I’m sure Dan Rather joins the rest of us in thinking that Richard Nixon was the nadir of presidential politics and then along came the reality TV buffoon. Rather observed yesterday’s Friday the 13th non event in wry fashion.

I would think that crow would be on the menu, but maybe that will be saved for next month’s non reinstatement non bash.


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  1. My favorite remembrance of “Reinstatement Day” will forever be the fact that it coincided so beautifully with National Kool-Aid Day!!

  2. Drinking certain spiked Kool-Aid, can be a hazard to your well-being … who was that guy again? Donald Jonesboro?

    Trump’s options are becoming pointedly narrow and somewhat focused on his incredibly stupid things he has done to the citizens of these United States … the Grand Juries will rule the days, the prosecutors will enjoy the massive list of charges that he can share with his family, and, if I’m right, there are a few big money and Republican do-wrongs that may be mentioned along the way … Trump has shown how stupid he really is about most everything and it would be very difficult to do all the crap he has without money and enablers behind him …

    May the gods of popcorn, cold beer and homemade ice cream with strawberry shortcake assemble where we, the people of PolitiZoom, can assemble in front of the big screen as Trump is reduced to the squealing pig he really is … totally out of touch with reality and no where to hide from those final words from the Judge … Donald John Trump, you have been found guilty of all charges by this jury, your sentence begins right now, the Marshals will escort you to prison for 20 years without possibility of parole OR pardon …

    Imagination is great for planning these kinds of celebration …


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