This is not something that you see on TV everyday. First of all, what in the name of all that is holy, is Nathan Wade, the co-prosecutor of the Trump election interference case in Georgia, even doing on TV to begin with? Back when the scandal of Wade having an extramarital affair with district attorney Fani Willis first came to light, Wade was cautioned to stay off TV. He even canceled an appearance on one of the Sunday political shows. So what is this? And before I play the clip, watch sharp because this breaks down fast. You don’t want to miss a moment.

Is that Bizarro World or what? Here’s a link to the entire interview if you want to watch it. The gossip factor here, of when two co-workers decided to escalate their relationship is one thing. The actual case itself is a separate thing. In Puritanical America, and we still have a lot of that heritage in this country, somehow the fact that a physical relationship sprang up between Wade and Fani Willis is being used to negate the validity of the evidence against Trump. That is absurd.

But what is even more absurd is that Nathan Wade got in front of a TV camera in the first place. I hope this is a one and done proposition. I hope that if Wade is asked to speak on other networks that he will refer to this fiasco and say that he has nothing to add.

From what I could tell this was going for pure Page Six fluff, “When did the romantic attraction happen? Where were you? What was the first motel you checked into?” This went sideways and got nuts because the premise is nuts. First of all, Wade shouldn’t be there to talk about this in the first place.

I will give credit to whomever stopped this farce and got it back on track. But this is still not good optics. And again, I fault Fani Willis for her lapse in judgement. She had too much riding on this case. This is the case of her career and a crucial case in American jurisprudence, an historical case. Why complicate it or detract from it in any way with some personal fling?

That said, what’s done is done now. And let us hope that Nathan Wade stays off TV and let us further hope that if Fani Willis is asked about it she sticks to the facts of the importance of the underlying case and not the romantic fling. There is a mountain of evidence in Georgia. Trump is guilty as hell. So are his co-defendants. That is the story.

This flank attack, asking about the affair for clicks and ratings is absurd. I’m disappointed that CNN did that but I’m not the least bit surprised. CNN was also trying to get jurors in the hush money case to speak on camera, last I knew. It’s not responsible journalism to ask those jurors to potentially put themselves at risk and Nathan Wade should know that showing his face on camera is an invitation to some MAGA lunatic to act out.

Let us hope that this is the end of it. Fani and Nathan’s love affair isn’t what matters. Donald Trump trying to find eleven thousand votes to throw the 2020 election in Georgia, is.


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  1. For such top prosecutors they opened themselves up to ALL of this by acting like horny teenagers. Do they have the right to be in a relationship…sure. What it pure stupidity to do so knowing the import of this case? Sure.

  2. Ms. Willis has been threatened by the Republican terrorist so much, that she has had to leave her home and live in hiding. It is an important case to all of us, but is life or death to her and her crew. Office romances are quite common and as long as the boss is not involved are usually harmless. The idea that she had this romance so she could get money to go on three day vacations is beyond ridiculous and the whole thing should have been thrown out immediately by the judge. We should have attacked the Federalist Society Fascist Judges, period. Leave Fani Willis alone and give no fuel to the scum bag racist traitors.

    • True but it was a dumb thing to do…most office romances don’t involve putting a former president in jail while dealing with his cult. She had to know what she was dealing with or she’s phucking as clueless as the cult. If I’m going to be threatened, then BY GOD I’m going to do everything in my power to make HIM PAY! Having an affair with one of my team only gave HIM and his cult grist for the mill!!! Dumb.

      • This is misogynoir to the tenth power. They were prosecutors working together on the same side. If it was a white woman and man, this wouldn’t have even been an issue. It’s something that Trump and his racist defense lawyers brought up to delay, like he does in all his other cases. The fact that people continue to make this nonsense a thing is what’s ridiculous. These disgusting attacks on two grown, consenting adults should NEVER have happened but the animus goes above and beyond. To have people pick apart your personal life, a workplace romance, something that is VERY common is insane to me.

    • “Ms. Willis has been threatened by the Republican terrorist so much, that she has had to leave her home and live in hiding.”

      Local law enforcement (South Fulton and APD) have no records of such threats. Willis made them up to garner sympathy and distract from her malfeasance.

  3. CNN and Nathan Wade are flakes. Besides, I am sure he’s desperate for money now. Not too many clients knockin on his law practice door I venture.


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