Two things are known about the snowflake that is Ron DeSantis: He hates the press and he can’t think on his feet. Today’s behavior underscored both of those propositions. DeSantis was in New Hampshire for a campaign event today. He declined to take questions afterward. An AP reporter asked him, “why are you not taking questions?” and DeSantis exploded, which you’ll see. Then DeSantis’ press secretary attacked the reporter on social media. This is the shape of things to come in the next 16 months, folks.


DeSantis is coping with his inadequacies by having a troop of social media influencers spin his every wrongdoing. Today was a case in point. NCRM:

Observing DeSantis is “so out of his depth,” former journalist Ed Moltzen writes: “There are towns in New Hampshire with the official title ‘Town Moderator’ – people who assist with fielding audience questions to political candidates during forums. That’s how much open Q & A is in the political DNA of New Hampshire.”

Huffpost White House correspondent S.V. Dáte had warned, “Just watch. DeSantis’ social media arsonists will fan this interaction for days.”

And indeed, DeSantis’ crew was quick to attack, which Dáte pointed to.

Governor DeSantis’ press secretary Bryan Griffin quickly moved to falsely frame the interaction.

“This @AP reporter asked this question while @RonDeSantis was surrounded by voters in New Hampshire asking him questions and taking pictures,” Griffin tweeted. “Perfectly illustrative of the modern media shutting their eyes and ears to the truth to push their narrative.”

The question was clearly about DeSantis’ refusal to take questions from the audience, so the audience could hear his answers.

Christina Pushaw, DeSantis’ far-right former press secretary who moved to his presidential campaign as his rapid response director, responded to Griffin to attack the reporter.

“Very diplomatic of you to refer to the AP activist as a reporter!” she said.

War against the press. And the sublime irony is that this comes from a candidate who is married to a former news anchor.

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  1. DeSaster really is one.
    Can think on his feet. Can’t think off them Doctor Seuss could have had fun with this.

    “Cannot think while on his toes,
    Unless the questions are ones he chose.
    Cannot think sitting in a chair,
    Thinking messes up his hair.”

  2. I still think the reporter should have snarled back at Deathsantis :’Are you deaf? Do you NOT speak ENGLISH? I didn’t ask about you talking. I asked why you werent taking questions.’ And it was summed up perfectly in this article. Deathsantis can NOT think on his feet. At all. He really tries to keep his media appearances to scripted, well rehearsed productions. His debate against Charlie Christ was absolutely crazy. Charlie kept asking him questions. Deathsantis answered none of them. He just stood there looking extremely awkward. I don’t see Deathsantis doing ANY debates. He will get SLAUGHTERED by ALL the candidates in ALL of them. Unless they give him the questions he’ll get in advance and then someone can write out his answers and they can rehearse it so Deathsantis can use Trumps mannerisms while speaking. Deathsantis is a sadistic sociopath. I’d choose Trump over Deathsantis ANY day.


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