‘It’s a conspiracy’ DeSantis appears to be saying in response to numerous press reports asserting that a biographical book about late, great beloved baseball player Roberto Clemente is being pulled from some school shelves.

DeSantis, in his remarks, seems to be suggesting that teacher, or “school unions”, are pulling the books themselves to generate controversy which he and his stupid ass book-banning law have created.

The truth is that the law is so vague and punitive that school districts are reviewing all books that in anyway refer to race or gender issues to protect themselves from running afoul of DeSantis’ book-banners.

Raw Story

“Governor Ron DeSantis on Tuesday appeared to be unaware that for over a week multiple nationwide and local news outlets have been reporting on Duval County pulling a book about baseball great Roberto Clemente from all its school shelves in response to the Florida Republican’s laws, which he claims are designed to protect parents and children.

The far-right Florida governor lashed out in response to a reporter asking him about the Roberto Clemente book, first blaming “politics,” then “teachers’ unions,” then claiming the story itself was “a joke” and “manufactured” while never accepting the impact the legislation he has supported, promoted, signed into law, and used to brand himself as a protector of children has had a devastating effect on those very children he claims to want to protect.

“That’s politics though, to be honest, come on,” DeSantos complained on Tuesday at a Jacksonville press conference. “We know. ‘Roberto Clemente’? I mean, seriously. That’s politics. I think the school unions are involved with this.”

That’s right, Ron, Roberto Clemente, though it could just as easily be Thurgood Marshall, Martin Luther King Jr. or Miles Davis, because any biography of these great men will inevitably discuss the racism they had to endure and overcome. Discussions that could be interpreted now as a violation of law…

“More than 1 million books in Duval County schools in Florida are subject to review due to three state laws impacting certain subjects in education, including race, gender and sexual orientation,” ABC News reports, confirming the Roberto Clemente book was pulled from school shelves, citing communication from county officials.

“As required by state law, we are in the process of having certified media specialists review all classroom library books,” Tracy Pierce, chief of marketing and public relations at Duval County Public Schools told ABC News. “There are approximately 1.6 million titles in our classroom and media center libraries that need to be reviewed by a certified media specialist.”

Here is the video of DeSantis’ speech, hat tip to Aaron Rupar.



The law of unintended consequences.



God forbid we should discuss that 🙄.

Maybe MLB should move Spring training to Puerto Rico.

That seems to be his play.

Hey, Ron, I have an idea.

Why don’t you just admit that the law is a bust and allow licensed and dedicated educators to decide what is appropriate for children to learn?

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  1. He speaks. He lies. Yep. Another version of the nazi party. At least the original group was honest enough to pile the books in the town square and BURN THEM. When do the firings, beatings, rapes, and murders begin? Call me curious.

  2. “THERE ARE APPROXIMATELY 1.6 MILLION TITLES IN OUR CLASSROOM AND MEDIA CENTER LIBRARIES THAT NEED TO BE REVIEWED BY A CERTIFIED MEDIA SPECIALIST.” By a certified media specialist, do you mean censor? Call it what it is. Here we were, happy in the 21st century, but after tRumpism and maggot trolls got their teeth into us, some areas have regressed back to the 1300’s. We need to stop this somehow before it’s too late. They got away with their anti-Roe schtick. Now they’re after education so they can further dumb-down the electorate. And they’re doing it and getting away with it in areas that are already intellectually and educationally challenged. They won’t be happy until this whole country is a shit hole.

    • They have been practicing this in the south and mid-west states. They have some experience now, know what works, oh, and they have 6 theocratic idiots sitting their fat asses on the bench of the highest court in the land. If they don’t destroy education now, people might wake up and rid their state legislatures and congress of reactionary moron pols. One more generation of idiots ought to have them set for life, and yes, make our country into the equivalent of Haiti or some such.

  3. Eventually you have to wonder: just how stupid is this guy? Obviously he’s got to have very little on the ball upstairs what with being a ‘pube and a con. Still, one assumes since he managed to get some kind of degree he has an I.Q. of maybe 100. I’m not so sure now. Did he go to one of those pretend colleges like liberty u?


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