Fox News must be getting ready to slash its collective wrists right about now. They used to love to go on and on about how awfully Joe Biden was faring in the polls and it goes without saying that they never put the figures given into any kind of meaningful context. Yes, Biden had some low polls but they weren’t so much a reflection of how unhappy people were with him as they were a reflection of how unhappy the country was, period.

COVID had wreaked havoc with a lot of peoples’ lives, not just the virus itself and all the cultural war fallout,  but the ripple effect of inflation, the normal rhythms of life being disrupted.

Now, COVID is on the wane and the Ukraine war is being handled properly and Americans are finally giving Biden his due. NPR:

After what’s been a bleak several months politically for President Biden, a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist survey finds he is seeing a significant boost in his approval ratings across the board following his State of the Union address and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“This is an unusual bounce,” said Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion, which conducted the poll. “It gets him back to where he was pre-Afghanistan.”

Here’s a look at some of the numbers:

  • Overall approval rating jumped to 47%up 8 points from the NPR poll last month. Presidents don’t generally see much, if any bounce, out of a State of the Union address. Since 1978, there had only been six times when a president saw an approval rating improve 4 points or more following State of the Union addresses, according to the pollsters. Three of those bounces were for former President Bill Clinton.

  • Ukraine handling is up 18 points to 52%.

  • Coronavirus pandemic handling is now 55%, up 8 points.
  • Economic handling up 8 points to 45%.

The national survey of 1,322 adults was conducted March 1 and 2 by live callers via mobile phone and landlines, following the State of the Union address. Results were weighted to reflect the demographics of the country, as shown in the U.S. Census’ 2019 American Community Survey. It has a margin of error of +/- 3.8 percentage points, meaning results could be almost 4 points lower or higher.

Poor Fox News. What will they do now? No low polling to spin, new job numbers are through the roof and Biden is uniting the country — with the exception of the hard core right-wing extremists and that’s to be expected.


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  1. Biden was not my first choice during the primary, but of course I voted for him in the general. We are lucky that we got the president we did. I don’t think anyone else could have handled the Ukraine situation as well – NATO is unified, hell the world (w/ the exception of 4 or 5 authoritarian regimes) is as well. I’ve always thought the polls were measuring people’s feelings about covid and inflation, more than the actual job Biden was doing.

  2. No doubt Mike Lindell will have evidence that the poll figures are fake and he’ll have the computer codes showing that before he takes it to court:
    code sample:

    • If you turn off Fox,,OAN,,and Neewscorpse, you.might add a few brain cells to what you have currently: two.neurons connected by a spirochete. Considering how bad Fat Donor’s poll numbers were from Day One, and that he set some kind of record for them when he was,dragged kicking and screaming out of the White House, you really cannot talk.



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