You know for someone who was born with a solid gold ingot up his ass, was admitted to Wharton Business School with grades that would make Dennis the Menace blush, given billion dollar loans with a credit rating lower than Usain Bolt’s best 100m time, sexually abused myriad women and conducted a Presidential Crime Spree that would made Richard Nixon look like a model citizen, without even a whiff of prosecution, the ex-Whiner-in-Chief sure does feel sorry for himself a lot, which was remarked upon on Twitter yesterday:

Yeah, Wendy, I really feel for him. What do your followers think?

Yeah, Larval, if they gave out Emmys for acting the victim, he’d have a truckload…


And you left out all the financial crimes.

Ken, stating the obvious👇

🙌 🙌 🙌

Now, that a dictum worthy of the correct spelling.

Speaking of which…


Amen to that.

Twin separated at birth, those two.

Well, that is true…



I think I’ll let Hil have the last word, Lord knows she deserves it.

Thanks to wendy_resists and her followers for all the insights!

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  1. Fuck that nazi pig. Hey I know how to end his so called suffering…give him what he more than deserves…a goddamn cigarette and a blindfold. Oh hell. Forget the blindfold…he’s already in complete darkness. He’s as blind as it gets.



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