I will give Eric Trump credit for one thing and one thing only. Whatever is propelling his brothers’ descent – and Twitter’s consensus is cocaine and alcohol, which I cannot report as fact – Eric seems to have avoided that trap. He looks healthy and level-headed.


But my god, is this one dumbass mother…. He’s so stupid, he just…

If you google Eric Trump’s net worth, the number $300 million often comes up. But I read a very convincing article that puts Eric’s worth closer to $25 million. That may not include the condo in Trump Tower that I presume he has, which may be owned by the Trump Organization, but whatever. Yes, the enormous numbers floating around with the Elons and even Donald himself, $25 million seems paltry. But give me fcking $25 million, and I will lead a life of luxury while giving most of it away, living in a hut in Borneo or something. I might even bring a friend. She’s cool that way.

Anyhow, Eric Trump made it quite clear last night on Newsmax or Newsmin or OANMN, whatever far-right show that would have him on that he’s outraged. He was, of course, complaining that dad got indicted (He didn’t really seem to want to get into why dad got indicted). And he went with the Trump theory that it is Alvin Bragg’s job to eviscerate all crime in New York, including shoplifting, before he dares to touch dad – implicitly allowing for the fact that, yeah, Dad maybe did commit a crime.

But his example was so hilarious and so indicative of someone who is wealthy enough that he’s always had someone else to do his shopping. He was complaining that he couldn’t buy Tylenol because it was “locked up behind the glass” at CVS. It is truly something that has to be seen to be believed:

Well, at least for now, chances are it looks like he’ll outlive his brother. But he’s not smart enough (or loving enough) to arrange an intervention for whatever ails his brother. God, he’s stupid.




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  1. Reports from the set say Eric took a photo with his cell phone but couldn’t figure out how to post it. But he DID show it to his tee vee host who declined to have the techs put it on the air. Because Eric didn’t know T R O J A N (as in condoms which in “Christian” run stores would be locked up) didn’t spell Tylenol…

    • oh the Republicans are “clowns” yet your party created the KKK and put an old pedophile with dementia aka pedo joe into office…

      Republicans will ALWAYS be the party for the people you’re Barry the demoncraps are mere communist extremists

      • Yes “southern” Democrats (mostly) created the KKK – and after passage of the Civil and Voting Rights Acts in the 1960s began a mass migration over to the GOP. It’s more accurate to say hard core conservatives (especially social conservatives) created the Klan. And for the bulk of my life have been Republicans because that’s where hard core conservatives (especially social conservatives) find aid and comfort. And I know my Klan shit. My piece of shit grandfather, the most vile and despicable human being I’ve ever personally known was a classic southern Democrat who re-aligned with the GOP long before he died in 1976. He was a police captain in a confederate state btw before the family had to flee in the middle of the night which is why I’m from southern Illinois instead of down south. Oh, and I learned after my aunt died why. HE was a fucking child molester and it seems as powerful as he was he messed with a little girl of someone even more powerful in his small city!

        As for Biden, your slander is exactly that. There has never been any evidence of what you allege except from the diseased, FUCKED UP minds of Q types and general MAGA asshats!

        As for communists, Russia/the USSR spent almost eight decades trying to co-opt the Democratic Party. And failed. Putin, in his dream of recreating the USSR in all it’s ugliness managed to do the same to YOUR Party (the GOP) in roughly as many years. Ok, so there was years of sowing seeds among southern churchgoers and gun groups and courting of Trump with promises of the dreamed Trump Tower in Moscow but Trump didn’t really get serious about elective politics until 2008 when he became the “Birther” in Chief. And by 2016 Putin had helped install his fat, traitorous ass into the WH.

        So FUCK YOU you wilfully ignorant dumbass! You don’t know shit. Go drink your orange Kool-Aid, and while you’re at it maybe do what Trump suggested – add in bleach and Invermectin and at least get yourself nominated for a Darwin Award you “stoopid” festering fuckwad.

      • At least they learned from their mistakes unlike you mentally ill hitler supporters.
        The republiCLOWN party is a scourge just like putins russia.
        Fuck the republiCLOWNS.

  2. Well, maybe Eric should’ve ventured into his local Walmart: All their Tylenol is out on the shelves for just anybody to pick up (note–I deliberately didn’t say “buy”).

    Of course, that doesn’t really explain why CVS would single out Tylenol or, if the “glass counters” housed ALL the analgesics, why CVS would go to all that added expense to lock up the analgesics when almost every CVS I’ve ever seen has a perfectly good pharmacy area in which the stores could keep the analgesics stashed away.

    But, I’m more inclined to believe that Eric wasn’t looking for Tylenol. I’m even more inclined to believe he’s never set foot in a CVS

    • You didn’t read the rest. Eric took a photo of the display – the sign didn’t say “Tylenol”, it said “Trojans”. Obviously he can’t read any better than his father. Pity.

  3. He said also that this happened at Duane Reade, which is a NY pharmacy chain owned by Walgreen’s. Does Eric even know what store he was in?
    (They put glass locking doors on stuff that tends to get stolen.)

  4. I know FoxNews tells you that the ‘Republican’ party of Lincoln is the GOP but sorry dipshit, it’s not. The GOP didn’t join the ‘Republican patty until the 1960’s when they got pissed off b/c the bulk of their party weren’t racists and voted to give ‘people’, all people, in the US a vote. Only then did they become ‘Republicans’. Most people know these things and you would too If you weren’t willfully ignorant & desperate to believe the lies FoxNews tells you -because you MAGAmorons have tantrums when they tell you factual information…. like Biden winning Arizona. So they just feed you the shit that satisfies your confirmation bias despite it not being anything remotely close to truth….

    I LOVE how tantrumthinskin is STILL bragging about how he ‘ACED’ a test he took 5 YEARS ago. Sadly, it’s a test that only alzheimers patients fail and consists of grueling questions like identifying the shape of a camel or being able to draw 10:00 on a clock face. How insecure does someone have to be to BRAG about that? And I LOVE how he brags about how he got the MOST votes of a sitting President. It’s even funnier that Biden kicked his ass by 8 million votes. Biden. Your dear Leader got his pathetic ass kicked by Joe Biden. That..what you say he was?…a child molesting dementia ridden old man?. Trump lost to THAT guy! Trump must be one fucking loser if he loses to that!

    Just a tip. Only willfully ignorant inbred illiterate brain dead racist bigots care about being called ‘communists’ or ‘woke’. See, we’re the educated. We’re the elite. Your paltry insults are actually sort of funny b/c they aren’t even insults. It’s just inane chatter that you hear that hack Tucker Carlson spew. But by all means..entertain us some more with your patter. We can’t wait to see what you come up with next time.



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