There are times that I regret being an honest person and wish that I had been born a con artist. This is one of them. You recall Dennis Montgomery, the discredited government contractor who had Dubya convinced for a time that his software and computer, to wit Hammer and Scorecard, was able to decode Al Queda messages which were secretly embedded in Al Jazeera broadcasts. The French government finally unmasked this folly when Montgomery was grounding their airplanes and they had enough of it.

With this kind of a track record, one would logically say that Montgomery was finished but one would be wrong. Montgomery found Mike Lindell and Lindell found $1.5 Million to buy a luxury home for Montgomery in Naples, Florida, in consideration for the “non subjective” evidence which we were all assured was going to “pull down” the 2020 election and cause the Supreme Court to render a 9-0 verdict on something or other.

So Montgomery went along with the gag and produced whatever fallacious documentation he produced. He got paid by Lindell before the cyber symposium, bought his lovely new home and then stayed there, calling into the symposium and telling Lindell he couldn’t attend because he had suffered a stroke. Dear God, what next? Salon:

On Thursday, Josh Merritt, a former member of Lindell’s “red team” at the South Dakota event, told Salon that the $3 million was split among a group of Lindell’s “cyber experts.” Most of the money, he said, went toward the purchase of a luxury Florida home for Dennis Montgomery, a discredited former government contractor with a checkered history who has become central to Lindell’s operation.

Merritt said that in the “red team room” he heard Lindell and an employee discuss “that being the house that Dennis Montgomery lived in. Lindell had stated many times he had paid Montgomery and others over $3 million, and he had spent a total of over $15 million” on his claims of election fraud.

“Lindell is who has been funding Dennis Montgomery since Nov. 3, 2020,” Merritt said, adding that the mysterious home was a key point of Lindell’s operation leading up to the South Dakota symposium, which Lindell claims only failed because it was hijacked by antifa insurgents.

The home in question is a Naples, Florida, property acquired through a financial trust called Gray Horse, Merritt said, suggesting it was purchased through a pro-Trump lawyer and Lindell sidekick. “Gray Horse was just the trust name,” Merritt said, “common practice when hiding and protecting an owner.”

The $1.5 million luxury home in Naples, which has four bedrooms, a large swimming pool and palm trees, was reportedly where four hard drives that Lindell claimed were full of 2020 election “data” — specifically, the “Scorecard and Hammer” data much coveted by election truthers — were being stored ahead of the August cyber symposium. It was also where Dennis Montgomery had set up housekeeping. […]

Reached for comment on the matter using a previously unblocked number, Lindell hung up. He has previously described this reporter as an antifa activist, and on Thursday evening made vague threats against Salon. “We’re still investigating Salon, we’re still looking into that,” he said during his internet broadcast.

I find it comical in the extreme that Lindell has such a hard on for Zachary Petrizzo, who covered his symposium for Salon and who does regular follow up pieces on him.

The only thing I find more incredible than Lindell’s obsession with this Salon reporter is the fact that he actually believed that Dennis Montgomery had the goods on anything. How you can be that much of a mark is incredible to me. I have to admit to a grudging respect for Montgomery. He managed to pull the wool over the eyes of the George W. Bush administration and now, starting in 2020, he found the next best mark, probably one of the most gullible marks in the entire world.

$15 Million sunk into this election fraud folly. Do you have any concept what good could be done in this world with that kind of money channeled into something productive? Schools could be built, homes, shopping centers, churches could be endowed, medical research funded — and small but classy political blogs exist on the internet, and they’re always looking for money.

Had I known Lindell was so gullible, I would have passed myself off as a cybersecurity expert long ago and sent him pieces of code from this site and dreamed up a good conspiracy. Here’s what I could have done. I have a friend from China that I went to law school with. That’s a fact. I could have made up a story that this friend felt really bad about the stolen election and had therefore slipped me the code and then all I would have had to do is make up a story about what the code said and that’s easily done, I just rewrite what Lindell’s physicist friend said he had figured out.

And I have another friend who is getting a degree in cyber security in Texas now and I’m sure she and I could have cobbled together something at least as plausible as the data from the State of Pennsylvania voter rolls, which is publicly available and which Lindell was told was the Rosetta Stone of the 2020 election. That is literally how easy it is to steal from Mike Lindell, but I was too stupid to see it. And if I was really thinking straight, I would have contacted that whack-a-mole criminal lawyer in L.A., John Pierce, the guy who signed up 17 of the insurrectionists as clients and then abandoned them, and I’m sure he would have wanted to get on this gravy train. And there’s always Lin Wood. Wood has no money left, he would helped with this.

Oh well. Dennis Montgomery sits by his pool and I sit by mine. I just have to share mine with the other tenants in the complex. Sigh. Some people are just born with a criminal mind and I was not, alas.


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