Tonight was the first White House Correspondents Dinner in six years. And despite Covid worries, President Biden made the decision to show up and give the keynote speech. And the boy came loaded for bear.

You have to know that Biden has long, gnawing wounds from the way that he has been treated and portrayed by Trump and the FUX News empire. That has to have been festering, and tonight he lanced the boil.

Biden led off with a neutron bomb. He kicked off with; I am so pleased to be the first President in 6 years to appear at a White House Correspondents dinner. First we had a four year plague, and then two years of Covid. BOOM!

But Biden was just getting warmed up. He went on to say, It would have been interesting to see former President Trump show up here after a real coup occurred in 2020.

But Biden held a special place for his arch nemesis, FUX News, If FUX has any problems covering this, I’d be more than happy to provide my Chief of Staff to tell Sean Hannity exactly what to say. Oh, SNAP!

Those are just the highlights I remember from trying to type this as the show was going on. Biden was also extremely positive about the White House press corps, as well as the state of our union. Watch for exploding heads at both Mar-A-Lago, as well as FUX News over the next day or so, since roastmaster Trevor Noah wasn’t exactly kiind to the GOP either. This should be fun.

[Ursula’s Note: Here’s the full tape of Biden’s remarks, ICYMI. Also, comically, the RNC took umbrage to Biden’s “plague” crack and tweeted angrily, “Joe Biden said he was going to unite the country.”]


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  1. Uncle Joe is just plain out of effs to give. It’s a privilege one acquires from getting to both his age and elevated office that he’s exercising to the fullest here. And that opening line is a CORRECT summation of the last six years.

  2. That’s all Joe is worth jokes he and this administration is nothing but a big joke.they must have let him sleep all day because he was up late.past 4pm with out rest is bad for a sundowner.he is the only man president by name only and they have to keep telling him that because Obama is calling the shots

  3. Hey, Charles, your own inability to mark the end of a Disy with a period, and start the new one with a capital letter sorta pins you as the one who’s sundowning. So sad!

    The truth is, Biden is doing a great job of cleaning up Trump’s mess.

    • Bullshit has nothing to do with Trump. People are to blind to see whats really going on he has memory loss and can not continue being president of our country period so stop saying anything about Trump he is the only one that got our country at the best it has been in 52 years and our gas prices and grocery s were not so high that people have a hard time buying them. So stop about Trump he was the best. Biden has done absolutely nothing in the 47 years he was in office besides destroyed it even more I say WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE OUR COUNTY IS GOING TO HELL IN A HANDBASKET. FIRST LESS THAN AN HOUR OF BIDEN BECOMING PRESIDENT HE TOOK AWAY THOUSANDS OF JOBS SHUTING DOWN THE PIPELINE, TWO MADE OF GAS GO THROUGH THE ROOF , THREE OUR GROCERYS GO HIGHER AND HIGHER FOUR OPENED UP THE BORDERS NEED I GO ON I COULD SO HOPE YOU GET MY DRIFT. BLIND ASS PEOPLE ITELL YOU. CANT CJANGE STUPID IN LIFE AND CANT FIX IT WITH DUCK TAPE UGHH

      • Well the toxic orange Kool-Aid has done its work on you. However while you’re free to disagree or insult the all caps thing is something you should knock off – or perhaps if tempted have someone DUCT (not “duck” – it’s duct tape. I’ve shot my share of ducks and tucked them away in my game bag, then dressed them and either cooked or prepped them for the freezer when I got home but I never, and don’t know anyone who has used a special “for ducks” tape on them!) your hands into oven mitts until the urge passes.

      • Well, Dawn must be a fellow tribeswomen of Charles. They both speak the same dialect. Or maybe, they are married and she’s going into bat for him. Awww, how tweet!

      • You are an idiot you moron we’ve been in pandemic mode for three years and our lovely petroleum companies are the biggest no tax paying thieves in this country for six years I’ve heard that we are oil independent ooo I forgot they can tell a moron anything you repugnants republican

  4. Daisy, maybe you would like to explain how Biden is doing such a great job cleaning up Trump’s mess. What has he done for this country since he become President? Please explain.

    • Biden has done just about everything he or Obama can think of to destroy our great nation. Even reading a teleprompter he still cannot get the words right. He is a shameful embarrassment to our country and we are being laughed at by the whole world. Is it not time to invoke the 25th Ammendment for Biden AND Harris. They should be prosecuted for DERELICTION OF DUTY AND TREASON for letting terrorists FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC to take over our country.

  5. Mary Owen one thing he stopped a 20 year war it should have been stopped a long time ago thousands of people got killed in the 19 years before he stopped the war. But people don’t understand it and they can’t see that they only talk about the people that got killed after he stops the war go figure. Talk to some of the family members the mothers the father’s the sisters the brothers the aunts the uncles the daughters that son who parents would kill 19 years prime to him stopping the war that was a major thing right there for many of people in the United States.

    • Only thing is, is that the Trump administration had laid all the groundwork for the pull out from Afghanistan, but ole’ Joe botched it up and it resulted in American citizens being trap over there, and got 13 service members killed ( I could be wrong, but I don’t think the friends & families of those 13 are very pleased with Joe)?? Also billions of dollars worth of military equipment were left behind and is now in the hands of terrorists!! I guess that’s all good in your world, huh??? ??

      • I won’t sit here and say the final withdrawal from Afghanistan went smoothly because it didn’t. It should have happened long before and WOULD have except no President back to Bush 43 wanted to have it (and the inevitable clusterfuck including some deaths among troops covering the evacuation) happen on their watch. Trump didn’t give a shit but there were enough people that worked for him that did to keep it from happening while he was still in office. And as sure as I’m sitting here they ran video of that final helicopter lifting off from the Embassy in Saigon (with that train of people clinging to each other and falling away one by one) and all those aircraft being pushed off the decks of ships that evening and (after the election when in his heart even HE knew he’d lost and he might not be able to pull off plans being presented to hold on to power) and said “You made the deal that we have to stick to but if we wait YOU can stick BIDEN with the blame when this shit happens cause it will!” Trump surely loved the thought of that and of course Faux Nooz and RWNJ media has thoroughly enjoyed spinning it that way.

        Since Saigon fell just before my high school graduation I remember the final withdrawal from Vietnam quite well and when I became a Marine Operation Eagle Pull was part of my schooling. Hell, while I was still on active duty Al Grey became Commandant! Now compared to then there was a lot more ability to cover the final exit from Afghanistan and it was nowhere near as chaotic or tragic, or embarrassing as the one from Vietnam. But it was always going to be ugly. We lost some lives. We also abandoned some facilities and equipment but we ddn’t leave any of it in working order and in fact made it virtually impossible for the Taliban to make use of it.

        As for Americans that didn’t get out, some were aid workers who’s groups had negotiated deals to keep providing humanitarian aid. However, despite months of pleading up to and including pressure some Americans refused to evacuate during the time when they could have done so safely. My guess is that they thought that we’d never actually leave even though it was clear that’s exactly what we were doing. At the very last minute some of course were DEMANDING to be bumped to the head of the line, but my guess is they are the same kinds of assholes who refused to get vaccinated ONLY because they didn’t want to do anything the Biden administration said was the smart thing to do. So it took some doing to get them out.

        And, while it wasn’t enough we got out a lot of the people (and their families) who helped us and would have been murdered by the Taliban for doing so. And people like YOU objected. Cause that orange human shaped turd named Trump told you to.

        To most reading this comment, is it just me or are a lot of RWNJ MAGAts on here whining today? It’s Sunday. Even in the morning you’d think these people would be worshipping their Assault Weapon Jeebus instead of hanging out here!

  6. One thing that President Biden accomplished was removing the russian blowing perverts and the hoor from the oval office.



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