Wow. This is straight out of the You Can’t Make This Stuff up file. Sheer ugliness. Apparently the idea that a Black man was about to congratulate his daughter on graduating from high school, in his capacity as school superintendant, was too much for one dad. He jumped on stage and pushed the Black man away. Better to make a public scene than to let a Black man shake your little girl’s hand, right? You never know what something like that could lead to.

If you are looking for the essence of the success of MAGA, you see it before you here. And what does this *father* think he can do? Keep his daughter from working with Blacks? Being in college with Blacks? Heaven forbid, she might take a class from a Black man or woman. Maybe he can get an agreement up front that they don’t shake his daughter’s hand?

This is something you don’t see every day. Man. I wonder how that guy is able to function in society. From this episode, apparently not very well.

I wonder if Dad called the superintendant “boy” — or worse.

This story will be updated if more information becomes available. This intrigues me.

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  1. The kids were yelling. That dad effed up that graduation for ALL OF THEM. That’s not a good memory. Daughter goes and takes her seat. Was asshat dad arrested?

  2. As a white father of two adopted black daughters, I get confronted now and again by idiots. I give myself credit for restraining myself from giving them a forceful reminder that their ignorance and irrational hate doesn’t run the world…congrats to the superintendent for displaying self control and CHARACTER! Dr. King would be proud! Poor kid…having such a degenerate for her example of what a man SHOULDN’T BE. Another example of WHY WE NEED TO WIN THIS WAR!!!



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