Yes, even after President Biden’s son Hunter was found guilty today of violating three federal gun laws, and even though he still trails the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee by some 31 felony counts, Republican House Oversight Chairman and buffoon James Comer, who has tried for over a year to drag both Hunter and his father before his committee on any trumped up charge he and his fellow Republicans can invent, had so little self awareness that he thought he could complain today about the verdict and that the Justice Department has not yet indulged his feverish delusions:

And where, pray tell Rep. Comer, is the Justice Department supposed to find evidence of the President’s guilt if you and your committee could not find even a trace after a year of investigation, and years after your dear leader drumpf tried to blackmail the President of Ukraine into fraudulently manufacturing some… after witnesses before your committee failed again and again to produce it?

And will you ever, for the love of God, shut up?

Ron Filipowski’s followers have thoughts:

They would not know what to do with one.






Amen, brother.





And of course the Comers and Jordans are always from the most red districts so there is no chance for electoral accountability for their malfeasance…

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  1. They are soooo very afraid that in a second term the DOJ WILL come after the congresscritters who supported J6. Well overdue.

  2. Hey coma Comer…I have an idea…let the DOJ investigate all YOUR shady land deals! No? Then shut the phuck up piggy in a suit.


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