I love it when I can start one of these things with a little ray of sunshine. This one comes courtesy of Ayman! on MSNBC. He reported that not only is the RNC trying to smooth the ruffled feathers caused by Traitor Tot’s verbal fart about Milwaukee, home of the GOP convention being a horrible place, they have another possible neutron bomb waiting to go off.

They now have almost exactly a month to scramble to find a possible convention site much closer to Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home, due to the very real possibility that the nominee starring in the show, may be under home confinement.

And that is a very real possibility. As I’ve written before while any actual sentence of incarceration Judge Merchan may give His Lowness as a result of his conviction, will almost certainly be on hold pending appeal, both DA Bragg, as well as Judge Merchan are free to revisit Trump’s repeated, boorish refusal to follow his gag order. each charge carries a mandatyro maximum under New York law of 30 days. If Merchan decided to slap Trump with 10 days per offense, to run consecutively, that’s 100 days. And if Merchan orders it to begin immediately, there’s nothing Trump can do. It isn’t a sentence that can be appealed, it’s a punishment under the judge’s discretion for ignoring his rulings. So it could happen.

Now on to the main event. The ritual four year experience of National Conventions are important for two reasons. First, their completion traditionally signals the kickoff of the fall campaign season, the home stretch as it were. second, they give each side a 3-4 day window of unconflicted media coverage for their message. They take place at night in the middle of summer for a reason. More people are at home with the kids, and every major news network covers them as a kind of community service announcement. Since the Democrats are the home team, with biden in the White House, they bat last.

In most cases, when a party holds a convention, the faithful will tune in to get their fix without having to go stand in line for a rally. But it also tends to pull in those wavering independent and wavering voters who realize that the clock is ticking, and will tune in for a quick tutorial about what each party stands for and wants to do. And that got me thinking.

i wrote before about the RNC Convention quite possibly being almost as famous for the protests on both sides taking place in the streets around the arena as the blather coming from within. And while that’s still possible, the events of the last few weeks have made me reconsider that goes on inside the GOP arena will far outshine any protests outside.

Why? Here’s why. As I said, the conventions are the first, and in most cases last time a party gets unfettered control of the airwaves for their messaging. As such, a certain segment on the country will be a captive audience to that message. And for many it will be the first time in the cycle that they’ve actually tuned in to listen. And we all know that  You never get a second chance to make a first impression. 

But if they had been tuning in and listening for the last few months, just think of everything they would already know. To list a few;

  • In the last two weeks of Trump’s state felony trial, various bunches of GOP misfit toys with fancy titles like Representative and Senator started showing up at court in New York, dressed in identical ill fitting blue suits with power red ties, barging into court and misbehaving, before descending en masse to the microphones in front of court to spit out the same stale screed. In brown pants and tan shirts, they would have looked like a miniature Nuremburg rally. Dressed in yellow jumpsuits they would look for all the world like The Minions, just not the cute ones, the ones that ended up on the cutting room floor
  • House squeaker Mike Johnson has started glibly hinting at his back door connection to Supreme Court justices, calling on them to jump the shark on the appellate process, and Free Willy! now
  • A gang of GOP mental midget Senators signed a pact that they will oppose all nominations and legislation for the rest of Biden’s term in retaliation for showing the world that Trump’s just as big of an *sshole as everybody else. Quick aside. While they can delay appointments in committee and with floor debate, they can’t actually stop them. The judicial appointments will continue
  • When Trump literally returned to the scene of his J6 crime spree, one reporter wryly noted that the reception he received was like a room full of 15 year old girls if Taylor Swift walked in. Machine Gun Marjie almost peed her pants loke a long ago Beatles groupie as she gushed later, He recognized me! He called me by name, came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek! He knows me! Soulless Senate scrotum Ted Cruz was filmed enthusiastically clapping after Trump had left the room and the foor was closed
  • The GOP House is trying to pass a law that says if a former President is criminally charged in state court, he can petition to have his case moved to federal court instead. Considering that the only two differences would be a federal jury pool, and a federal judge interpreting state criminal law, I’m not sure what the point is
  • The House Judiciary has called Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg to testify so that they can scream up his nose about proving that The emperor has no clothes. Bragg has accepted. One thing to watch for. Bragg is there voluntarily, so if he gets sick of the obsessive bullsh*t, he can get up and leave whenver he likes
  • trump went to the largely black South Bronx, as well as a majority black church in Detroit yesterday to court African American votes. In both cases he packed the venues with honkies, then proceeded to tell the black folk what miserable, crime infested holes they live in. With outreach like this, who needs enemies?
  • One negative. After getting his fat ass slobbered on by the GOP caucus, Trump went into a closed door meeting of The Business Roundtable, a who’s-who of corporate movers and shakers. On leaving, their opinion of The Cheeto Jesus was far different from the GOP’s. Converns about his incoherent rambling, meandering from topic to topic with no apparent reason, and being unable to string two coherent sentences left them somewhat concerned about his mental fitness

Here’s the point. These ass gaskets are all running around like a bunch of lemmings with the cliff in sight. The object of the convention is to educate and motivate the crowd with your forward reaching agenda and plans. But what are these unfortunate media hostages going to hear for three straight nights?

  • Screeching, hateful invective against Merrick Garland, the DOJ, the FBI, Special Counsel Jack Smith and Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg et al.
  • Incoherent, hateful ramblings about the infamous Biden Crime Family, along with Q=Anpn inspired conspiracies about former mob kingpin Hunter Biden being a fall guhy patsy for Biden himself
  • dark, gleeful imprecations and predictions of upon-pain-of-death retributions against all liberals and deep state apostates starting on January 21st, 2025
  • Worshipful praise for Glorious Bleater, including his continued fight on his convictions to compare to Christ’s resurrection on the third day from the tome.each speaker will be more slavish than the last. It’ll be like a family reunion at Jonestown
  • But the capstone to the absurdity will be Trump’s acceptance speech on the last night. I’m sure that they’ll try to have Trump on a teleprompter, but Il Douche on a teleprompter is death by 1000 cuts. He’s listless and lifeless. But if he wanders off the reservation, it’s even worse, especially if you listen to the Business Roundtable. Most intelligent voters have spent the last four years trying to forget that there ever was a Donald Trump. But here hye is, in prime time, and raring to show the world that he’s even more rambling, incoherent, vengeful, and nonsensical than he was four years ago

Former GOP operative and Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson would call this a Prime Time sh*t show. Trump already knows that he needs a coalition in order to win, that’s the reason for his pathetic outreach to black voters. The best chance he’s ever going to have to reach those undecided and independent voters will be his acceptance speech. And Trump is hell-bent-for-leather to make a complete cock up of it. The only thing that worries me is that the imbeciles speaking on the first two nights drive everybody away before Trump gets a chance to open his mouth. But on the upside, either way, when they’re gone, they’re gone, and they ain’t coming back.

I thank you for the privilege of your tiime.

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  1. Trump’s acceptance speech could/should be a barnburner. Just think of the possibilities if he actually did something that we thought was unheard of: said something that was understandable by other, non-MAGA human beings.

    Maybe, just maybe, he could pull of an October surprise in June.

    Wonder what color tie he’ll wear…

    • 😂 barn burner and a sh@t storm all in one. The ties will be red… to match the carnage going on right now (egads😆) and after next January 20 (👀👀👀🙄).

  2. Your words above are lucid, relevant and, accepted by many a reader to be prophetic, for sure – particularly “… The object of the convention is to educate and motivate … But what are these unfortunate media hostages going to hear … [more from Don Don’s toxic echo chamber] … hateful invective … hateful ramblings … dark … imprecations and … retributions … Worshipful praise for Glorious Bleater … [and] … Trump on a teleprompter … listless and lifeless … rambling, incoherent, vengeful, and nonsensical …”. Your words are focussed and carry a clear message, Joseph. In sum, your words convey that Don Don and his enablers, backers, sect members, and crime family have no true valid reason, nor direction, but clearly have a use-by date fast approaching over the horizon, concurrently materialising when Don Don spectacularly face plants into the reckoning, all of his own design.

  3. Never mind him being under home confinement in Florida – it’s also possible that, as the case is a New York one for crimes in New York, that he will have to do the time in New York (after all he does have an apartment there).

    It’s also possible that he could end up with community service – IN NEW YORK (no trips to Florida)

    • Well put, our “… for crimes in New York, that he will have to do the time in New York (after all he does have an apartment there)….” That’d logically and strategically muddy his various cockamamy perspectives on his unjustifiable, feckless and delusional existence.

    • after all, his probation officer will be a New York official. can’t expect them to fly to Florida for every check-in.

  4. Great article. You could have included the monetary crimes the Trump Crime Family committed through foreign sources. Can you say MBS and other Arab dictators.
    How does Ivanka and Jared rack up 600 million in four years legally? The get a multimillion dollar “investment”. It is not just influence peddling it is BIG TIME corruption.
    Why are they washing toilets in prison?


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