I wonder if the pressure has finally gotten to Donald Trump and he’s cracking? Not that it would be easy to tell, considering how the “sane” version of Trump was pretty much on the left side of the bell shaped curve to begin with. But something has been going on the past 30 hours or so.

Between Sunday and Monday Trump posted an epic 46 “truths” on his Truth Social site and one of them demanded an immediate “new election.” That was Monday morning.

This morning contains a hodge podge of nasty memes showing Joe Biden either bleeding or in a car wreck or on a smashed bicycle and reposts from 4Chan and QAnon.

And here’s a real jewel. This never took place — not on Trump’s watch. Gas prices were this low in 2002.

By any normal standards, Trump’s having a full blown flip out right now.

Here’s another.

It’s an amazing feed over there. If you didn’t know whose feed it was, you would think that a 10-year-old with a powerful grudge against the government was posting all this, and perhaps that’s as good an assessment of the situation as you’re going to get.

And QAnon couldn’t be more pleased.

Your guess is as good as mine, but if I had to make a guess right now, I would say Trump is in crisis and he’s looking to pull out all the stops. As much money, publicity, attention as he can get, that’s what he’s going for. He senses that things are getting grim and his legal problems are all too real and so he’s got to put on a sideshow to deflect from it all and entertain his troops — and pass the collection plate.

Stay tuned. It’s only going to get stranger.


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  1. Yes, please, go ahead and bleat out your full-throated support of the first President to be federally indicted. The federales appreciate your willingness to out yourself so that they can ID you and your potential terrorist cells later.

  2. Thing is, the Q fuckwits are exactly the people who will spread his dumb-ass lies like they were golden nuggets instead of the turds they really are. I’m looking at that dumb-fuck picture of him pointing to gas prices and wondering who in the hell kept a picture of the price board for a convenience store this effing long? Alternatively it could have been altered. Who the fuck knows. Point is he can foam at the mouth and say he’s in league with satan and these rubes will lap it right up.

  3. Let this nazi swine stomp the pedal staring into the rear view mirror. He’s a useful idiot for every enemy of the USA & any democracy on earth. So let him squeal. Bring all the little piggies out into the open. Some of you are already serving time. Plenty of room for more piggies to spend ur days in a concrete closet. Poor poor kkk/nazis. You cowards are headed for trouble. By the way, that squealing you hear from the top pig is him being strung up & castrated. Next!


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