This is the tenor of today’s activities, friends. In the Divided States Of America, the duly elected president of this country gave a dynamic speech. Joe Biden was not his avuncular, folksy self, he was on fire. He laid it on the line. If you missed it, take a look. (full video at the bottom)

There was one citizen who lost his damn mind listening to this speech and you know who that one is.

And then another. Here’s the well edited version.

And then another.

Baby Trump is having a tantrum. Just for the record, Joe Biden never once said Trump’s name, he said, “the former president.” Or has Trump changed his name to “the former president” or “the former guy” anybody know?

I have to share this. I found it in this same thread and it’s so spot on.

And here’s yet another. Trumpty is melting down like the Wicked Witch Of the West, this morning.

This could go on all day. All the wingnuts on right-wing media are going off now, spinning lie after lie. Ho hum. It would be news if they actually said something true or constructive.

Meanwhile, America mourns and America vows to regroup and go forward. Amerikkka is trying to burn it all down, as usual.

It will be interesting to see if Trump actually goes in front of a microphone today to vent his spleen or if his “statements” will be his sole voice.


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  1. Talking about current events, Ursula … You have once again shown your ability to release the Kraken in this comment posting …

    What the turds out there, cannot possibly realize, is that Biden just vocalized the TRUTH and it cuts a path right to those that support the huge lies of the former guy … Those that squall now, are raising their hand and saying look at me, follow me to the court actions against Trump, use my name as an instigator and promoter of the big lie, the insurrection at the Capitol building … The Republican wave of idiots that have been stomping around, waving arms and shouting complete support of Trump’s fiasco, NOW, can be investigated because they cannot let go of the smoke and mirrors of stupidity in residence at Mar-o-golf …

    The Committee has enough of a head start now, the rest will fall into place as they grab Mark, as the king pin in the WH, all those that insist on arrest and temporary confinement, rather than unloading Trump’s baggage up front … May find it easier to speak to the truth themselves, thinking ahead to re-elections, or length of absence due to stupidity …

    There are SO MANY directly guilty Republicans, most of them have names known to all of us out here … Gym Jordon and other mental midgets … once that swarm of disrespectful, Constitution ignoring, piles of crap get identified and hopefully punished, clear down to the, “Guy next door, that beat on those windows and doors at the Capitol”, we can start all over …

    Keep up your good work, Ursula …

  2. Biden’s speech was superb, and showed just why he deserves his position as president at this moment. Ursula, is there a source from which I could print the full text? I’d like to have a copy handy to refer to when discussing the speech with my class.

  3. I had thought we would, by now, be rid of this mango moron. I can see now we’ll not be rid of him until his ass is rotting away in a prison cell. Mr. Garland is doing our nation insufficient service until and unless he goes after mango man and his brand of miserable accomplices.

    • Go read Garland’s speech from yesterday. And remember that it’s DOJ policy to not talk about cases in progress. You can’t say that nothing is happening because a lot *is* happening. They have 140 attorneys working on the 1/6 stuff. There aren’t enough judges and courtrooms. Two/thirds of the people who attacked the Capitol still haven’t been charged, and the FBI is still looking for all of them.

  4. When Trump goes to prison, dies or gets permanent laryngitis or loses his thumbs (shades of the old Dick VanDyke Show episode; We will have to substitute Marlo Thomas for Danny), we will pop the cork on a good bottle of Perrier-Jouet.

  5. I still want to know why Trump insists on following very NON-standard conventions for spelling in the English language. Now, it’s true that the Founding Fathers frequently capitalized common nouns but that was a practice that largely disappeared from standard English during the 19th century and it’s now usually a feature that appears only in German (among all languages that use the Latin alphabet).

  6. I’m a little confused. Wasn’t Donnie trump in charge for the 2020 election. Isn’t he the one who was president at the time when 81 million people voted against him. And I’m still up in the air over the fact that on the same ballot that all the rest of the country elected all the rest of the politicians for the whole country were easily ratified when just the president of the United States 🇺🇸 was crooked. And since then the only people that have been charged for election fraud are republicans attempting to vote twice. Once in their home state and once wherever they are camped out. I know, I know your dads dead mother got a ballot and you just sent it back and only colored in some of the boxes on it. My bad!

  7. I guess that over 81 million people (minus received 2 ballots to vote in for the last election, one for the presidency and another for all the other offices. Seems like that’s the only way it could come even close to what our so called intelligent elected Republicans could make the lies into anything resembling the truth…or they think an awful lot of us is down right stupid, gullible or don’t give a damn.

    • I too was only given the one ballot (same as every other election) and I live in a state where although the split between Democratic and Republican registrations has long been split fairly closely the GOP has gerrymandered a stranglehold on the legislature and Congressional seats, sometimes holding a veto proof supermajority. Yet NC voters were only given the ONE ballot. Hmmmm.


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