Richard “Bigo” Barnett, the unrepentant shitbird who invaded Nancy Pelosi’s office on January 6, 2021, propping up his size 11 Timberlands on her desk and leaving her a whole quarter for the stationary he stole, is upset that he was tried in D.C., where his crime was committed, and after being convicted on the counts listed below had his lawyer, in his stupid little blue straw porkpie hat, complain that he was not convicted by a jury of his peers, who would, I guess be other Arkansas MAGAs…

USA Today on MSN

“A jury on Monday convicted an Arkansas man who became infamous for propping up his feet on the desk of a staffer of then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021…

… The notorious feet-on-desk image marked Barnett as one of the stand-out characters of the attack by supporters of former President Donald Trump…

Of the eight charges Barnett faced, the most serious were felony counts of civil disorder and obstruction of an official proceeding. He was also charged with entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds with deadly or dangerous weapons –a stun gun with spikes concealed within a collapsible walking stick.

He was convicted on each count…

I probably shouldn’t have put my feet on the desk,” Barnett told the D.C. jury“.

Ya think, Bigo?

Ron Filipkowski posted video of his lawyer pleading that the trial should have been held in Bugtustle…


Maybe, maybe not.




🤣🤣🤣 12 angry Orangeutans.



Hey, Bigo, maybe they will lock you up with your peers.

But I don’t know if the D.C. Zoo would subject their Chimps to your company…

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  1. “Hey, Bigo, maybe they will lock you up with your peers.

    But I don’t know if the D.C. Zoo would subject their Chimps to your company…”

    Please don’t insult chimps that way.

    Bigo isn’t remotely that high up on the intelligence scale.

    A better “jury of his peers” would probably be more like a “pack of rabid dogs fighting over a maggot-infested rotted carcass.” (Even then, I think the dogs might be slightly more intelligent.)

    • Earliest reference I know of is prior to 1747 (when the first of the two to die did so) –

      Some say compared to Bononcini
      That Mynheer Handel’s but a ninny
      Others aver that he to Handel
      Is scarcely fit to hold a candle.
      Strange that such difference should be
      ‘Twixt Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

      The terms were probably in conversational use earlier but not written down anywhere, but maybe not.

  2. To this asshat a jury of his “peers” would consist of people who took part in the insurrectionist riot along with him. I’m sure he’s shocked, SHOCKED I SAY that they didn’t show up in droves demanding to be seated on his jury! I rather suspect that with all the convictions to date and the sentences getting progressively more severe all those “patriots” want to stay as far away from DC as possible. Poor ole Bigo – issues a call for help and gets told “sorry bro – you’re on your own!”


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