We’re seeing a sad trend in both Republican politics and the media and that is to normalize the abnormal and to flat out lie. The only way that Donald Trump has been able to make the inroads that he has is because of these two factors. If we lived in a world where the media would call Trump on his lies in real time (as has happened on rare occasion) and fact check other people as well, this trend could be stopped.

But instead, out of some bastardized interpretation of the First Amendment, the lack of the Fairness Doctrine, and most of all the need for ratings, the freak show that is the Republican party on its last legs is being framed as something totally different. And the worst candidate for president that ever lived is being framed as something other than who and what he is. Bread and circus have superseded truth and integrity. And who is the poster child for that event? Elise Stefanik.

And this doesn’t even touch the economic and social impact of the Covid pandemic which Trump chose to totally ignore until it could no longer be ignored.

Elise Stefanik has totally gone to the Dark Side. This is positively Shakespearean, what she’s doing. Once touted as a great light of her generation and a leader in conservative politics, she’s gone full Trump lapdog and MAGA. Why? The obvious answer is power. No sense to make it complicated, let’s just use Occam’s Razor and get to the bottom line here.

She’s backing the wrong horse. But I guess the chance to be the next Dick Cheney is too intoxicating to resist.

The party is fragmenting over Trump but MAGA persists. It puts me in mind of the last of the Civil War when somehow, against all odds. there were “believers” that the south would win again. Here’s Rep. Clyburn saying the same thing as Haley, only in slightly different words. This is how splintered this country is, when you have people on both sides of the aisle agreeing that the GOP candidate is the worst possible choice. You never saw this before. You didn’t see it with Romney, McCain, Dubya, H.W., none of them. This is a purely Trumpian phenomenon because he is such a horrible candidate. And he was a horrible president and that’s why he’s been voted as such by the people who rank presidents.

This next clip is going the rounds again on Twitter because this is what it looks like when a journalist does his job.

And Stefanik is already singing that tune as well, going on about how Democrats can’t be allowed to steal “another” election. We never stole the first one. Read her words about how “Democrats will stop at nothing.” No, that’s you Elise, and your cadre. You will stop at nothing. And what I have always loved about this line of conversation is that if the means were readily available to steal an election, would we not have stolen the 2016 election? That has always seemed like a no-brainer to me.

Expect Stefanik to get much worse. She’s vying to be Trump’s VP. She is far more articulate than either Kristi Noem or Tim Scott, so she has quite a shot. On the other hand, Trump being Trump may go for eye candy. And also, Trump can’t stand it when a woman is smarter than he is, so that may also work against Stefanik.

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  1. Their greatest achievement, in ‘Christian’ America, normalizing lying. And with a smug ‘Well, what are you gonna do about it? sneering attitude that irritates the hell out of thinking people.

    Which is why they will lose, because lies don’t cover for each other like the truth does for itself.



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