I will say this much about Madison Cawthorn, just when you think he can’t get any lower or weirder, he hits one into left field.

Cawthorn detests the LGBT community. That makes this tape of him cavorting in bed with another man a bit odd. But it’s odd for a lot more reasons than that. It’s just plain strange what goes on here. A commenter said, “Non consensual vibe here” and that’s not the weirdest part.

Cawthorn is very immature. He’s about 10 years old compared to the normal 26-year-old. Take a look and see what you think.

Full disclosure here. I’ve had any number of gay friends in my life and they were into some strange things. One friend of a friend was a member of the FFA, which is Fist Fuckers Of America. I kid you not. And there were guys who were into golden showers, and S&M, what have you. But there was a sense of privacy and decorum about these people. They didn’t film what they did. The fact that Cawthorn is doing this on tape says a lot. And what it says is not flattering.

There’s something Lord Of The Flies-ish about this video. The book was about a group of school boys who get stranded on an island and lose all vestiges of civilization as they revert to savagery. That’s Cawthorn. He’s a freaking savage in anything and everything he does.

This is part of his response to the drag photos on the cruise ship.

Now it’s his “cousin” we are told.

Is there anything genuine about this guy at all? Or is his every waking moment one freak show after another?

What I wouldn’t give to see the looks on Richard Burr and Thom Tillis’ faces when they see this. Oh, mah, gawwd.

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  1. Normal people don’t do this stuff in front of cameras. They certainly don’t make a thing of letting everyone else know about what they like to do in the bedroom.
    Not only immature, but also needs help desperately. (I suspect it’s tied to being in a wheelchair: he feels like he’s incapable, and doesn’t have a healthy way to handle it.)

    • We know how Trump is only alive when he’s on camera. I think Cawthorn may have a worse case of whatever that problem is than Trump does.

    • I was, and am, one to always try to get people to laugh even at my expense. If I can have people wiping tears from their eyes over some goofy shit I said or did, I am a happy man. This little film noire of maddie’s is not funny. I think a lot of off the wall shit is funny, I mean, I see someone walking across the street during a parade break trip and fall on their face I am in stitches. Watching the South Park kids play Ro-Sham-Bo is some of the funniest shit I’ve seen on the boob-tube in decades.

      This thing of maddie’s might be porn, might be him cousin-lovin’, I don’t know but funny? Not so much. Yeah P.J., normal people, hell even abby-normals like me do not do this shit.

  2. Watched the eyes of Tammy Faye the other day. Really great movie. Sympathetic to Tammy Faye which I can understand.

    There is a grandstanding that comes with people in power. swaggert, Bakker, franklin graham, now cawthorn.

    These men feel they are above the rules. Happens on both sides. Cuomo, weiner, Franken Clinton. Depends on how the party reacts, Franken, weiner and cuomo were cast out. trump, herbster, gaetz, swaggert and many others are just seen as good old boys, accepted and even promoted.

    I guess the republicans want to be the sexual harassment party.

  3. I have friends and we sometimes like to party and get crass too. But getting crass never involved getting naked together on a bed and simulating sex. What the hell was that? The whole vibe here looks like yet another closeted, self-hating Republican who is in denial about his true sexual orientation due to his religion and politics. Another angry, bitter Lindsey Graham in the making.

      • I still regret clicking on it. You can’t unsee things, but worse it’s damned near impossible to forget some of thing things you see. If there really was such a thing as brain bleach there wouldn’t be enough in the world to erase that video from my head.

  4. One of the country’s most despised lawyers, Roy Cohn (loved by Trump), publicly hated gays but was gay himself. If the shoe fits… Hypocrisy is a mandatory MAGA characteristic. JD Vance jumps to mind.

  5. I’m not a fan of his or his degenerate party but i don’t think this is anything new when it comes to guys being silly with each other. It certainly isn’t gay or something never done. He was probably drunk. It’s just incompetent that he allowed it to be recorded.

  6. Well, looks like Twitter removed the video. Doesn’t meet their standards, whatever they are today, as opposed to yesterday or last week or 2019 or whenever . . .


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