Barron Trump is now occupying an interesting niche in our culture. He’s somewhat like Greta Garbo, the reclusive star of yester year who “vanted to be left alone.” That’s a little difficult, not to mention a tad hypocritical, when your face is on billboards all over the countryside and people are flocking to your pictures. When the era of the silent movies was coming to an end, Garbo Speaks! was shouted from the rooftops. Finally, after seeing her emote on the silent screen, a voice was placed with the image. Similarly, Barron Trump was going to make a debut in politics mid-July until his mother aborted that venture. Here is a video of Barron ostensibly speaking. Full disclosure: I think the voice you’re going to hear is that of the guy he’s shaking hands with. I could be mistaken but what little I can match of the lip movements with the voice, I don’t think it’s him. You decide.

That’s what I think, too, that’s not his voice. Where would he get a nasalized voice like that? Plus, I believe he speaks with a Slovenian accent because of speaking Slovenian with his mother and grandparents his entire life. That does not sound remotely Slovenian to me. The Daily Mail is very enthusiastic.

Although Barron is only 18, his voice seemed to have a deep and husky timbre, which surprised listeners.

For years, people have theorized what Barron, who is 6’7 feet tall, sounded like, but he always appeared reticent, and his voice remained a mystery.

The video is captioned ‘FINALLY. Now I know what he sounds like.’ Commenters expressed a similar sense of joy at finally hearing Barron’s voice.

‘He sounds like Don Jr.’ one person wrote.

Another user agreed, commenting, ‘Sounds like his brothers.’

Other viewers felt that Barron resembled the character Greg, from HBO’s hit show Succession.

‘Cousin Greg?’ One user wrote.

At some point our curiosity may be assuaged, but this is not that day. As I’ve been saying for years, if I was him, I would go to school abroad and distance myself from all this nuttiness. The axiom Everything Trump Touches Dies applies to Trump’s children as well, and I’m sure Barron has noticed. Or, maybe he’s one of them. I think that’s the core of all the curiosity, it certainly is for me: is he a Trump and a MAGA or is he a decent person? That is what all the fuss is about.

He might be a good person. If Bobby Kennedy can have a rotten son like RFK, Jr., then it is possible that Donald Trump could have one kid that turned out to be a good person and not narcissistic puppets like his other kids, at least the oldest three.

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  1. I’m assuming Barron’s voice was the one heard off camera, not the deeper voice of the dark haired man who shook his hand) & it sounds like the voice of a younger person, not deep or mature, & somewhat like Eric’s voice.

    I also did not detect any sort of Slovenian accent, which seemed like a strange idea in the article. Why in the hell would he speak with a Slovenian accent when he grew up in America, going to school with American classmates. It’s ridiculous that anyone thinks he would have picked up his mother’s accent.

    • It’s rumored he speaks with a slight Slovenian accent because of Melania and his grandparents. I didn’t hear anything off camera. I’m just sharing what I found with the caveat that it wasn’t good quality sound to begin with.

      • An eighteen year old male usually has their politics in their pants along with their brains and everything else. I suspect it is an evolutionary trait that is obsolete-much like the appendix. Any eighteen year old who is really into politics probably doesn’t have a hope in hell of getting a date to the prom. Barron is a nice-looking kid so he’ll probably have no trouble getting laid when mommy unties the umbilical cord.

  2. I still like the first time Jared Kushner spoke, one of the late nite shows had Gilbert Gotfried over-dub him. It was epic.


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