Biden have set, the DOJ will definately be raiding both Hillary Clinton’s home as well as Joe, and Hunter Bidens home. When you all are crying that he is a over reaching dictator, I will point you right back to this moment and say with a smile “what goes around comes around”.

        • Hahahahahahahahahahahah. oh shit, hahahahahahahah. shit I just about wet myself. When he is WHAT? Re-elected? Are you fucking high or insane? That dumb son of a bitch is going to be a guest in a penal institution…or he’ll have run his fat bitch ass to russia or whatever country wants to take the lardass in. Not sure there are very many of those.

          jeezuz fuck you’re a moron.

      • I would love for you to shadow my life for 24 hours. I guarantee you I am more American than you.

        You hate me simply because I support someone you dont. I simply disagree with your position. Who is the Nazi here? 😂😂🤣🤣

        • We don’t hate you. We think you’re a moron. Those are two distinctly different things. The first one is emotion. The second is the knowledge that you do not know whether your ass is drilled, punched, or reamed. To be perfectly honest, you’re belief that Diaper Don will be re-elected is one of the funnier, albeit stupider, things I’ve read today.

      • No use debating with cult members. It’s like trying to reason with a belligerent drunk. She doesn’t get ANY info outside of RW media. She hasn’t HEARD ANY of the information about this raid except for the ‘state news’.

    • I doubt if he will even run in 2024, but you keep sending him your money. Trump will grift while the grifting is good and you don’t know what the GOP will do. They don’t know what they’re going to do. They’ve never been in the position that they find themselves in now, where the head of the party may face three separate criminal indictments by the spring.

      Maybe you should watch Fox News more and see who they say in going to be the next candidate. It ain’t Trump.

      • Ursula, I would not be surprised if the orange idiot ran again. He might be all about the grift but he is also a delusional narcissist who needs those rallies of his like the rest of us need oxygen. This does not mean he’d necessarily get the nomination and I would bet my home he will not win the general. But will he run again? Maybe.

    • 🤣🤣🤣You are delusional.. How can he even run when he can’t even get through a simple deposition? Espionage is a serious situation, there’s clearly not enough support for him on Earth to even get the votes. He will not win, nor will he even try to run for 2024. Wake up!!!

  6. Donny doesn’t want a qualified attorney. It’s his plan B. After a conviction/loss he’ll say his attorney failed to represent him fully. Plus he’s too cheap to pay for a great defense team. And he’s guilty.

      • I’m with you on this. I think he’d give a great federal criminal defense attorney $100million in ADVANCE. No decent lawyer will take it as they know he won’t keep his mouth shut, follow directions, stay on talking point. Worst still, who the hell knows what those documents are-who he’s sold them to or who he’s blackmailing them with. It’s a snake pit of black mambas. (Super deadly, super fast, super aggressive)

  7. Lawyers and politicians appear to be two types that have no skills aside from lying and hate to work. That’s why lawyers run for office once they determine that they will never have any clients.

  8. By the way Jesus WASNT a Christian…he was a JEW. I spent 4 years at a public ivy studying the ancient world & was taught by Biblical scholars formerly at Princeton. Given the KNOWN scale of the universe, to make definitive statements about ‘God’ is arrogance coupled with ignorance. I find people, like you, know less about Jesus given you are full of yourself & have done NO REAL STUDY about what your talking about. Same with your nazi group who are fine with killing children at the border. How’s that fit in with the second greatest commandment hypocrite? Your boy personifies evil. Its clear he lied tens of thousands of time. He has been video taped etc. Read John 8:42-47 and find out the group you REALLY belong to…the children of the devil…the FATHER OF ALL LIES. Your welcome. Glad to help you with your evil hypocrisy. Another Christian nazi…hmm…like Germany, a country predominantly identified as Christian. We know how you folks work.

    • Ok smart guy, thanks for the single most stupid thing I have ever heard. To be a Christian means you follow Christianity. The definition of Christianity is “the religion based on the person and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, or its beliefs and practices” Jesus clearly didnt follow himself so he clearly couldn’t be a “Christian”. So even if he was a Jew, following him and his teachings makes people Christian.

      Now really quickly to stop you from your next stupid argument, that doesn’t mean that Christians have always been or ever are perfect. It simply means that they believe in Jesus Christ and will (try to) follow his teachings. 👋

      • So why aren’t they (following Jesus’ teachings)? And by the way, Hillary spent 8 or 12 hours being questioned by Republicans. She stood up for herself and was not afraid to tell her truth. TFG doesn’t even know what the truth is, shit just pours out of his mouth. He could never handle a deposition, there would be more ketchup on the wall. That MF will be dead or in jail before 2024.

    (2 of 2) I don’t care what anyone does in their downtime—my point is that Halligan has been out of law ping school for *10 years*, her Lawyer.com profile pic is blank, and *these* are the second/third images that come up when a lawyer with 10 years’ experience is Googled?

    (PS) We’re talking about the last President of the United States—who’s about to again run for President of the United States—suing one of the largest media entities in the world for accurately reporting on his role in an ongoing insurrection. And this is the lawyer Trump retains?

    (PS2) Why it matters: when I wrote Proof of Conspiracy, I was *astounded* that the lawyer who represented the pro-Trump Israeli cyberintelligence operative who meddled in the 2016 election with Saudi money on Trump’s behalf *also* represents…Donald Trump. There’s a story there.

    (PS3) I have also spent years writing about how Trump attorneys Victoria Toensing and Joe diGenova helped Trump steal the 2016 election and then tried to help him steal the 2020 election. Now Toensing has undergone an FBI raid and the DOJ is sending out subpoenas that say this:

    (PS4) Trump generally uses lawyers to commit crimes and/or file nuisance suits intended to harass and intimidate rather than seek justice—so we as journalists *must* write about lawyers who’d agree to represent a career criminal who *neither pays his lawyers nor listens to them*.

    (PS5) When Trump hires an ex-model who’s not managed to put her professional identity as a lawyer out front in ten years of practice to file an obviously morally bankrupt lawsuit that’s *really* just a way to get a telegenic lawyer on Newsmax/OANN to rail about media, it matters.

    (PS6) A lawsuit of this sort is a *massive* undertaking. The client is a self-described *billionaire*—and *ex-POTUS*. Were Trump serious about the suit, he’d hire a *huge firm*/lawyers with *decades* of experience in highly complex litigation. But here’s Halligan on Bannon’s pod?

    (PS7) So is Trump filing a suit intended as a mere media spectacle—in other words a political stunt that should offend our justice system *and* far-right voters who say they hate frivolous suits—or is it that he can’t anymore get lawyers of the stature ex-POTUSes usually command?

    (PS8) Halligan can spend her time as she likes—I 100% don’t care. But when I was a public defender, my clients were appointed; she’s *choosing* to launch a frivolous suit for a career criminal, active insurrectionist, and serial sexual assailant who doesn’t pay/listen to lawyers.

    (PS9) Moreover, Trump has a *long* history of using the legal system to harass and intimidate people *and* using his lawyers to commit crimes. I personally feel that lawyers have a *responsibility* under the RPC to *not represent* an individual who has *all these traits* at once.

    (PS10) And I think it’s possible that *that’s* why Trump—a billionaire former POTUS again seeking the Oval Office, and suing one of the largest media entities in the world—has Halligan as an attorney: because the *overwhelming* majority of attorneys *agree with me* about the RPC.

    (PS11) If Halligan has the same experience as past Trump lawyers, (a) she won’t be paid; (b) Trump will ask her or her agents to tamper with witnesses; (c) Trump will ask her to lie to the court or demand she get others to lie for him; (d) may ultimately ask her to commit crimes.

    (PS12) And not for nothing, Attorney Halligan *knows or should know* that she is being [not] paid to file a frivolous lawsuit—as Trump’s 35,000+ lies as a politician have been documented with *excruciating* exactness by major media. So she does not have clean hands here.At all.

    (MORE) She’s also working *way* outside her area of expertise—which seems profoundly irresponsible to me. Of course, my working theory of the case is that this is a self-consciously frivolous suit Halligan is merely a media liaison for, presumably in preparation for a TV career.

    (MORE) Which brings us to why this story matters. Trump’s plot has long been to hire attractive women as legal surrogates who he then inserts in TV roles so he gains control of media narratives. Pam Bondi. And Christina Bobb? She became an insurrectionist.

    Sixth January 6 Willard Hotel “War Room” Member Confirmed; Revelation May Implicate Trump’s Department of Homeland Security in the Insurrection
    The involvement of DHS in the events of January 6, 2021 can no longer be ignored— especially now that a former DHS employee has been located in Trump’s Insurrection Day communications center.

    (MORE) If you think this part of Trump’s corruption doesn’t matter, consider that on January 6 Bobb was the *only Trump agent* with simultaneous (a) journalistic access to the Capitol, (b) Trump legal team access to his Willard war room, (c) DHS contacts from her past employment.

    (MORE) Christina Bobb is now simultaneously a Trump lawyer and “journalist” working on a coup plot for Trump. How long before Attorney Halligan finds herself being asked by her new client to play this sort of dual role? There’s a clear modus operandi here.

    (MORE) And here it is: evidentiary support for a working theory. Trump wants to find another Christina Bobb—an attractive advocate who can simultaneously do media for him and talk about his frivolous lawsuits, and who’s willing to do this because she always wanted to be on cable.

    (MORE) I’m not going to go farther down this rabbit-hole because I don’t want to know what if anything is at the end, but I’ll say that Attorney Halligan was apparently involved—and very successful—in Trump pageants in Colorado in 2009 and 2010. I have no idea if they met then.

    (MORE) I get very creeped out when my research takes me near Trump’s pageants or Trump Models, as generally things in that sphere of Trumpworld get extraordinarily dark—and quickly. In case you forgot, we learned about the tip of that huge iceberg in 2016:

    Teen Beauty Queens Say Trump Walked In On Them Changing
    “Don’t worry, ladies, I’ve seen it all before.”

    (MORE) It appears that Attorney Halligan entered law school—in Florida—immediately after finishing in the Top 5 in the Floridian Trump’s Miss Colorado USA pageant. At the time she had an interest in broadcast media. Now she’s a) Trump’s lawyer, b) featured on Bannon’s “War Room.”

  10. Dumbass the term Christian was a nasty slang word the romans used. Read the fucking book sometime. Oh, & don’t hold it upside down. The early disciples were known as believers. Oh. By the way no one knows WHO wrote the gospels. It wasn’t mark, Matthew, Luke, John, or Thomas. Yeah your boy with his policies sure helped the children at the border. He deliberately tore them from their families WITH NO SYSTEM OR INTENTION TO REUNITE THEM. PURE FUCKING EVIL. That’s what you are following.

  11. Just an FYI Laura Ingram is an attorney. Or was a licensed practicing attorney for a well known firm before pursuing a media/tV career.


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