The Club For Growth is an ultra-conservative political organization supporting an adjoined Political Action Committee that advocates for Social Security and Medicare “reform”, mandatory balanced budgets, school choice and is vehemently opposed to any legislation aimed at curbing Greenhouse emissions. And they also happen to be amongst the biggest financial supporters of the seditionists in Congress who voted to allow drumpf to stay in office beyond the time allotted to him by voters:

“The Club for Growth is the pre-eminent institution promoting Republican adherence to a free-market, free-trade, anti-regulation agenda.” The Guardian described the group as “one of the biggest backers” of Republicans who later voted to overturn the results of the 2020 United States presidential election, having spent around $20 million on their campaigns in 2018 and 2020.”

Now republicans who do not support the Constitution, especially incumbents, do not cause Republican Leader McCarthy to lose much sleep, but he has run afoul of some of the Club’s favorites (see list of those voting against him the last couple of days) in his stewardship of the Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) which has not necessarily backed the most abhorrent Republicans possible, in hotly contested districts, in their pursuit of the majority.

Well, a deal was struck tonight to make McCarthy the Speaker and make him also, and future leaders of the GOP, creatures of the Club:

Yahoo News

“Allies of Republican leader Kevin McCarthy made a big concession on Wednesday night as the Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF), a PAC that helps fund Republican House candidates, will not spend in any open-seat primaries in safe GOP districts, opening the door for a key conservative group to back him for Speaker.

CLF, which is endorsed by McCarthy, struck the deal with the Club for Growth, which is expected to support McCarthy for the top job assuming an agreeable rules package is struck including provisions the Club asked for originally. Included in that is a call for “open rules” on all major rules bills, such as appropriations, that would allow rank-and-file lawmakers to have amendments brought to the floor.

“This agreement on super PAC’s fulfills a major concern we have pressed for. We understand that Leader McCarthy and Members are working on a rules agreement that will meet the principles we have set out previously.” David McIntosh, the head of the Club for Growth, said in a statement. “Assuming these principles are met, Club for Growth will support Kevin McCarthy for Speaker.”

While it is not yet clear that this deal is enough to garner the votes needed to put Quevin over the top, the stink of it was strong enough to catch the attention of election integrity champion Marc E. Elias on Twitter:

As well as that of Democratic Senator Brian Schatz:


Not to mention Kavanaugh’s mortgage.


So if you awake in the morning and Quevin’s rolling towards 218 on his seventh vote you’ll now most likely know why.

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  1. Sure…just like Gaetz and the rest were supposed to get back in line. Club For Growth is throwing a Hail Mary pass in the hopes it’ll make the MAGA maggots behave. They and you should be prepared for great expectations giving way to great disappointment…again.

    I realize that I have been sounding way more cynical than usual over all this. It’s very simple as to why…I KNOW these people. I was introduced to their kind long before Trump gave them a megaphone. They don’t give a damn about party, campaign money or even advancing the American conservative project. They only give a damn about themselves and what they can grab in the short term…and that’s it. None of them are bright enough to play the long game and none of the Club For Growth are adaptable enough to switch strategies. Liz Cheney will have to educate them.

  2. I’m not a lawyer, much less one with a specialty in election or public integrity/corruption law but this seems to have all the earmarks of an overt quid pro quo. Even if some of the players have an “oops” moment and STFU the details are already out there. An offer to provide votes for a specific legislative purpose has been made in exchange for a service. Sure, good lawyers can obfuscate the hell out of that in court filings and a trial should it ever come to that (doubtful) but at some point being this fucking brazen needs to come with consequences. As in DOJ opening a formal criminal investigation. Even if they don’t announce it word will get out. You think for a second Gym Jordan won’t get word of it and start beating the drums? He’s not exactly one to think strategically and being himself and shooting off his mouth will cause all kinds of problems. More for the GOP than the DOJ!


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