You know, I knew it would happen sooner or later.

If sore loser Kari Lake kept running her head, eventually some combination of words would tumble out of her mouth that in some way resembled vaguely a bit of truth.

It finally happened on the Tucker Carlson disinformation hour tonight, when her million monkeys on a million typewriters moment came and she admitted that her most recent loser lawsuit is basically a work of fiction.

Check it out:

Yep, but more of a short story than a novel.





Yeah, nobody’s buying what she’s selling’.

She’s determined to bore us to death like her hero.


I wish, Judy.





Maybe our long national nightmare is nearly over.

Kari at least, however accidentally, uttered something that was not a total lie.

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  1. Is it just me or does that side-by-side of the two ass-faces look like Lake is sort of duplicating Tucker’s well-known “Did I just make a dooty in my diaper?” look?

      • Nah. I still say it’s like the look you see on the face of a baby you’re holding when the smell tells you they’ve just had a big poop in their diaper. That confused look – that on the one hand it felt good (getting all that poopy pressure out) but on the other hand their butt’s all “squishy” and even if they don’t understand it like an older person they don’t like the feel of sitting in something wet and mushy. Plus their own sense of smell works just like an adult’s. So they seem confused. Look at Tucker making that face of his again and tell me it doesn’t look like the confused baby!


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