Chelsea Clinton to Hugh Hewitt: No equivalency between sending bombs & shouting


Hugh Hewitt from MSNBC had the gall to say that Trump encouraging violence at his rallies was “equivalent” to Mitch McConnell being heckled.  Chelsea Clinton quickly chimed in to stomp on the stupid.

Clinton: “When I was 14, an ACT-UP activist interrupted the Easter service our family attended. I never worried he would assassinate my father or mother and understood why he was shouting in church. This week, someone sent a bomb (no “”) to my parents’ home. There’s no equivalency.”

So,  just to be clear.  Heckling or shouting is in no way shape or form comparable to criminal violence which intends to hurt or kill.  And those that encourage the violence should be held accountable, especially when they are in a position of power.

Hewitt is a mindless MAGA moron but this most recent commitment to stupid makes one wonder if he’s auditioning for Megyn Kelly’s time slot?

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