I’ve been at this for a long time, but I’ve never seen anything like this. If you watch a lot of committee hearings, like I have, you start to notice that there’s a particular and very disparate way in which the opposite leaders of each party treat each other during hearings.

When the Democrats have the Chair, the Chairs are civil, but earnestly combative. Beloved congressman Elijah Cummings was well known for his spirited exchanges with Ranking Member (gyn bag) Jim Jordan. Sometimes it got heated, but Cummings was arguing with logic, and Jordan was arguing with bombast. But when Cummings tired of the sport, he would bang the gavel and say, Mr. Jordan, the Chair has ruled. We will move on now. John Lewis used to do the same thing on the Oversight committee.

But when the Democrats were in the minority, surprisingly enough it was more of the same. It was the Democratic minority that was arguing from fact, points of order, and logic, while the GOP Chair was arguing political talking points. The Democratic ranking member made the GOP Chair look like a slobbering fool until he finally banged the gavel and yelled, Enough! We’re moving on now!

But in my entire life I have never. seen. anything. like. Gym. Bag. Jordan. When it comes to chairing a committee, Jordan has all of the leadership skills of the lemming at the back of the pack.

Clearly Jordan took no time at all to study the rules of running a committee hearing, since the Democrats run rings around him. And it has already been reported that when Jordan schedules a hearing and witnesses, he has no idea of what they’re actually going to say. Instead he has an idea of what he wants them to say, and then uses the questioning to try to make it come out right. The basic problem is that committee hearings are designed to deal in facts, and Jordan has no use for, nor interest in facts. He’s dealing strictly in political hyperbole.

But here’s what makes Jordan such a strange and pathetic creature. As I said above, Democratic ranking members have a long and glorious history of making GOP Chairs look like blathering idiots. The difference here is that it isn’t just the ranking members, on this sub committee, every freaking Democratic member of the committee makes Jordan look like a complete imbecile!

In today’s hearing Democrats Stacey Plaskett of the Virgin Islands, Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida, and Danny Goldman of New York all took turns cuffing Jordan around like one of those inflatable bop dolls with the sand filled base you used to have when you were a kid.

And they did it beautifully, in two ways. First they strategically objected and introduced points of order to object to things Jordan was trying to get out, and to object to his language, especially his use of the term whistleblowers, a category in which none of the witnesses qualified for. And in their five minutes of questioning time, every member used the majority of that time to skewer Jordan for the nonsensical hearing in the first place, and to score hits against Trump while Jordan just sat there and fumed.

You remember I said earlier that both Democratic as well as GOP Chairs let the battle rage until they gaveled it to an end and moved on. In today’s hearing, despite the feisty and argumentative moves of the Democrats, Jim Jordan never got the last word in once. He’d rage and bellow, arguing with the Democrats, but even when he banged the gavel to move on, it was always the Democrat who managed to get the last word in.

He groped me Coach! is so far in over his head that he can’t even see the surface of the lake anymore. And that’s the universal problem for the House GOP. When they’re in the minority, cretins like Jordan, Greene, Boebert and Gosar a prefect as attack dogs when they’re in the minority. They can spend their five minutes snapping and snarling at the witnesses, and get their FUX News views.

But when they have the chair? I’ve yet to see a man-jackin’-one of them who knows enough about the rules of order to run a hearing and use them to turn it to their advantage. And when you combine that with witnesses that are all blatant far right charlatans, it’s a recipe for disaster. And somehow or other I don’t see FUX News pseudo personality Jesse Waters being any more pleased with Jordan’s performance today than he was with the last two. And when you lose FUX News, you’re boned.

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  1. What I find annoying, is that most likely he won’t learn a thing from this experience. I’m sure that going forward, Jordan and the other congress critters will maintain the same level of asinine behavior.

  2. Holly the computer: has an I.Q. of 6000. Holly states “it’s no big deal, it’s the same as 6,000 Gym Teachers”.

    That is the intellect we’re dealing with regarding Gym jordan: one of the 6,000…gym teachers.

    My dog could beat gym bag in a test of knowledge. Oh, and my dog is much nicer and to listen to all the ladies “he’s so adorable”. Bet no one has ever said that about the gym bag.

  3. The only thing I might alter is, no one ‘makes him look like an idiot’, he’s the real deal. He was and will remain an idiot, and that’s being generous. I say let each of the famous idiots run their own committees. Each one is a great stinkbomb. Just like Margarine shouting she’s being threatened, while screaming at her black colleague. She did expose the truth about this so called party. They are terrified of black people. Fact. Jymbo looks like he’s swimming in his own cold sweat. Time to change shirts before the sweat stains appear Jimmy. Or, wear a jacket.

  4. This man is a pathetic excuse for a “representative” of the people. He couldn’t even be a representative for the male ball team who was being molested by a school official. Instead of helping the sexually molested team players, Jordan ignored it & helped the molester cover it up. Jordan doesn’t even try to hide his bigotry & racism. Nor can he hide his lack of intellect. This man has absolutely no place in the U.S. government. He’s ignorant, repulsive, hateful, cruel & evil. (And he should do something about his disgusting little teeth)


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