You can learn a lot about the cut of a man by what he holds most dear

As we speak, former President Donald Trump is facing four separate indictments, a total of 91 criminal counts, in four jurisdictions. In the Fulton County case Trump officially advised the judge that he won’t be attempting to move his case to federal court. The first trial starts on 10/23, and the first underling plea deal was announced today.

In the Florida documents case, the Classified Information Security Officer informed Trump’s lawyers that at this time, there isn’t a SCIF in Florida secure enough for them to view nine of the documents in. Until they work something out, Trump’s defense lawyers will have to travel to the DC area to view the documents in their permanent home.

And in the DC federal case, Judge Chutkan politely refused to recuse herself from the trial, spanking his lawyers for misrepresenting her previous sentencing statements in court. They asked for a 60 day delay in the closing of pre-trial motions, hoping to delay the case. Considering the fact that there are still five months before jury selection, she will likely give them a 30 day extension to display to a future appellate court that she didn’t squeeze them.

Sh*t man, I used to stress out over a freakin’ illegal lane change ticket. This sounds like a full plate to me, especially since just one misstep in any one of these trials, he’ll end up starring in a new streaming service reality show titled, Orange in the new Orange.

And with that legal criminal maelstrom swirling around him like the climax in Twister, what is El Pendejo Presidente doing to right the ship, and step up as a legal wartime commander? He’s going balls-to-the-wall to try to delay the start of his New York civil fraud case, scheduled to begin on Monday.

Really?! You are literally looking at the prospect of the rest of your sad, misbegotten life behind bars, and the most important thing in your life is a civil suit to prove that your precious company is a RICO front, and you’re a lying cheat? News Flash, Blobbo! Your money won’t do much good in the Joint Base Andrews lockup, other than the prison canteen.

A quick recap. Last week The Cheeto Prophet’s lawyers desperately argued in New York court for the civil charges against Trump and his monkey spawn to be dismissed. When the judge finished laughing, and hauled himself up off the floor, he told the Trump flying monkeys to get real. Then he dropped the hammer.

He found a summary judgement for New York Attorney General Letitia James on the most critical charge in the indictment, he found Trump, his idiot male children, and other company officers guilty of fraud. In a scathing 35 page ruling, designed to survive appeal, he stated that Trump had spent decades artificially inflating the values of his properties in order to gain more favorable loan amounts and terms, more favorable insurance rates, and lower taxes. Then he slapped four of Trump’s lawyers with a fine of $7,500 each for misrepresenting the law, and making frivolous motions and arguments in his court.

Obviously $7,500 is nothing to these K-Mart ambulance chasers, since they immediately went back to court, in front of the same judge, and asked that he delay the start of the trial until after they filed their appeal and and had it heard in court, The judge apparently shrugged, and said something legal that amounts to Get real. We’ll see you on Monday. Trump has since confirmed that he will be in court on Monday and Tuesday, expecting to be called to testify.

Trump is looking at spending the rest of his life in prison, and yet his overriding concern is for a civil suit in New York state that can cost him nothing but money? You’re goddamned right he is! I’ve spent seven long years in the toxic Superfund clean up site of his mind, and I can tell you right now that Trump is acting as predictably a job interview.

It has been reported that recently Traitor Tot has taken to asking close aides and his lawyers that, if he’s convicted, would they make him wear an orange jumpsuit? I can tell you right now that Trump is dead serious, ad that he’s fine with that outcome. No sh*t. Trump has spent months describing his legal troubles in rallies to his slobbering horde as, When they come for me, they’re not really coming for me, they’re coming for you. And I just happen to be standing in the way. And I’ll always be standing in the way. 

In Trump’s sick, twisted mind, Trump actually believes this lame bullsh*t. Trump can stand incarceration as long as he’s a political martyr. Because as long as his supporters continue to see him as a political martyr, they remain faithful to him, and the thought of Trumpism marching on long after his demise is exactly the kind of immortality he craves. Like Che or Lenin, he sacrificed all for the cause.

But the one thing that Trump can’t handle is humiliation. And if the New York civil trial goes against him, humiliation is what is waiting for him. In his summary judgement, the judge branded Trump, his sons, and two executives as frauds and cheats. The judge rules that the Trump’s had spent decades manipulated the value of his properties up and down to gain favorable rates. Him, his sons, and his entire company are nothing more than a bunch of cheap grifters.

Trump is already feeling the pain. The court has already assigned a supervisor to oversee the day-to-day operations of the Trump Organization. They have to, since Trump and his sons have already had their business licenses pulled in New York state. They can no longer operate a business. And if AG James wins her suit, then the sh*t is really going to hit the fan.

Because AG James is requesting a $250 million fine for the fraud. And Trump doesn’t have it. The judge is already going to appoint an independent team of receivers to oversee the dissolution of the properties listed in the court filing LLC’s. And the first thing those receivers will do is to appoint an independent group of forensic accountants to come up with legitimate values for the properties to be sold. And when they file their mandatory reports to the court on a regular basis, those reports become a part of the public record. Which means that the networks and newspapers can access them and pick them apart.

Let’s say that Trump Tower is worth $600 million. The first thing that Trump did when he got control of the property was to go to Deutsche Bank, or another lender, and take out a $500 million loan, using the building as collateral. If the building sells for $600 million, Deutsche Bank is going to get $500 million off the top, leaving His Lowness with $100 million, less than half of the fine. Now project that to every other property Trump owns that is subject to dissolution sale.

And now that FrankenTrump has been convicted civilly of fraud, watch for every lender from Deutsche Bank to BofA, to Wells Fargo, and everybody else who ever lent Trump money to start filing their own civil fraud suits. They’ll rake Trump over the coals for penalties above and beyond the funds they reclaim from the dissolution of the properties. Trump is going to be a pauper. And you know it’s as serious as a heart attack when Dipsh*t Donnie Redux is whining to FUX News that a remote fishing cabin he bought in upstate New York, and put in the name of a shell corporation, is now up for sale because of the summary judgement.

Look, no matter what happens, nothing is ever going to make Trump personally feel like a loser. But take my word for it, along with Mary Trump’s, just think back to his prickly response any time his wealth is questioned. But worse for Trump than any barred door, or a stiff orange jumpsuit, would be the slap to his ego of walking down the street, or into the club room of Mar-A-Lago, see people turn away, look into those averted eyes, and flat out know that everybody on that street, or in that restaurant, or even the club room of Mar-A-Lago sees him as a lowlife fraud and a loser. Accountability comes in many forms.

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  1. There’s a delicious irony in accountability coming in the form of actual ACCOUNTING. Think about it. Trump has cooked the books his entire career and through a combination of scamming, bribery and threats gotten away with it. But good old fashioned independent ACCOUTING, auditing by people who knew their stuff and refused to be bullied is going to bring the whole Trump Org. house of cards down on Trump. And his spawn.

  2. From what I’ve read and heard Trump doesn’t actually “own the building.” He owns his 30,000, I mean 10,000 s.f. apartment, and the commercial space at street level. His company also manages the building. But all the rest of the units were sold off long ago. What he does still own is also likely highly leveraged. It’ll be a great day when the Trump Tower signs come down.

  3. I am not sure how this sort of liquidation works. With a tax sale the government always gets their money first, then the creditors in a prescribed order. I hope that in this case, those that have obtained judgments such as E. J. Carroll are put at the top of the creditor list. Let the crooked banks go next if they must. I think the stockholders of the affected banks should bring cases against them much as those of FOX have done. Too, I think they should hold in reserve a fund for all future law suites against Trump.

  4. I am.inclined to think he will.end the.minimum security Eglin AFB. It used to be Enlisted barracks (Confession: I taught for 5 semesters on the base and knew guys who were active duty Es there). He is guilty of white collar crimes, not violence. The place easier for the Secret Service because it consists of two room.suites with a shared bathroom. They could easily close up a suite fore and act and the one across from his. Far nicer than he deserves, but he will.have Secret Service protection.

    What he deserves is Reiner as or Attica.

  5. If trump tower is worth $600M, and it is being forced to sale, wouldn’t ‘Fair Market Value’ come into play? i.e. willing seller/willing buyer and NOT the established value.
    I have seen this in doing estate valuations in jewelry. It doesn’t matter what the appraised value is, what matters is what someone is willing to pay you for it, right now. You DON’T have to accept that offer, it is true, but then you yourself have to buy it at that value, to retake ownership, which is something he can’t do.


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