Donald Trump does seem to be batting 1,000 in Ohio, I’ll say that much. In the recent primaries, he endorsed J.D. Vance for the Senate, Frank LaRose for secretary of state, Max Miller, his “music man” from the White House for rep of OH-7 and Madison Gesiotto Gilbert, for rep of OH-13. Four up and four down.

Trump has endorsed another GOP jewel in Ohio, namely J.R. Majewski, who is also running for congress in a district which is currently labelled a toss up. Let’s hope he doesn’t win. The last thing we need is a secessionist in Washington. Majewski’s video on why all 25 red states should have seceded from the Union in 2020 after Trump lost, was taken down after CNN busted him on it.

Majewski, who works in the nuclear industry and is an Air Force veteran, is already under scrutiny over his past promotion of the false QAnon conspiracy theory and his attendance at the January 6, 2020 “Stop the Steal” rally which preceded the Capitol riot. Majewski emerged victorious in a crowded Republican primary earlier this month and will face off against long-serving Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur in the newly drawn congressional district this November. The race is considered to be competitive and is likely to be a toss up.
“I was actually going to say,” Majewski said in a video on the livestreaming app Periscope. “I didn’t want to be a hype beast, but I’ve had it in my back pocket to say that every state that went red should secede from the United States.
“I don’t think it sounds out there,” he added. “Why should we go to this — the left, they’re f**king psychotic. I mean, it’s not, it is not out there brother. I mean, in my opinion, they’re beyond they’re, they’re — it’s irrational. They’re way of life is just crazy. To me, secession is not out there. It’s all about how you frame the dialogue though. You can’t just, you know, obviously you’re talking to me, different story, but the general population, you know, we have to break ’em in easy.”
Majewski appears to be responding to a commentator on his livestream who asked his thoughts on “literally splitting up and making our own country.”
Let me interject a note here: People who are analyzing Trump’s track record of endorsing folks are noticing a clear pattern that he does very well in a situation which isn’t competitive. He’s gotten 64% of his endorsed candidates over the finish line, which in any normal world — which this is not — would be most impressive. But part of that is because he doesn’t get into an endorsement unless it’s a sure thing, like with Mastriano in Pennsylvania, whom he endorsed in the last week. I think Herbster going down in flames in Nebraska was a wake up call and not a happy one. And he’s not happy about Oz clawing for the nomination. Not a tall a tall.
Majewski is the guy who painted the American flag on his lawn, hence the image at the top of this piece. We’ll see how far he gets. The sad fact is, he may join the other fringe crazies in the House. Ohioans have chug a lugged the kool aide for reasons which are beyond me.


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  1. There are lots of progressives and moderates with a true progressive lean in those states. In some enough that they are more purple than red but thanks to gerrymandering and voter suppression those states are in practical terms red. Anyway, I’d feel really badly for our fellow Democrats living in such places. I hate the thought of them either submitting to the appalling conditions and way of life that would ensue or uprooting their lives and moving to a blue or truly purple state. I do have some thoughts on that though…

    Let’s say these red, we don’t need no damn gumbit states secede. Fine. Move EVERY military base/installation/port, or rather ALL the people serving there and since there would be no need for their services the contracts of ALL the private military contractors. Poof. Gone. Along with tons of JOBS. Cancel all federal contracts to businesses in those states and shift them to the blue states who remain in what’s left of the USA. Again, TONS of jobs and money GONE. No more federal dollars to maintain their roads, no more money for education (i.e. construction or improvement to schools, grant money to universities) GONE. Work out a settlement with block grants which conservatives constantly blathered about for so long to cover Medicare/Medicaid. Then no more federal health care dollars either. I could keep going but you get the point. Yes, there would be costs involved to expand existing military bases and beef up other stuff, but there would be plenty of savings to relocate any progressives who want to move to blue states and remain U.S. Citizens with all the rights and privileges of citizens. Those that stay behind would of course have to give up U.S. citizenship in favor of their new state/country.

    I remembered the old “fuckthesouth” rant ( that appeared on the internet a couple of decades ago. Still rings pretty true today.

  2. I’d say that Air Force “veteran” Majewski’s comments should warrant an investigation into whether he should continue receiving any sort of veteran’s benefits from a country he no longer wishes to be a part of. Maybe he just really hasn’t thought through his idea; losing the perks of being former military might remind him (especially since DC voted against Trump–not just in 2020 but also 2016 and has voted against every GOP candidate since the District got the right to have a say in who leads the country).

  3. Not to mention what currency will this new autocracy use? You can be sure it won’t be the US currency, Why would they want to allow a new weak country to jeopardize trade relations with the poorest States in the present democracy? Plus the new Country will be spread all over the map from Alaska to Maine, with US States all around the place. What will happen if the new States in the new Union decide they made a mistake and want to leave and rejoin the USA, where all the richer States are. Have at it and good luck to you, you’re going to need it…………. LOL


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