This Qrazy Quest of Mike Lindell’s is starting to wear on him. He looks haggard and he can hardly string a sentence together. His demeanor smacks of desperation, perhaps even despair, but to his audience at the Restore America conference in Tampa, composted composed of Big Lie, QAnon, and COVID conspiracy theorists, he is preaching the gospel. Their savior is coming back in the fall. Praise be to Trump, glory hallelujah. I’m surprised they didn’t let loose a flood of orange balloons and play Gregorian chants at this pronouncement. I mean, this is biblical, right?

“We’re bringing in all the cyber guys,” he continued. “They’re gonna be there. Then we’re bringing all the media. Maybe even Fox will show up! What a concept. And then we’re going to bring in all senators, governors—even the corrupt ones, Brian Kemp—and legislatures, secretary of states, and every single government official that wants to be there, because when we show them these packet captures, we’re gonna just give them out to all them cyber guys so they can have their own guy go, ‘How many votes were flipped here in Tampa?’ Here you go. Boom. It’s going to be a worldwide event. Millions are going to see it, and those Supreme Court justices are going to look at it then, and they’re going to go 9-0 that this country was attacked. The election is gonna come down. Donald Trump will be in office by this fall, for sure.”

And an army of cyber guys shall set them free. What’s a cyber guy, you ask? Some pimply kid who never leaves the computer and lives on hot pockets? They’re going to jump on buses and go where Lindell tells them to? Who knows? Your guess is as good as mine.

Lindell looks like he’s going to collapse any minute and he sounds froot loops, talking about giving the “packet capture” to the “cyber guys.” I can’t wait to hear more about the time and place of the symposium, because I want to see who shows up, and how many.

Cyber Guys of the world, Unite!

I guess there’s money in this. Roger Stone was at the same conference and he was purportedly collecting garbage bags stuffed with cash after he announced that his wife had cancer and Mike Flynn was up on the stage hawking My Pillow, and this is after Rudy Giuliani did a recorded spot for My Pillow a few weeks ago. I guess the entire right wing works for Mike Lindell, now. That makes as much sense as anything else.

Clear your calendars for the end of July. Whatever you want to do, you want to be near a computer or smart phone to watch this. Lindell is running out of time and he’s got to deliver a miracle.


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    • I keep asking myself how this is going to end. It’s hard to tell because we don’t know how crazy it’s going to get. I imagine these people have to just run out of gas by the time Biden gives the State of the Union address. At least I hope so.

      • How does it end? It doesn’t. At best it will die down, and only slightly flare up once in a blue moon but it will never end.

        I’m reminded of a line from The Social Network where the characters says “Fashion is never finished” (in response to a question of when the website would be finished). It’s true. Some things are never completed, as people will always try to find new ways to improve them or put their own “special” touch on them.

        Sadly, like fashion Fucknuttery is never finished either!

      • I think it ends when we get rid of the filibuster and moving forward with proper voting rights legislation thereby cutting off the G.Q.P.’s nuts. It might also end by the G.Q.P. and their cult of idiots winning the fight. There aren’t many scenarios for an ending.

  1. We have officially now moved beyond the concept of “moving the goalposts” and are now looking “moving the stadiums.” I mean, just a few months ago, wasn’t Trump supposed to be “back in office” by the end of March and then by mid-April and then–definitely–by the end of May before it would positively be June 31st [sic] and, most recently, by mid-July? Now, we’re getting the date pushed back to the very nebulous “this fall?”

    On top of it, now they’re pushing the idea that even states Trump won (ie, Florida) may have had “votes flipped” because winning the state by 370,000+ votes–and an absolute 51.22%–wasn’t enough to satisfy Trump’s ego, I guess. (I mean his Florida margin of victory in 2020 was almost twice his margin in 2016.)

  2. ‘I guess there’s money in this.’

    For them, yes. And that’s all that counts, all they’re worried about. They’ll tear everything down, the government, the country, just to grift some more money. Their selfish greed has no bounds.


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