Meatball doesn’t know his place, according to Donald Trump. Meatball’s place and everybody’s place, is wherever Trump says it is. Trump doesn’t believe in free will, ambition, or self-expression — for anybody else. He wants to control everything and everybody in his orbit and especially anybody that he ever did a political favor for, and that certainly includes Ron DeSantis. DeSantis is announcing his presidential campaign later on today and so it stands to reason that this morning Trump released his latest attack ad. Look for things to go downhill fast.

I wonder if there will be a rebuttal attack ad? Or, maybe DeSantis will campaign in this dimension and pretend that Trump doesn’t really exist. We’re going to finally get some answers, starting today.

Should we even start to speculate about what a $hit$how the GOP convention is going to be? How it’s going to be worse than 2016? Nah.

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  1. UGH! All swamp creatures, all of them. How painful to have to watch and listen to the excrement from any of them, though tRump is the worst. Kind of makes you wish for the Rapture and hope that all the phony xtians disappear with the rest of that ilk.

  2. As long as the “fight” for the nomination is in public, which will allow all the candidates to express themselves freely, they will each share with the general public their plans, platforms and personas. Let the personas emerge. :):):) We’ll get to a place where even WaPo can’t “both-sidersim” the horrendous behavior of all of these RWNJ jerks. We should look forward to their self-immolation, with glee and merriment.

  3. DeSantis will have to attack back if he wants to stay in the race. He might start with the 23% sales tax, which I think he supported as a replacement for federal income tax. If these two go at it, they might actually be forced to commit to a platform, which will hugely help Biden.

  4. Uh, excuse me, but the orange turd did NONE of those things. He was all talk and NO action, probably the same way in bed. ALL talk and no ACTION!


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