I’ve been hoping and praying for this day for 5 long years now, while I paddled around in the cesspool of Trump’s mind and soul. I’m thrilled beyond words. But those of you who know and read me also know I’m a longer term strategic thinker, and that’s where we’re going now. November.

We all know that today’s events are only going to rile up Traitor Tot’s hard core base to show up in November. BFD. That was a given since 78% of Trump’s anointed choices have won their primaries. Afain, BFD. Trump’s base is a minority of the already national minority GOP.

Likewise, this will motivate the hell out of the Democratic base, most of whom have been jonesing to see this day for at least 5 years now. We already had abortion motivation on our side, and ensuring that the Democrats maintain control so that the investigation and, hopefully prosecution can continue unabated.

But there’s another factor to consider here. The Never Trumpers. They have been working almost guerilla style to get control of their party back. Former Trump DHS Assistant Director Miles Taylor has had an organization up and running trying to educate and motivate moderate GOP voters to go to the polls in the primaries to defeat Trump acolytes. So far it has had mixed success at best, but could Trump’s sudden day of reckoning be the golden key that unlocks the box?

Until now, the best case scenario for Democrats was that these voters would just stay home, and deny Trombies the votes they desperately needed. But now the paradigm may have changed, the Lincoln Project supporters and the rest of the wishful GOP moderate dreamers are almost like pre-2016 Chicago Cubs fans. They always had an almost childlike belief that One day the day would come! And for these never Trumpers, is it possible that the day just came?

Is it possible that rather than just sitting out the election at home, the Never Trumpers may take to the polls to scrub as many pro Trump candidates and incumbents as possible?, further weakening Trump, and making it possible for them to try to put forth their own slate of sane, moderate GOP candidates in 2024 to start taking their party back?

These are strange times my friends. We’re in uncharted waters here. I have never heard, read, or researched a major US political party that was this fractured that survived. Will this be the exception? You don’t know, and neither do I. But the whole game has fundamentally changed, it’s like playing baseball with hickey pads on. My advice? Sit down, strap in, fire up the Orville Redenbacher in the microwave, and sit back to enjoy the show. We’re all just along for the ride now.


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  1. It’s a nice thought but I wouldn’t necessarily bank on the Never Trumpers, Murf. What I’ve seen of them, they sign checks with their mouths their asses can never cash. They’ll do what they can but it’s likely to be the same level of participation as Tora Bora did in the Iraq invasion. If the midterms are to be won, it’s going to be by US libs, the only Never Trumpers that ever had the numbers to win.

  2. The timing is interesting. There are still several weeks left in August which I bring up because come September the traditional DOJ policy of scrupulously avoiding creating publicity about anything that might affect an upcoming General Election will kick in. Come September DOJ will “Go Quiet” as they say on submarines when shit gets dicey. Also, I agree with a point made earlier tonight that the worst thing that could happen is for a few Congress Critters on our side to go shooting off their mouths with a steady stream of “it’s about time” and “why isn’t the DOJ saying/doing anything all of a sudden?” type talk. A quick and bland platitude about the rule of law and letting the professionals go about their work in private and “if there’s anything worth knowing someday we’ll know it” and move to the hot button social issues and the kitchen table stuff like legislation WE’VE passed and which the GOP fought tooth & nail and crucifying their hypocrisy for trying to claim credit for popular shit.

    But this is a serious-assed one-two punch in the GOP’s gonads. First there’s the abortion issue, and now this. I say that because even though I firmly believe Garland has made it clear he will slice the balls off anyone who leaks in Sept. and Oct. there’s ONE person who will NOT shut the fuck up about it – Donald Trump! His lawyers will beg and plead with him to STFU. And as he has proven so many times in the past he will shoot off his fat fucking mouth and to the dismay of the GOP (Yertle in particular) flog it to death during the midterms. So again, our politicians should say as little as possible and let the GOP fight it out, which they will do so publicly!

    That’s a double-dose of adrenaline for our voters and especially to the “what difference would it make if I voted” types. Abortion and birth control were already on the ballot. And now, the “nothing will ever happen to Trump” belief out there has been knifed in the guts. I’ll be the first to admit that I felt Garland was too much of an institutionalist, and (not without justification) concerned with restoring norms at DOJ to ever allow something like what’s just taken place to happen. I’m thrilled to be wrong. I’m Randy in the trailer with the computer in the Over-Logging episode of South Park thrilled and spent right now.

    People can now see that yes, even someone seemingly as milquetoast as Merrick Garland has a steel backbone and will after all. And we need voters who would get off their asses and vote for our side to be motivated. They’ve just been handed a reason to believe it can actually matter, that Trump might really face real consequences and not just from some state but from the United States Department of Justice! Only time will tell if charges are actually brought but for the very first time people (on both sides) have been given reason to believe that Trump might actually wind up in federal CRIMINAL court!

    And if our politicians STFU as they should we can be sure the goings on will still become public because TRUMP will shove it front and center.

    One last thought. The RNC has publicly said they’d cut him off (paying his lawyers) if he declares for President (at least prior to the midterms). And now I think he can’t afford to declare even then because he wants, if not needs them to keep paying his lawyers. I rather suspect his lawyers won’t do jack unless the RNC is guaranteeing their bills are getting paid! But that’s not the best part. If Trump (as I truly believe will be the case) insists on making a “bigly” deal out of this matter this fall and it’s clear the GOP will not only lose the Senate (by three or more seats – quite possible already) BUT the House too (where they still are the safe bet) because Trump won’t STFU the RNC might, just might cut him off because Ruppert and Lachlan Murdoch as well as the remaining Koch brother and other big dollar donors tell them to publicly denounce Trump and his Big Lie AND to ensure that every Republican down the ballot does so as well. Sort of a “No Repudiation of Trump – No Republican donations!”

    Ok, that’s probably taking fantasy too far but it’s a nice one to have.

    • Were I one of his attorneys I sure as shit would have a contract signed by the RNC before I did one effing thing for trump. He thinks his reputation is quite the thing and it is; but it’s not anything approaching a good reputation. Not where paying bills is concerned.


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