I met a mummy at the fair. All crumpled in a folding chair. The people passed, but didn’t care. That the mummy was a man.   Don McLean   The Legend of Andrew McGrew

At this point I honestly don’t know what to think. I’m sure that at least some of it could be due to Trump’s mental distraction due to his current legal difficulties, but it doesn’t explain everything. Right now, politically speaking, Trump looks like an imbecile caught in a revolving door, who can find neither the way to get back in the building, or out onto the street. So he just keeps circling aimlessly around.

Right now, legally speaking, for his own good, El Pendejo Presidente should damn near live on a golf course, with no social media, and just STFU! But instead Trump insists on running for President in 2024 on a kamikaze mission. Which means that he keeps opening his big, fat, New York mouth to the media.

As I have written, once Roe v Wade was overturned by the SCOTUS, it became a toxic issue for the GOP. And yet they went whole hog on producing the most restrictive abortion bans that the individual red controlled states could pass.

And for once El Pendejo Presidente seemed to have his big fat head out of his *ss. He saw the results of the special elections and local races following the decision, and for once he correctly read the writing on the wall. He publicly came out and chided the GOP for going to far on their feeding frenzy, and warned them to tone it down if they wanted to avoid the debacle that indeed befell them in 2022. So there’s no way to avoid it, Traitor Tot already knew back in 2022 how toxic the abortion issue was to the GOP.

And he just got a stunning rebuke yesterday in local and special elections as to just how toxic this subject is for the GOP, since they took a bloodletting in those elections.

Which made in unbelievable today when Trump went on a far right broadcast on a phone in interview, and basically took personal credit for overturning Roe v Wade and directly causing the national crisis that is tanking the GOP in every election cycle.

It was classic Glorious Bleater. It went something like this; You know, everybody keeps talking about abortion in America, but you have to remember that I’m the one who got Roe v Wade overturned in the first place. Everybody said it was impossible, but I got three Supreme Court justices through, and chose them wisely, and they got the job done. Nobody could have done that but me!

*Sigh* I like to say that this kind of stupidity is a gift from God, but no, this kind of stupidity is a curse from Satan. This is like Lieutenant Calley taking the stand at his court martial and testifying, Yeah, so I gave the order for the My Lai massacre, so what? Trump already knew that this issue is toxic in a general election, but in order to chase far right GOP voters that he already has, Trump took personal responsibility for the greatest disaster to befall the GOP in this generation.

OK, enough about politics, let’s look at Trump’s screwing the pooch on the legal side. When Trump’s lawyers heard that CNN wanted His Lowness to do a friendly town hall, their best bet would have been to duct tape Trump to a chair, shoe a BDSM ball gag in his mouth, and tell the CNN producer that unfortunately Donnie Depends had gone to Nepal to purify his soul and focus his spirit.

Because what ended up happening was exactly what you’d expect to happen. The CNN moderator chided Trump about the purloined Mar-A-Lago documents, and like a race horse at the post, FrankenTrump was off and running. I took the documents, simply because I had the right to take the documents. And I also had the absolute right to declassify those documents, which I automatically did when I removed them from the White House.

*Sigh* Where to start deciphering bullsh*t with a texture this rich? First of all, those documents were never Trump’s to possess or own. They belong solely to the people of the United States, and are safeguarded by the National Archives, which repeatedly requested them. second, while the President has the ability to declassify documents, not the right, but the ability to declassify classified documents, it is a complicated process that requires input and compliance from multiple federal agencies who actually own the documents. There is no magic wand that Lord VoldeTrump can wave that makes them his.

I can only believe that Trump’s Florida lawyers must be ordering Maalox by the boxcar load. Because while The Trumpster Fire has been spouting the same lame sh*t for years now, the official Trump defense team response has been  that of a chaotic last minute transition and departure of an administration that thought it would be spending four more years in the White House. The packing was chaotic, and it was easy to see how boxes could be misplaced, and shipped and delivered to the wrong address. Which, considering the chaos of the time, and Trump’s unwillingness to admit defeat, can almost sound plausible.

But right now I think that Special Counsel Jack Smith must be having nocturnal emissions. Because in one nationally televised town hall, almost certainly recorded for posterity by the DOJ, Trump once again declared that they were his documents, and he took them, and that he had every right to do so. And in so doing, he basically confessed to all of the essential elements of the crime. Knowledge, intent, and direct action. And in doing so, he blew his defense teams one plausible excuse right out of the water.

And here’s the beautiful part. It’s. Never. Going. To. Stop. Because Emperor Gluteus Maximus has no choice but to continue running for President. It’s his last lifeline of protection from federal prosecution or imprisonment. And as long as he’s running, he’ll keep giving interviews and venting his spleen. And the more he does, the more tightly he puts the noose around his neck. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. Isn’t this like the scene in Liar Liar where Jim Carrey goes into the bathroom and starts kicking his own ass? The scene where his head is hanging over the toilet, and he keeps crashing the lid down on his head, seems especially to serve as a motif. How does one achieve such pure stupidity? He’d never survive as a black man on the street.

  2. And don’t forget! Trump also claimed he had the absolute right to SHOW those documents to whoever he wanted, whenever he wanted. We all know that statement was basically an admission of guilt. Trump was laying the ground to defend himself in advance from yet another charge he knows is coming. He showed those documents – or sold them – to others for financial gain. We all know it. That will be one of the next bombs to drop. You can bank on it.

  3. Yes, I destroyed Roe v. Wade! And yes, those intelligence papers belong to me, I declassified them with my x-ray vision, AND I own them! What do these two statement have in common? And why do they point directly to Trump’s Achilles’ Heel? Very simple. As far as Trump is concerned, everything he does is right. He … can … do … no … wrong. This is stamped into the very depth of his zombie heart. He IS the law. What he says GOES. He cannot conceive of any law outside of himself having any reality. That is why he CANNOT keep his mouth shut. It’s probably the only thing he sincerely believes. All a lawyer has to do is frame the issues this way and Trump will self-incriminate until the cows come home.

  4. Trump is a classic demagogue. His power is in his lies that stir up emotions, inflame his followers and colonizes their consciousness. Hitler did the same thing. The mistake I think he’s making is that he is not appealing to the masses, but to the disenfranchised which do not represent the entire Republican Party. The bottom line is this: we’re way to fat and happy to go with his style of politics. Thudydedes, the noted Greek historian, explained that this sort of thing works when the people are suffering due to famine, wars, pestilence, etc. The main issues people are interested is in the present and future. Trump, is all about the victimization of his own narcissistic divinity. What he has going is his ability to instill fear and purge. This skill he has does pose a potential threat to the national security given critical national and geopolitical circumstances. Honestly, it should be evident he missed his chance to become emperor for life. Ultimately, the women will not support him. His pussy grabbing days are over, in my view.

  5. Agree wild. It also explains why the Guns Over People party is trying to destroy the economy. The great depression fueled Hitler’s rise. Chaos is their friend.


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