Last night and now here this morning, I’m writing about clauses of Trump’s speech that went completely unnoticed concerning their importance and real meaning. It is not that I’m so brilliant. It’s that I’m tasked with examining him and Democrats in the political wars – and it is a war, see Jan. 6th – and I can pick up on MAGA themes that are always coded language.

Last night, I pointed out that Trump wanted to work with “all 50 governors on a beautification project to build buildings in the classic style of Western Civilization (Oh, goody! Tall rectangles!) and rename every school named after communists and name them after true patriots. He is promising to remove streets and schools named after democrats. No, California, Washington, and New York will not do such things, but it could happen in red states everywhere. That’s fascism, and it’s giving something away. If Trump wins, don’t expect him to abide by or even acknowledge an election in 2028, he’ll say he was “deprived” of a term he won and thus should serve another term, no election needed.  Trump sees himself as the leader for life if he wins in 2024. They want and are preparing for fascism. They will do anything to keep power. Our SCOTUS may give him an easy means to do it by handing elections to legislatures, no Secretary of State, Governor, or Court interference.

So the other clause in that very same spirit came only 15 seconds after the promise to rename schools. The video I used last night cut off before the second promise. I heard the rest this morning. Trump promises “baby bonuses,” so that we have a new baby boom. He then gets silly and talks about how lucky the men are.

How is that fascist?

Nazi Germany. Trump isn’t talking about black or brown babies. He’s talking about a white baby boom. This is something that has been circulating just under the surface on the Right. Why is it important? Because the Right plans on fascism and control of this country and it’s critical to have a white majority. How would he and a GOP congress (if he had it) ensure that it applied mostly to white babies? There would be some sort of condition in the law. “Baby bonuses go only to married couples that own their own home and have an income over $80K to ensure that the baby arrives in a healthy, loving, environment to people who can provide for the baby and have one parent at home at all times…” Of course there are plenty POC that would qualify, but racism has ensured that those conditions are far more “white” than for new immigrants or black families that haven’t been given mortages…

It would be in violation of the equal protection clause but is this SCOTUS with Alito, Coney-Barrett, Kavanaugh, Thomas, et. al. going to overturn it?

Listen to Trump, it sounds like a one-off to liberals, but this is music to MAGA/America Firsters’ ears because they have been talking about it for at least two years in chat rooms and their “revivals” masquerading as political conferences.

Just a month ago, I heard Charlie Kirk give some advice to college students, “Drop out, get married, and have more babies than you can afford.”

They’re not at the Aryan breeding program yet – and probably never will be, but they will do all they can to make their communities as white as possible. Trump isn’t going to be building “Freedom cities” with flying cars on federal land, but he’ll make parts of your city declared “freedom zones.” He has already promised to use the military to ensure “Democrat mayors and D.A.s” enforce the law. He will declare “freedom zones,” enforcing martial law. Fascism.

A major part of making America great again is making it white again. Fascism straight from 20th Century Germany.
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  1. We noticed – and we noticed that he was talking to guys, not to the women who would have to bear the kids 9and the chance of death) and do all the work involved.

  2. Flying cars?
    Has the idiot any idea that an airborne vehicle moves in three dimensions instead of two?
    Seeing all he ever drives himself is a golf cart, I’d doubt if he even knows that there are no traffic lights, road markings or lanes once you leave the ground (and who’s going to pay for the millions of local air traffic controllers to try to sort the mess out?)

  3. When will he die? He toxifies this country every time he opens his fucking mouth. Indictment? Will he ever see the inside of a cell? Jack Smith…….will it ever be real?

  4. I listened to the parts of the speech last night. I shook in fear. He is pure evil, in wanting to destroy everything this country stands for. The scary thing is he may succeed if drags enough people along with his delusional schemes. I wish he would go away for good.


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