Stupid is as stupid does   Mama Gump

If you’re following the current saga of the almost moblike corruption of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas with anything more than passing interest, you should have some twitchy feelings and instincts right about now. I know because I’m following it with more than passing interest, and my antennae are humming.

Because every single one of this cast of characters are so. freaking. stupid! All their money and education, an d when they get caught with their fingers in the cookie jar, they toss out some lame sh*t like Mommy can’t see all of those crumbs all over their faces. Let’s just highlight a few.

We’ll start out with GOP super donor, and all around scumbag Harlan Crow. When ProPublica broke the news of the almost incestuous personal relationship between Crow and Justice Clarence Thomas, both men tried to fob off the lame sh*t that they were lifelong friends. It didn’t take much journalistic research to show that the first time that Crow was willing to bestow a private jet ride for his lifelong buddy wasn’t until after Thomas was already a sitting Supreme Court Justice. can’t you clowns do any better than that?

Now let’s move on to the infamous $500,000 private jet/super yacht vacation.  in Indonesia. Thomas’ lame ass excuse was that he had been advised that he didn’t have to report it since it fell under the hospitality clause of the ethics rules. Under the hospitality clause, it excepts things like lodging, food, and entertainment. But now I’m confused.

Thomas is a sitting Justice on the Supreme Court. Isn’t he capable of reading the ethics rules for himself? Or if he’s too busy fluffing Harlan Crow, doesn’t he have a law clerk to do the grunt work of reading it for him and advising him? Because right in the middle of the hospitality clause is an alert that private transportation such as private jets or yachts is exempt. Meaning it has to be reported. And this *ss clown is busy telling hundreds of millions of American women what they can do with their own bodies?! 

Let’s change gears for a moment. Same sh*t, different scumbag. GOP judicial carnival barker and Svengali Leonard Leo, the former head of the infamous Federalist Society, who personally engineered Trump’s takeover of the Supreme Court, wanted to throw a little largesse the Thomas’s way.

So he contacted all purpose Trumptard KellyAnne Conjob, and started funneling some long green from a non profit he controlled into her private polling company. From there he ordered her to make $10,000-20m000 payments to Thomas’s wife Ginni. But in his instructions to Conjob, Leo specifically to Keep Ginni’s name off the record of course. ProPublica estimates that Ginni Thomas hauled in close to $100,000 for her work on behalf of her r Conjob’s polling firm.

When confronted with his blatant bribery, Leo contended that none of the work that Thomas had done had anything to do with business before the Supreme Court. She was working for Conjob on polling data, even though Conjob is a professional pollster. But then Leo had to gild the lily. He said that whenever dealing with the Thomas’s, he did everything to protect their privacy and integrity. This ignored the fact that Leo’s non profit filed an Amicus Brief on a matter before Thomas in the court.

Really? About 15 years ago I lent my youngest daughter $2000 for a car. She paid me back in short order, and none of us tried to hide the fact that I lent her the money. If everything Leo and Conjob were doing was clean, ethical, and aboveboard, then why would Leo have to worry about trying to protect the Thomas’s reputation?

Last example, first scumbag. Thomas and his wife were raising his grand-nephew as their own. They sent him to a private high school, upscale. At one point Thomas declared a $5000 donation from personal friend to pay his grand-nephews school or that year. But when Harlan Crow took over making the payments, suddenly Thomas had a memory lapse, and forgot to self disclose the payments. Convenient memory lapse, huh?

When pressed about the payments, Crow’s flack responded simply that Crow had long been committed to helping the financially challenged to receiving a better education. Yeah, nice word salad Harlan. You stick with that. Whatever gets you through the night.

Me, I have a problem. Clarence Thomas is a sitting Supreme Court justice And before that he was an extremely successful lawyer in private practice. And before that, he was a highly successful private practice attorney, for many years.

So please explain to me, in what parallel universe does a multi millionaire lawyer and judge need charity in order to put his ward through an exclusive school? This entire episode shows that not only is Thomas uber corrupt, but he’s also uber cheap!

This sorry spectacle shows that all of these GOP Supreme Court Justices are not only blatantly corrupt, both they and their enablers feel totally privileged. They can say what they want, do what they want, and it doesn’t matter, because there is no accountability. The only question is, how much more disgrace can the Roberts court stand before the rest of the country starts to disregard every word that comes out of their bought mouths. And when that happens, there’s your constitutional crisis. A crisis of faith, which is all the Supreme Court has to sell.

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  1. Gee, I thought that when more than 2 people were involved in a fraud, it turns into a conspiracy.
    Do RICO laws apply to the scum currently taking up space on that sh1t hole Supreme joke bench?
    Add those other federalist scum bags to the list and it looks like a bunch of @ssholes financed by a nazi, are trying to overthrow the government.
    Hey doj, want the “people” to start doing your jobs for you? We don’t need any stinking badges.

  2. The Thomases have long been out of control when it comes to following rules. Now, with scandal after scandal being exposed they run their mouths trying to rationalize their unethical and in some cases illegal behavior. Basically, they are ignoring an old piece of advice that’s a form of common sense everyday behavior law – When in a hole STOP DIGGING! Seems to me there’s only one rule they don’t (yet) seem willing to ignore/break. Ronald Reagan’s “Eleventh Commandment” which was “Thou shalt not speak ill of fellow Republicans.” Not to worry though. Should scandal get to the point where some Republicans, people who matter in that Party start to openly say it’s time for him to step aside (say, after the 2024 election if Biden wins and Democrats hold the Senate) Thomas will come out with guns blazing against the GOP. Complete with playing the race victim card.

  3. Robert’s is as much a corrupt judge as any of them. Look what’s happened under his watch. And these ‘fine men’ are the ultimate law makers. Anyone out there with power willing to put their arse on the line to stop this blatant criminality by the most privileged and powerful in our country? How that question gets answered will determine IF our children have a future. Great description of the players Joe. I see the comedy you infused.

    • Remember how that punk got put on the bench? A recess appointment. Another two bit corrupt f4ck involved in trying to overthrow the government from within.

      • Um, who got on the bench via “recess appointment?” Neither Roberts nor Thomas got on the Supreme Court through a “recess appointment.” Both men were appointed AND CONFIRMED by the Senate for their jobs on the DC Circuit Court and then the Supreme Court. (Roberts was initially tapped to replace Sandra Day O’Connor but that nomination was pulled before confirmation hearings could begin as Rehnquist died and Bush II decided to nominate Roberts for Rehnquist’s job; Alito was tapped to replace O’Connor.)

        • I stand corrected. Perhaps it was because he was nominated and then withdrawn and then nominated again as “chief justice” just before summer recess by a fraud put in office by the most corrupt, sandra day O’Connor. It’s easy to get confused with the fascist version of musical chairs played out by these legal scumbags. Take the case of that @sshole kennedy whose son approved loans for the russian blowing seditionist. It appears that crooked attorneys just never change their ways…and for some odd reason are afraid of corrupt politicians and republiCLOWNS.

  4. These bought and paid for thugs the fascists have put on the SC are the tip of the spear. Even Fox is less important to their take-over of the US. Every one of the filth need to be prosecuted for bribery and sedition. If the DOJ doesn’t have any lawyers smart enough to do this I bet the ACLU does. Depending on the voters in this environment is like holding a newspaper over your head in a down pour and thinking you won’t get wet.

  5. “Me, I have a problem. Clarence Thomas is a sitting Supreme Court justice And before that he was an extremely successful lawyer in private practice. And before that, he was a highly successful private practice attorney, for many years.”

    Um, Murf, not so fast. Before Thomas was put on the Supreme Court, he’d spent nearly a decade working in the Reagan Administration doing a few different jobs (first as Head of the Office for Civil Rights, then as Chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and then his last job right before the Supreme Court elevation was as a judge on the DC Court of Appeals). Thomas received his JD from Yale, he went to Missouri and passed that state’s bar but, almost immediately (literally within months of graduating from Yale), he went to work as an Assistant Attorney General for AG John Danforth (where he remained until Danforth’s election to the US Senate in 1976). He then went to work for Monsanto until 1979 when he moved to DC and went to work for Danforth again as a legislative assistant.

    So, he was in “private practice” for less than 3 years of his nearly 50 years in the legal field. The rest of the time, he’s been your typical right-wing leech–bashing the government at every opportunity while sucking at the government’s teat the whole time.

      • Hey, I sued a city and it took 5 years.
        That means I have more legal experience than fools on scotus.
        F4ck the republiCLOWNS.
        Start with the “judges”…

    • Indeed. thomas has not worked outside the public sector for any serious amount of time. I suspect he just couldn’t cut it.

      I find it obscene how he keeps trying to destroy affirmative action, etc. when he benefited immensely from such programs. He would never have gotten his cushy jobs even in the public sector if he had to merely rely on his laurels.

  6. And at least half of the other Supremes are not saying bupkis because they’re afraid that somebody will start digging in their own litter boxes and finding some real turds.

  7. Thanks Joseph for the details. Seems every government on earth devolves into a system of corrupt cronies. You might know the answer to this question. Having read all of Hunter S. Thompson’s books, some long ago, did he include Thomas in one of his wild escapades involving a road trip, drugs, guns, and prostitutes? Seems I remember something, but maybe I’m wrong, having done my share of wild escapades. I know about his drug buddy who was an activist attorney from LA, having later disappeared in Mexico. Drugs, guns, and crazy adventures were Hunter’s style, so that part isn’t unusual. Obviously, it was way back before Thomas became famous, and, now seeing his career, seems like something he’d get involved with.

  8. He figures prominently in a story Hunter originally published in Rolling Stone called Fear and Loathing in Elko. Read that and try and imagine he’d be the law of the land. Wow. Thanks Hunter!


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