Not only do we have at least nine months to go before the first Republican primary, but those nine months are also littered with landmines for Trump and the rest of the Republicans. Trump goes on civil trial in three weeks on the rape trial of E. Jean Carroll. Trump can cry politics all he wants. A civil jury determination that Trump raped E. Jean Carroll would hurt Trump. It is much harder for him to cry politics when he started the fight. And then there are, of course, the other indictments. The rest of the Republicans have to worry about things like yesterday, in which – nationally, the independent just shakes her head, whispering, “My god, no.”

But Trump cannot help himself and continually, almost robotically, violates one of the cardinal rules of politics, maybe the only rule at times, by regularly elevating Ron DeSantis as a near 50-50 candidate. In the end, DeSantis may well be a 50-50 candidate, in that he and Trump alone are in the race. But DeSantis is trailing Trump in the polls by such a large margin (DeSantis hasn’t declared) and he’s watching Trump roll through a tumultuous period where Trump won the “Primary Round One,” in galvanizing support, but may start losing rounds quickly. Trump should never mention DeSantis’s name because it only elevates DeSantis. But the old boy cannot help himself. From Trump’s Truth social account:

We’re getting lots of job requests from people currently working for the Social Security/Medicare cutting (JUST WATCH!) DeSanctimonious Campaign. Ron’s Poll numbers are dropping so fast and furious that many people are speculating he’s not going to run. Just hired ‘Kiss of Death’ [political consultant] Jeff Roe, who dropped YoungKim, to see if he can help (he will only help make Ron poor!) I’m leading in Texas by 42 points, Iowa and New Hampshire by a lot, overall by close to 40, and by 10 against Scammer Joe Biden.

If Trump is leading by that much, and “many are speculating that DeSantis won’t even run,” then why is Trump even talking about DeSantis? It may or may not be true that DeSantis’s staff is “begging Trump for jobs.” It may be one person, or it may be ten. But DeSantis is infamous for staffing people that are very soon looking for a new boss. They resign quickly. To hear them talk about DeSantis, he is about the most abusive, least likable people on Earth. (What is it with Republicans?) Former staff members have a support group. Keep this as your guiding light. Ron DeSantis has one real staff member-advisor and her name is Casey DeSantis, the undeniably gorgeous mom, so sweet in pictures and talks. Behind the scenes, she is a snake, every bit as power-hungry as Ron. The rest are just “assistants” carrying his stuff and getting blamed for screw-ups.

But DeSantis is horrifically smart. The Yale baseball player and Harvard Law graduate can run intellectual circles around Trump, which is precisely why DeSantis hasn’t announced anything yet. DeSantis knows that the party – for now – has rallied around Trump. DeSantis even supported Trump with respect to the indictments. It’s a calculation.

DeSantis doesn’t need to announce. He is making the rounds around the country anyway and Trump, ever reliably, lifts DeSantis up as Trump’s main competitor. DeSantis will wait until Trump is inevitably at his lowest and only then will DeSantis make his move.
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  1. Frump is a gutter trained street fighter. He got impeached because he saw Biden coming even when the naysayers said no. I’m sure he’s on the mark with preyingmantis. He may be a pampered moron but he knows his competition.

    • Yes but that’s my point. He sees DeSantis coming, so why lift him up now? Trump should never say his name, act like he doesn’t exist, and that way – when he does come, he’ll not have the head start as the 50-50 guy all along. DeSantis may win the primary, decent chance. But Trump is still an idiot for giving DeSantis free advertising and the “opponent” (As opposed to also-rans).

  2. Destinkus is a Yale educated dumbass just like the Yale educated Bush crime family.
    “Ivy League” is just another way of saying “incompetent dumbass”….

  3. “Former staff members have a support group.”

    This line reminded me of an episode of “Designing Women.” In the episode (“And Now, Here’s Bernice”), Mary Jo is working a design job for a company and the company guy working with her starts hitting on her and, while she does her best to keep things professional, she inevitably agrees to go out with him and then he dumps her. She goes back to the job–obviously hurting–but she is, above all, a professional. Then she meets some of the female employees at the company who let her know the guy does that all the time–so much so that they’ve formed a support group just to work out their issues.

    Later, in the episode, the women have, reluctantly, agreed to appear on Bernice’s cable TV program and Bernice has introduced them as the “ladies of Sugarbaker house”–as if the firm’s a bordello. Mary Jo arrives late and starts talking about what’s happened to her and pulls up a head shot of the guy (his name, incidentally, is “Donald Banks”) and warns the women of Atlanta that, if they see this guy, to keep away from him and warn their friends about him as well. (As the closing credits roll, Mary Jo has pictures of other men who’ve done the same thing and she names them as well.)

  4. “The Yale baseball player and Harvard Law graduate can run intellectual circles around Trump”

    Well yes, but to be fair, so can my cat.

  5. I think that prick in the inset is so full of shit his eyes are brown and if Trump makes any sudden moves he will break the ass living pricks neck. And the reason there are two standards is that the day that they found documents the attorneys called the proper people to come take possession of them. The other idiot rented a truck, loaded it with documents and shipped those documents to who knows where. We only know most of them ended up in a storage room for the restaurant which was routinely left unlocked. They have the surveillance videos to prove it. We will never know what happened to the documents in Trumps possession because Trump is a traitor and doesn’t give a dam about anyone but Trump. The only reason he wants to be president is to get his hands on more documents to sell. And well, so he can go around as President because everything is free when you are president. Well I think it’s not going to be free for him to get laid if he can still get it up because I think Melanie gonna divorce his fat ass over the stormy affairs.


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