Talk about too little, too late. But I guess better late than never. Chuck Grassley was interviewed on Newsmax, no less, about the allegations that he’s made against Joe Biden selling policy for profit, in essence, when he was the Vice President. This is concurrent with Marjorie Taylor Greene’s histrionic attacks on Hunter Biden.

Grassley and James Comer issued a joint statement Wednesday alleging “a criminal scheme involving then-Vice President Joe Biden and a foreign national.” It requested the FBI to produce an unclassified record which they claim could provide insight into any purported illegality. Now on Friday, Grassley’s folding, saying he doesn’t know what’s true. Maybe you should have figured that out ahead of time, Senator, don’t you think? Newsweek:

Comer, chair of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, pledged to investigate the Biden family since Republicans took control of the House this past January. That has included allegations that Biden’s children and their companies received over $1.3 million through a family associate.

In a new interview with Newsmax‘s Greta Van Susteren, Grassley seemed to imply that proof behind the allegations made about Biden’s past and any communications with foreign nationals remains lacking.

Hit the link to Newsweek in the first paragraph and listen to the twenty second clip where Grassley comes out and admits that he doesn’t know if these allegations are true or not. Here’s the text.

“The letter is electrifying because it talks about exchange of money for policy decisions,” Van Susteren said to Grassley. “It’s a very serious allegation against the then-vice president.”

The senator replied, “It is a very serious allegation. I wish I could say that I knew it was true or untrue.”

Color me thunderstruck. How can a United States senator, let alone an old hand like Grassley, co-sign an incendiary statement like he did and he doesn’t know what’s real?

Grassley had made similar comments about the uncertainty of the allegations after they initially went public. He reportedly told Chad Pergram, a senior congressional correspondent for Fox News, that he couldn’t verify “whether or not it’s really criminal activity.”

The senator added having faith in whistleblowers that the requested FBI document known as FD-1023 does exist and that he and Comer “have a rough idea” of its contents.

“Given the precise nature of the information provided by department whistleblowers with a high degree of credibility, we’re confident that the FBI has had these significant allegations for some time now,” Taylor Foy, communications director for Grassley, told Newsweek on Friday.

Well, good. Senator Grassley is attacking the President of the United States based upon rumor and hearsay. That’s just swell. Just one more example, as if we needed one more, of the moral rot and intellectual bankruptcy of the Republican party. I wonder what they’ll do for an encore?

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  1. WELL, Mr. Grassley skipped having the FBI interview over 40 volunteer, first person witnesses to the horrible history of the new BEER MAN on the Scotus, Grassley even said he would allow an extra week to make those interviews, a REAL show of stupidity, because, NOT ONE of those former students was contacted by the FBI, meaning that Grassley LIED to the Democrat team AND WE the public, about arranging those interviews …

    Somehow, I think Trump told the FBI to stand down and NOT do the interviews. I never heard a follow up comment from Grassley that excused the omission of those …

    Maybe it is time to find out just what happened? The smell of yet another, small, but very important conspiracy may be lingering in the back halls of Congress? Trump WAS not afraid to use the FBI to do criminal things like steal 250,000 face masks from a shipment on it’s way to Germany …

    Grassley has been saying in front of Congress AND the public how corrupt the Democrats have been, and how his joint investigations with fellow Republicans have shown problems with various functions, turns out, he’s not too sure about those, I guess …

    • I bet that whoever paid that f4cking @ssholes mortgage off knows.
      My bet is it was that punk that hands out the bribes for that federalist terrorist organization.
      There needs to be a bounty on ALL “federalists”.
      They need to be put in bags.

  2. This is your pro forma reminder that, during the Obama administration, when Beau was dying Joe came within inches of selling his home to cover medical costs. What stopped him was Barack. I don’t see hoe a President could be buyig influence from his own Vice President. And the story suggests no one else was doing so either.

  3. Unfortunately there are so many examples of EVIL in our history, it’s difficult to swallow the ongoing HYPOCRISY of our elected leaders. Some brief examples: First, there is ample evidence that Truman did not have to drop the bomb TWICE, vaporizing two cities. We firebombed 67 japanese cities, including Tokyo, a city of wood, burning over 100,000 citizens. He did it for political reasons. Now we live under the threat of mutually assured destruction,(MAD).
    Maybe the bigger evil was the secret support our government, starting with Truman, gave the opiate producers in SE Asia, to use them to combat their view of spreading communism. Nixon’s CIA in 1971 provided arms, equipment, and money to the largest producer of heroin in Burma so their mules could spy at the borders of communist China. They called off another agency that was pursuing Kuan Sa to bust his operation. It enabled him to provide 25% of the pure heroin on the streets. Meanwhile, CONTRARY to the known science exposed in the LaGuardia report, cannabis was put in schedule 1 and criminalized FOR POLITICAL REASONS. Nixon wanted the civil rights activists and antiwar activists off the streets. Halderman, nixon’s number 2, admitted ON TAPE that was the reason. What a bunch of evil. The law remains today and 600,000 innocent citizens were arrested last year, 90% for possession. 7 out of 10 were black. Tens of millions of citizens have been criminalized since 1971 by a criminal president that put pure heroin on the street. Respect for the law? Go fork yourself if you expect me to swallow this pile of dung. Grassley? Small potatoes. The examples are endless. And some wonder why we are where we are. I don’t.

    • History is full of examples, they are made by two inspired reasons, money and/or power …

      The current problem with guns is a shining example of huge amounts of money being funneled into Congress and State leaders, I wonder if Ted Cruz’s salary as a Senator, is matched or even exceeded by funds from the NRA and other sources …

      If the Republicans were to show all the dark money in their lives, it could be millions, not to say Democrats have not dipped into cash from sponsors or front people touring their office buildings … The highest offices sometimes have a problem with this cash flow SCOTUS Thomas, is a prime example of current report dodging …

      • I now call most of the members of the Supreme Court, SCROTUS. It seems more appropriate and truthful. I used to say, “I know justice is blind but I did not know she was stupid, too. I know now.” Republicans taint everything they touch.

    • That’s why they killed the Kennedy’s, King and anyone else that had an influence on REAL Americans.
      F4ck the republiCLOWNS.

  4. Grassley knows what he’s been told, and not a lot else any more. (There are a lot of people out there who believe that Biden is evil, based entirely on lies.)

  5. Grassley has always been a piece of crap traitor. He was all set go along with the Green Bay Sweep. He didn’t vote to impeach Putin’s Punk, much less call for it after the scum let Putin’s team into the Oval Office after he fired Comey. He also went after Steele and thus discouraged others from helping the FBI or CIA. But more importantly he has pushed for decades all the little steps the Republican terrorist have used to bring us to the brink of a complete fascist dictatorship (blessed by God, just like King George). If I hear Trump compared to King David one more time I will puke on somebody’s shoes.

  6. Ol’ Chuckles doesn’t know? Ok, here ya go boy-there isn’t anything out there. It is all bullshit concocted in some evil fuck’s little brain.

    Of course what ol’ Chuckles doesn’t know would fill many libraries and large ones at that. Another idiot ‘pube…but I repeat myself.


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