Leave it to Rachel to always deliver. In her A-Block tonight, she led with the fact that TRMS could exclusively report that, in the progression of the Fulton County Georgia investigation into Trump’s possible election interference in his dealings with Georgia election officials, Donald Trump’s lawyers have held personal meetings with officials in DA Fani Willis’s office!

Just a quick reminder. Willis is investigating the possibility f criminal election interference by Trump for his now infamous phone call to the Georgia Secretary of State to somehow or other Find 11,780 votes to overturn the election, as well as an intrusive visit by then Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to the site of the recount, and a phone call from GOP Trump toady Lindsey Graham questioning Georgia’s election voting protocols.

It has been reported previously that DA Willis is seeking to empanel a special grand jury to hear the evidence of the case. This is not a normal request, and would make the grand jury wedded only to the Trump investigation.

Look, I am not a lawyer, I don’t play one on television, and I never purport to be one here. But as a pre law major before I dropped out, I can tell you one thing for sure. And that is that if the lawyer(s) for the subject of a criminal investigation suddenly makes direct contact with the District Attorney, things aren’t going so well for the subject.

I am not going to speculate, that’s not what I’m here for. But if an investigation is floundering, there is no reason for the defense to do anything, let the investigation flounder and die. But if the defense suddenly wants to start talking to the DA, then they obviously want two things, a peek at what’s up, and to start to spread their bullshit.

Fortunately, Fulton County DA Fani Willis is running a thoroughly professional investigation, with no leaks, so we are all in the dark. But if Trumps lawyers are talking to the Fulton County DA’s office, then they’re obviously concerned about something. As Rachel likes to say, Stick a pin in this one.


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  1. Grand Jury investigations themselves are secret. However, someone called before a grand jury can (there are reasons why they of course would rather no one know) reveal what information or testimony they gave. Even if one hasn’t yet been empaneled for this specific purpose by all indications a robust investigation has been taking place. People who have been questioned and their lawyers can usually get some sense of where things stand and even where they might be going from the questions asked and/or the documents that have been sought. So, even if Trump himself hasn’t been asked to sit for an interview there’s no doubt some of his pals have learned enough that Trump’s own lawyers, even second or third rate ones of the type he might hire can figure out that he might have actual cause for concern. That’s more than enough reason for them to talk to the DA’s office – to determine if Trump might become or already is a target and how far along any case against him might be. Or even to negotiate the terms of an interview. Or Grand Jury appearance. He’s a private citizen now and this could get fun if the DA issues a subpoena and Trump doesn’t show up. And a STATE judge issues a summons!

    My guess is that when the time comes Trump will agree to a proverbial Sgt. Schulz deposition if the GA folks will head down to FL.


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