This is almost too beautiful to be believed. Not only does it provide a direct link to Trump of Obstruction of Justice, but because it exposes the one major failing of all rich shitpkes everywhere. They never pay attention to the little people that they routinely order around.

The Washington Post broke a story late today that puts Traitor Tot one giant step closer to a perp walk. The Post reports that multiple witnesses have told them that it was Donald Trump personally who ordered them to move boxes of documents from the basement storage locker. And worse yet, he personally ordered the workers to move them to His private residence. And just to pound the last nail in the coffin, he did that after he received a grand jury subpoena to return all the remaining documents.

Let’s just take a quick tour of the events leading up to today, in order to have a clearer picture of just how crushing thede revelations are

  • In January of 2021, Traitor Tot departs the White House, having already sent forward multiple boxes of government property  documents to Mar-A-Lago. His own WH lawyers tell him he’s insane to engage in this pissing contest but he does it anyway
  • The National Archives almost immediately realizes that documents were missing, especially since Trump had publicly boasted about the beauty of the letters he had received from North Korea dickhead Kim Jong Un. The National Archives initiated a conversation with the Trump legal team to return the purloined documents
  • This starts a year long shitshow with first the National Archives, and then the FBI and DOJ demanding the return of the documents. Trump being Trump, delays and obfuscates any return of the documents
  • In January of 2022, under increasing DOJ pressure, Trump returns a tranche of documents to the National Archives, and claims that’s all there is. It didn’t take the National Archives long to realize that there were more documents missing, and they notified the DOJ
  • The DOJ again confronted the Trump legal team and demanded the return of the rest of the documents. What followed was more Trump obfuscation and bullshit about possession of the documents
  • In May, the DOJ served The Cheeto Prophet with a grand jury subpoena, requiring the return of all government documents from Mar-A-Lago, with a time limit attached for compliance
  • After the receipt of the subpoena, Trump personally went through the documents in storage, separating and reboxing them.  And then Trump ordered multiple employees to remove particular boxes of documents from the storage locker, and bring them to His personal residence
  • In June, the FBI showed up at Mar-A-Lago to inspect the storage locker, and came away with a small number of harmless documents. They also came away with a legal document signed by a Trump lawyer, attesting that there were no more UA government documents left at Mar-A-Lago
  • In August, the FBI shows up at Mar-A-Lago with a duly signed Search and seizure warrant, and come away with some 11 boxes of government documents, including some 103 Classified Documents

Look, the simple fact that The Cheeto Prophet actually possessed these documents is a criminal violation of the Presidential Records Act. The fact that some of those documents were national security classified documents put him afoul of The Espionage Act. But what the Washington Post reported today opens up a whole new bucket of worms.

A legal analyst on MSNBC today said that while the WAPO’s reporting might not be a gamechanger, what it did do was to open a brand new landing path to a totally different charge.

Follow the timeline. In May of 2022 Trump gets a DOJ grand jury subpoena to return all of the documents still in his possession at Mar-A-Lago. Testimony shows that Trump personally went through the documents, restocked the boxes, and then personally ordered low level employees to remove those boxes from the cellar secured room, and take them to his personal residence. 

Forget about the Presidential Records Act for a moment, and just put the Espionage Act off to the side for a moment. Trump received an official grand jury subpoena to return all remaining government protected documents, and what did he do? He personally went through the documents, removed some, and personally ordered them to be transferred to his personal residence for safekeeping.

This is a classic, textbook case of Obstruction of Justice. Trump was under a legal writ to return all remaining documents to the US government, and instead he took the steps to remove some of the documents, and have them taken to a location where he hoped to hide them from any future search.

It can’t get any simpler or more direct than that. Due to DOJ internal regulations, don’t look for anything to happen before November 8th. But after that, all bets are off. Personally, I’d be be amazed if we get to Christmas without Trump being an indicted criminal defendant in the US judicial system. He played too fast and loose, and now it’s time to pay the piper. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. Reminder: this sort of news doesn’t just happen to land on a random reporter’s desk, especially with THIS DOJ. If the news is breaking now, it means the Federales are getting the public ready for the charges.

  2. The author obviously has more faith in the DOJ.
    Am willing to bet absolutely nothing of significance ever happens to Trump.

    Politicians and bureaucrats don’t go after their own and trump is now apart of the privileged club. Its proven to be above beyond & over the laws of this country.

    This is nothing more than a dog & pony shit show that gets quietly canceled during some another major news event like a mass shooting.

    DOJ will drop the investigation.

  3. I can’t quite understand why the ’60 day rule’ seems to be in effect here. After all Don John is NOT standing for any election so it shouldn’t apply

    • They have to be careful about enabling political capitalization of any potentially bad optics by Republicucks that could later influence a jury. Something like 15% of the country believes Captain Corpulent is the real president and running some kind of shadow government. They are primed to believe every adverse action against him is political, even if he were caught mowing down a group of school kids in his motorcaid then running through the street shout-bragging about the size of the crowd he just murdered with his pockets full of trophies from his victims.

      • His bullshit at his klan rallies is responsible for others mowing down school kids with firearms so why bother being so careful? Seriously man. And after it’s all said and sifted, regardless of when D.O.J. finally (if they finally) takes him into custody, the result will be the same: the dumb-ass cucks still supporting his ignorant ass are going to lose their shit and turn violent because they are, after all, moronic criminals looking for an excuse to kill people.

        • Probably not as many as you’re expecting, Spike. I’ve known these people my whole life, would-be hardasses who’d crumble in a real crisis. One tweet I saw the other day summed it up nicely. Prepper stocks up 100,000 rounds and 8 years of food. But because he’s shit at taking care of his health, he’s 15 mins away from a fatal heart attack. So the guy who runs 4 miles a day gets all the prepper’s leftovers.

          SOME Trumpers will cause damage and take lives. And in the grand scheme of things, it won’t mean a damn thing.


    Stop drinking the repub “kool -aid”. most of you already have the Cheeto disease!!!!

  5. Time to LOCK HIM UP!!!! Do you honestly think an average citizen, & frumpy is just a citizen, would be allowed to run around the country inciting more sedition after committing ANY of these crimes??? Of course not! Charge him. Fuck memos. WE DONT GET COVERED BY MEMOS. Let the excuses ring out about timing, politics, etc. Charge him and start ending our legal institutional hypocrisy of NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW! The evidence is overwhelming and the more delay will give him more propaganda air time. I do also believe he will be charged with SOMETHING, but worrying about the cult is a waste of time..they will scream foul over the fact their orange pile of goo isn’t king forever. Giving him all these passes IS my point about the institutional hypocrisy for the past 6 years. Time to walk the fucking walk Merrick. Walking part of the walk isn’t commitment. Finish the race before he mounts another offensive. He isn’t a goddamn king. We’ve dealt with that one 246 years ago. Oh and NO case is certain otherwise Oliver North would be in jail as I type.

  6. I know this has been said elseware, but I think it bears repeating. Spiro Agnew was investigated and pled guilty to tax evasion, While he was in office. He only resigned after the conviction.

    • And,as most Federal politicians don’t go to prison. Case in point, Joel Greenberg a Seminole County Tax Collector, ran with Matt Gaetz while having sex with underaged girls and transporting them across state lines. Greenberg is in prison, Gaetz is still free. WHY? Because feds don’t go to jail regardless of crime or circumstances.

      • Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert is the highest ranking federal official to have served a prison sentence. He got caught trying some financial stuff to make payoffs to keep quiet that fact he’d molested underage teens he’d coached back when he was a high school wrestling coach. If memory service he got sentenced to over a year of actual prison time (in 2015 I think) and a couple of years of probation. Not nearly enough. As far as I’m concerned damned near everyone high up in the government (whether in Congress, or the Executive Branch) who has been found guilty of crimes hasn’t gotten the kind of sentence an elected or appointed person should have to serve. However, prosecutions and convictions (or guilty pleas to get a lighter sentence) have been more common thank you think.
        Vice-Presidents have come close, with that going back all the way to early in our history. VP Aaron Burr killed Hamilton in that duel and dueling was illegal. He was charged, but managed to get the charges dropped. Later on VP John Calhoun escaped prosecution for corruption by resigning. VP Spiro Agnew was the most recent to be in hot water, again for corruption. He tried to play the same game Calhoun did and even Cited the mess with Calhoun in his defense. He was still taking payoffs even while VP thought and the feds had the goods on him. He wound up pleading guilty in exchange for probation and no prison time. Then there was Nixon who would have been fucked except for Ford’s pardon.

        So yes, a number of VIPs including elected ones have been guilt of crimes. And some have done time in prison. Again, I think we probably agree that NONE of them got the punishment they deserved but if not often enough or with enough consequences more people have been held to account that people tend to realize.

  7. I think DOJ may be more interested in getting past election day without putting voters in harm, i.e. lined up to cast their vote are sitting ducks for the crazies with the guns.

    • If so, those clowns are going to give the whole circus away. If the GQP gains control of the house, all investigations will cease and the existing docs will get buried in a concrete tomb somewhere.

      The chance to do something is slipping away, and that is what Orange Marmalade is hoping for.

  8. Wel, I know that DOJ has a crappy track record with this snow flake. But everyone is looking at this and he gets off of these things. One thing to remember congress pulled to of those stunts with republicans in control. Then Mueller let the clown off of multiple charges because he was president. And I can see DOJ not doing anything for the same reasoning after Biden took over. And Biden unlike the clown figured his attorney general had his big boy pants on and could decide on what he was going to do. Now here comes the rub. Old Donnie has been caught on several fronts. Hell you need a program to keep track of all his crimes. Now gal up in New York has his number although it’s a civil case the moron did go in and plead the fifth an exorbitant number of times. And I know she’s going to hand her notes off to someone willing to go after the clown as it’s almost a open and shut case. Then you have Georgia which the lady down there is miffed at the giant Cheeto. Now after all that, Donnie has practically went into the jail and took the keys and picked a cell with a view. After all the publicity on this I think someone will start the ball rolling. My bet still is Georgia. Trump kinda stepped in it with that deal. It ain’t a done deal by any means but they are working on it.



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