“Death by 1000 cuts”


Paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep   Buffalo Springfield

You know, after the Mueller investigation finally ground to it’s anticlimactic, totally unsatisfying conclusion, His Lowness loudly complained that he “wanted his first 2 1/2 years back!”But nly in the dystopian oligarch paradise is Trumptopia, can it be possible that Trump will soon fondly reminisce about the Mueller investigation as “the good old days.”

Trump’s childish, whiny petulance actually has some basis in fact, at least in his own mind, basically because he has been under siege since day one. While the actions of many presidents have spawned protests, almost never have they occurred on the day after inauguration, and very seldom have those protests resulted in similar global protests of solidarity. Trump’s vetting process was so atrocious getting a cabinet together was a nightmare, creating a higher dropout rate than Trump University, and he had to shit can his national security adviser 3 weeks in. His executive orders and administrative decrees were almost uniformly found to be unconstitutional, and he had two years with Robert Mueller checking his BVD’s for skid marks.

How can The Mango Messiah possibly be expected to come to look at those as his salad days? Easy, because it’s about to get a whole lot worse. And Trump will be going into his upcoming trials and travails without his get-out-of-jail-free card, namely having Robert Mueller as his ultimate go to shiny object to distract everyone from what’s going on at the moment. And over the next few months, a shit load of stuff is going to be going on.

Whether the GOP likes it or not (and they don’t), whether he calls it an “inquiry,” or calls it an “investigation,” House Judiciary chair Jerry Nadler’s insertion of the word “impeachment” into court filings likely just bought his House committee a whole world of judicial latitude in his upcoming hearings. Witnesses under subpoena will be compelled to testify, and with subpoena power, they’ll find it much harder to dodge and obfuscate. If Nadler is smart, he will compel every witness to testify under subpoena, removing the scant protection that a “voluntary” appearance affords the witnesses. And a part of every committee hearing will now include 30 minutes of questioning by House staff attorneys, and let’s see how Corey Lewandowski and Felix Sater like them little green apples.

As the field narrows, Democratic presidential candidates are going to spend more time whacking away at Trump, and less time whacking away at each other, at least I hope so. And if there is one thing that Glorious Bleater is incapable of, it’s letting the slightest criticism or insult pass unremarked. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the Republican primaries are only going to pick up steam. As duly announced and properly filed GOP presidential candidates, Weld, Sanford, and Walsh are going to start hitting the road and slamming Trump, whether Trump and RNC Chair moron Romney McDaniel like it or not. And whether individual states choose to hold presidential primaries or not, I’m pretty sure that Weld, Sanford and Walsh will hold residential debates and town halls, whether the Cheeto Prophet is there or not, and the networks will have to cover them under the “Fairness Doctrine.” And oh yeah, Justin Amash is lurking in the wings as a totally fiable Libertarian party candidate. Good times ahead.

But by far and away, the biggest distraction for Trump, along with the biggest threat, is the old Jerry Maguire line, “Show me the money!” A federal appeals court just reversed a lower court ruling, and found that the cities of Washington DC and Baltimore did indeed have the standing to bring a suit against Trump for foreign and domestic violations of the emoluments clause of the constitution. The appellate court returned the suit to the lower court, with orders for arguments on merit to be heard. Standing was the only cheap cop out available to Trump and the DOJ, since both cities will have a cake walk in proving that their businesses were unfairly disadvantaged by Trump’s position of power and influence.

But wait, there’s more! The New York Attorney General, as well as the Manhattan District Attorney are preparing to pore over Trump’s New York state tax returns, basically mini-me’s of Trump’s federal tax returns, for possible shenanigans such as money laundering, fraud, and bank fraud. The NY AG is also still fishing around in the Trump Charity cesspool, looking for possible criminal violations there. And for dessert, the Brooklyn District Attorney is going to subpoena Trump organization records to determine whether or not business documents and filings were fraudulently generated and submitted to hide criminal campaign finance violations regarding the hush money payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal as legitimate legal fees, which would in and of itself be criminal.

And the US House isn’t just sitting around on their hands either. Their full court legal press for Trump’s federal tax returns is continuing apace. It has been reported that both Capitol One and Deutsche Bank have already begun providing truck loads of documents that they don’t think all under the protection of Trump’s rapidly failing lawsuit. Ah yes, and Trump’s business accountants, Lazard’s, are rapidly approaching D-Day for turning over Trump’s business accounting records to House committees. And since the House committees prefer chopped nuts along with the cherry on top of their sundae, Treasury Secretary Steve Munchkin should be getting the legal death sentence to hand over Trump’s personal tax returns any old day now.

O, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. All of Trump’s scrawny, malnourished chickens are finally coming home to roost, and it ain’t gonna be a 12 piece bucket that he wants to chow down on. Trump has been steadily devolving since day one, but at least he had the protective robe of Robert Mueller’s investigation to cloak himself in. Now, at long last, he is about to go strutting boldly down the avenue, while everybody points at him and screams “The Emperor has no clothes!” Sometimes, life is sweet!

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  1. Amazing!!, so much shit under trump’s bridges and yet he twits his tweeter like EVERYONE else is to blame … (shocking)

    His simple minded approach to life in his world, PAY ME, PAY ME, and while you are at it take your time to properly bless me with massive doses of praise and adulation, you younger girls out there, prepare yourself for my special attentions, (BARF) Every DAMN DETAIL of his years playing with those young ladies back with Epstein in his fun old days, [SHOULD absolutely be released to the public]

    Yep simple, Play Golf instead of knowing what and actually to do as a real president would, and by the way, I have several extremely dangerous Despots and cold blooded killers on speed dial … now, the bloody Saudi and I are planning our first move into IRAN, should be a beautiful fireworks show … (WTF)

    Is Miller in there or leftover regrets for newly fired warmonger?

    The Impeachment wave of hard cider in Trump’s drip proof cup, cannot start fast and deep enough, probably time for a closed door conference between our House committees and the Joint/Chiefs and a large collection of 4 star Gens. and admirals that represent all the heavy hitters in the Military …. also to include the Coast guard for the truth in our closer securities … (possible hits from NK, etc.,.)

    THEN, after everyone with real brains has hashed out a plan of action, deliver the biggest, STFU to our own dotard, and shut down all his back channels and phony helicopter comments until further notice … also, cancel his golfing privileges, refuse funding because the good people of the USA citizens group are sick and tired of it …

  2. I see the NYS AG has subpoena’d *eight years* of tax returns, bot state and federal, from Mazars, Himself’s tax accountants.
    This should be interesting.

    • Yep…And unlike federal forms, if Trump decided to sue to stop them, even though they say they will cooperate, he can ONLY go to state court, and good luck there!!!


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