I wonder if Donald Trump has an astrologer, ala Nancy Reagan? Because it would certainly seem like the planets are aligning against him the past few days. He’s not having a good morning, a tall, a tall, and it’s been on top of a really lousy week — for him. For justice and the rule of law, things are looking very up.

Let’s hope it’s before. This is something we dared not hope for even a short while ago, but now it looks like Christmas is going to come early. But even if the records come after the election, just the knowledge that the jig is up should have a profound effect on Trump. Wait until the rubes find out how he’s lied to them about being a billionaire. This is going to be choice.

And the irony of all of this, is that Trump is traipsing around in his delirium, declaring how he’s going to win the State of New York, oblivious to the fact that if there’s one state in the union that knows where the bodies are buried, it’s them. And they don’t like him. I guess that reality is too painful to face, so Trump chooses to live in denial. Even Fox News cut away from him the other day, when he was at a rally and declared New York was “in play.”

Running for president was flying too close to the sun and now Trump is going to get burned.


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    • Denial is a River in Egypt. That now has a super secret underwater tunnel at the bottom where it empties into the Mediterranean that leads to & across the Atlantic – and is now connect to the plumbing in Trump Tower, the White House and Mar A Lago and boiling up through Trump’s fake golden toilets!

  1. They have his Deutsche Bank records. His tax returns will likely show he’s been running two sets of books. Among other felonies, that’s tax fraud, and it will put Trump away for the rest of his unnatural days, just as it did Capone.

    • He has been keeping two sets of books. ProPublica did a story on that earlier this year. They need to subpoena the accountant for the Trump Organization. We haven’t heard from him in a while.

      • At least three sets of books: the one they show tax assessors (underestimating values), the one they show the banks (overestimating values), and the real one (which shows how far in the hole they really are, and who owns what).

  2. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha
    You people are so blindly ignorant. Trump has been audited for the last ten years. What is clear, Dems think they’re somehow going to be able to make Trump’s tax returns made public. That would be illegal without his consent.
    You idiots think Trump’s support will wither away once it is revealed he’s wealthy?
    How much more pathetic can you losers be?

    • I would have thought that if tax returns have been under audit for tyen YEARS, there’s either something drastically wrongg and the tas department is still trying to work it out or he’s simply lying about them being ‘under audit’ (which shouldn’t make any difference to theit release).

      Anyway, it’s immaterial as to whether they are publicly released or not – once he gets indicted for tax fraud, it will all come out.

    • Maybe you would like to explain just WHY the IRS needs to continually audit returns from ten years ago. Either there is something seriously wrong with them or Don John is lying about the audit.

      Anyway, it’s all moot – there is no need for them to be published in the papers as they will come out once the orange buffoon is indicted in court for tax fraud

    • “He who laughs has simply not heard the terrible news.” –Bertolt Brecht

      So enjoy your yucks while you still can, little boy. The world is about to become a very hostile environment for your kind.

    • Himself has been audited because rich people love hiding money from tax collectors and can afford sleazy lawyers and accountants, as well as hiding assets overseas.
      What we need to know is how far in debt they are to Putin and his buddies in crime, and to Xi and his buddies.

    • You’re the ignorant one troll. This is how it works moving forward: Judge Marrero Orders Trumpelthinskin the Tax Cheat to execute the Subpoena and gives a deadline to turn over all copies of original signed filed IRS tax forms covered under the scope of the Subpoena. In tandem, the Prosecution requires Don the Con to sign Form IRS 4506-T, which allows the Prosecution to obtain copies of transcripts of the originally official IRS filed tax returns to make sure the copies received from Agolf Twitler aren’t doctored. The Subpoenaed tax records are compared with other official records already in possession of the Prosecution to reveal bulletproof evidence of money laundering, tax fraud, wire fraud, extortion, obstruction & perjury. The Prosecution files charges. Justice shall be served, Putin’s puppet shall be convicted and sentenced and thrown into Rikers or Attica there’s nothing on God’s green earth you or anyone else can do about it.

  3. Trump and his massive number of supporters are embarrassing every one of you losers and you’re in complete meltdown. He has single handedly destroyed and exposed the lies of Dems and their mouthpiece the major news networks. He can’t be controlled like Republicans of the past and now Fox News is the #1 watched cable channel for a record breaking number of years.
    You people are left with a hand full of sand. Trump slips through your fingers every single time because he is none of the lies you spew. You’ve stooped to unprecedented slime reporting in an attempt to sway people’s opinion with propaganda and outright lies. Every time you think you’re going to show how “woke” you are, it blows up in your faces. It’s beyond laughable.

    • I don’t mind difference of opinion on this site, but you’re clearly a Trumper — and you sound scared. And well you should. Nobody is spewing “lies” about Donald Trump. He is the liar, with over 20,000 under his belt, and counting. Now, here’s the deal: if you want to have civilized discourse here, which I doubt, you can stay. If not, I’ll bounce you into cyber space. I don’t care which. But you need to wake the hell up, and I know I am wasting my breath.

    • What planet are you living on? The facts are the facts! This man is using you and me for his own profit. That is reality!

  4. The ones we need to fear the MOST of screwing the USA are the DEMOCRATS !!!! They are the MOST devious, conniving, egotistical, Narcissist SCUM of the EARTH


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