Damn! This moved fast. Just a little background. Being a federal district judge is a big deal. You don’t take orders, you give orders. A federal judge is one step shy of a federal appellate judge, and a federal appellate judge is one step below a Supreme Court Judge. And in the judicial world, Supreme Court justices tell God what to do.

Which is why the DOJ’s appeal to federal district court judge Aileen Cannon today was so striking. They started out in the normal manner, asking the judge to reconsider a portion of her ruling that barred the DOJ and FBI from looking at any classified documents, or investigating Trump. So far, so good, all standard. But then the DOJ laid down the law to a federal district court judge. If she didn’t reverse herself within 7 days, and grant their motion, then they’d take their appeal to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, and make her look like an idiot.

Judge Cannon must have been dreading that filing, and then she got it. And apparently she gave that filing her full attention. I have often referred to Merrick Garland and his DOJ providing a master class in the law in a filing. This DOJ filing was more like a kindergarten teacher guiding her students through the basica of the legal alphabet.

And it seems to have worked. Within 8 hours of the filing, judge Cannon released a posit to the attorneys on both sides to rethink their positions on the 100+ classified documents seized from Mar-A-Lago, and report to her tomorrow. Basically, judge Aileen Cannon blinked.

Judge Cannon is scared shitless right now. She knows from the public and media backlash, largely from legal experts, that her initial ruling was a nightmare. And her response is to petition the Trump lawyers to change their position and exclude the classified documents from their suit. Fat chance.

Judge Cannon is now in an untenable position. She knows that her original ruling was a disaster. Which is why the DOJ took the unprecedented step of presenting a federal district court judge with an ultimatum. Either do the right thing, or we’ll humiliate you in the appellate court.

You lie down with wolves, and you wake up with tooth marks. For once, it isn’t the federal judge that’s in control, it’s the prosecutor. 7 days judge Cannon. Tick-tock, ticktack.


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    • Blah blah blah said the non legal scholar who doesn’t even know correct punctuation. Yep just another follower that lives in an alternate reality where Trump has never ever lied, insulted anyone, done the wrong thing, stolen, grifted people into giving him money for a wall Mexico is paying for 🤣🤣then has his lackeys steal it and get pardoned… oh the list goes on. You sad sad woman. I would be embarrassed too. No way out of it without admitting you’ve been the butt of the scam of a lifetime which is exactly what the 2016 election was. You have no choice I guess but to double down on ridiculousness like the planet has never seen when it’s so obvious you’ve been the joke for years now supporting a vagrant who laughs at you all the way to the bank and can’t believe how stupid people like you are and how dam easily they can be pathetically lied to by telling them anything-the more out there the better- and you freaks believe it!! Man he really loves you guys because you’re so gullible. And no Sharon Aileen is NOT the boss of this one, she’s the foolish looking one who got called out for a ruling that she knows is not following the law. I don’t think she’s stupid enough to risk her reputation when she knows full well what the law is and that she is not following it. Tree Trump doesn’t get to make up the law as he goes. Soon his hair will match his outfit and his rub on orange face. Pathetic pathetic pathetic people you followers are…when will you ever learn.

      • Very well said!! As a never in a million years Trumper I applaud you! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand how people still support him when he’s clearly a threat to national security & too willing to sell the info in the now empty folders to Putin; he would betray our country for help in his reelection in 2024. We need to prevent that from happening!!

      • Excellent reply, Christine! Poor Sharon, like most trump apologists, is so poorly informed and hopelessly confused. I’m hoping that the 11th Circuit does get to weigh in on Cannon’s horrendous ruling so all these idiots trumpers can sit down and STFU!

        • Yeah. That’s going to make them sit down and STFU. Yep. You bet. Of course the, what has it been, 60+ cases brought to court by former guy and his minions sure slowed down the idiot trumpers didn’t it?

          You’re thinking logic, facts, sense, etc. are going to make these fools see how mistaken they’ve been. Logic, facts, etc. might as well be feathers used to stop a hurricane. To people like you and I, this is just one more proof former guy was full of shit. Not so much to the big lie believers.

      • Ms Murphy must have got her law degree from Fox and Friends.
        We are compatriots with at least 2 generations that were not thoroughly schooled in he way our government is supposed to work. The pendulum is swinging—let’s hope it has reached the apex of idiocy and is on its way back to sanity.

      • The DOJ and the FBI are dirty, everyone knows that except you. Remember Russia, Russia?The judge did the right thing, if everything they’re doing is by the book and in the clear, they shouldn’t be scared of transparency in the process, what are they hiding?🤔🤔

          • First of all if it was so classified and nuclear, they would or should have gotten them back and why are top secret nuclear information in the archives and not in a locked area and allowed to be taken out? I feel that if it was so dn important and classified then why are they taking this long to get ! Selling of documents has and always been Biden and Hillarys forty and I haven’t seen them storm her residence yet!!!! Why would she have to, a judge doesn’t answer to a prosecutor, shoes the questions and rules! Go back and learn about the three sets of powers that govern us Judicial, house/senate and president who should not have criminal actions like Biden and his son who are on video admitting it!

        • The Director of the FBI, Chris Wray, is a Republican appointed by Trump who previously served in the G.W. Bush administration, is well respected by both Republicans and Democrats, and was confirmed by Congress. The Director of the DOJ, Merrick Garland, is an Independent, well respected by Democrats and Republicans, was confirmed by Congress, and also has an open DOJ investigation on Hunter Biden. So please explain exactly who or how the FBI and DOJ are “dirty”. Sounds like you’ve been force fed lies and you’re just repeating those lies and are incredibly gullible. The fact is Trump stole documents classified at the highest level of security meant to protect our country from foreign enemies of the USA, was asked to give them back and refused to give them back. As far as we know, he still has copies of the classified documents the FBI retrieved from him, and other secret highly classified documents on intelligence and our military that have not yet been retrieved by the FBI. Only an FBI or DOJ that WAS dirty and working for our enemies would REFUSE to prosecute such a traitor against the USA. So either you are also an anti-American traitor knowingly spreading anti-American propaganda by attacking our FBI & DOJ, or you lack the most basic critical thinking skills to evaluate the accuracy and truthfulness of statements, claims, and information you read or hear.

          • Perfectly stated Steve. If Trump is the best candidate to Represent the Republican party it is very sad. Someone that is so uneducated, limited vocabulary of a child, like a bully in a playground. Pretends to be religious, which should be a joke to his Christian followers. A racist, mobster speaking idiot, wannabe dictator, a traitor to our country, broke ass, because we all know the money he has was stolen from people who invested in his fake college & foundations. Money from people like him donating to him to keep up this facade going. Also sad when people he put in our judiciary system was put there for himself and those people would put a traitor first before our country.

          • I know I may be dreaming, but I really hope the CIA and FBI managed to feed the idiot false information in those classified files. I doubt if he would have known it was. Did all those empty folders contain information concerning Russia and evidence of his treason? If so….have they been flushed, or are resting with Ivana’s ashes? Lordy I wish he would just disappear for good.

        • um…you had no problem with the fbi and doj as long as your boy wasnt in the cross hairs…thats typical cult following behavior, trump says theyre dirty and just like that theyre dirty…i cant believe that you guys cant see that this is the exact same behavior of charlie manson and the manson followers, the only difference is charlie went to prison for life for putting people on the path to murder…

        • For one Russia Russia is real trump had Putin cheat for him and so you need to wake up dumbass.
          A judge just filed lawsuits yesterday on trump’s layers because they tried to sue Hillary for saying trump clouded with the Russians well guess what he really did so now thetrump lawyers are getting fined and maybe barred for filing a fake lawsuit when they knew trump colluded with the Russians.
          And he’s still doing it.
          And the FBI is going by the book it’s the retards like you nobrained trumpsters that don’t understand the laws
          They can’t be forward with everything even if Tucker Carlson says so
          The 2 biggest liars in history trump and Tucker Carlson
          And the trump Senate all of them need thrown in prison for colluding with trump .
          Anyway if they show everything then all the witnesses and the FBI and the doj and the secret service will be seen by you idiots and you dumbasses will try to kill them or something
          So of course they can’t show what your orange daddy wants or any of you no brained idiots want

          (Moderator’s Note: Please avoid the use of a word like “retard.” There are lots of people who through no fault of their own have been afflicted with cognitive challenges. That word has for my entire life – and I’m sure long before I was born – used as an insult/slur about and all too often directly to those with cognitive disabilities. There are plenty of other adjectives that can be used. Personally, where you used the word you used I would have used asshat or maybe even asshole. But please avoid using the word you used in the future.)

    • Hey, newsflash: she intends to have a legal career long after your kind has either slunk back into its holes or been formally introduced to the federal prison system. As such, prepare for heartbreak, rube.

    • Don’t be stupid with your comment… You are brain washed, DOJ they know what the heck they are talking about and they won’t let this slide.
      Watch the judge tomorrow change her position to keep her self biased.

      Tick tock tick tock

    • She already took a bribe issuing that stupid, senseless decision in the first place, idiot! She knows she was 100% wrong and that’s why she’s reversing herself. The only “bribe” she took was when Trumb put her where she is though she was totally not qualified so now she had to pay Trumb back with that ruling.

    • Yeah, law doesn’t matter. Protect the guy who installed you after you lost the election just in case you’re needed to repay that debt.

      She’s boned.

    • Were… were you drunk when you wrote that, or are you that incompetent a writer all the time? I can hear you slurring in my head as I read the verbal train wreck you just left lying there.

    • Boy you have no concept of the rule of law in the face of corruption, internal bias, collision, and make a mockery out of the federal oat of a district judge postion Judge Cannon holds! She is lucky if she doesn’t loose her bench as a judge! And from now on she be under a microscope on her decisions going forward for blatantly and fraudulently obvious trying to road block federal felonies for the treasonous ex-president and reckless disregard for federal and state laws along with the violations against our constitution several times trump intentionally did!

    • Just shut the fuck up & sell all your shit & send your very last dollar to your master. Put your money where your mouth is, i.e., in the pocket of a child killing nazi. God. My dog has more sense.

    • Did you even bother to read any of her ruling? That said, do you understand the meaning of words with more than two syllables? Oops. Sorry. One too many in a couple of the words.

      This is not me reading something I don’t understand. I’ve had to take enough law classes and have taken enough government courses in college that I can read and understand a great deal of “legalese”. Even to someone like me, with only college courses on the way to other degrees, can read her ruling and come to a valid conclusion–not opinion–that it is unconnected to the law and reality.

      Your guy fucked up in a major way this time. You actually do know this although you pretend otherwise. More to the point, this “judge” fucked up. Big time.

    • The judge is wrong in her original decision. She should not have made it. And she should listen to what the DOJ is pointing out. That’s why they say justice is blind. Justice doesn’t care who you are or how much money you have. And the American people deserve justice.

    • Wow Sharon, that’s some pretty poor English! I suppose, I could be making a presumption. Maybe English isn’t your first language. I mean Murphy sounds Irish after all….

    • This judge was rated “unqualified” when she was nominated for this low-level position. never written a paper, never argued a case, never much of anythign in the years she was a lawyer. This case shows she doesn’t understand her job *or* the law. She’s doing the work of a Trmp lawyer, when she should be impartial and fair.

    • if she stands atop her legal disaster of a ruling and tries defending it, the 11th circuit will destroy her.

      there is no law, no precedent that says former Presidents get to claim executive privilege and claim ownership of classified materials.

    • Hey Donald, don’t you have better things to do on truth? Social? Only an idiot would post something like this so that’s why I think it’s Donald j. Trump.

  1. Above all the one thing that cannot be overlooked is this judge is & always has been an imbecile. This Judge took the back door pass through the GOP Federalist Society into the Judicial System because of youthful age & allegiance to their corrupt & malicious agenda.
    Now this judge has been put in the precarious position to defend evil ambitions against a legal community riddled with people of actual intellect & honor. This will not play out well for this fascist tool.

  2. as far as trump is concerned i think the alternative form of the saying is more relevant

    “Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas”

  3. Ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun. If Trump appointed her, wouldn’t that make it a conflict of interest, and she should have not even accepted the case and passed it down to another judge

    • Yeah, but where does that end? Administrations get sued very often so if every judge appointed by a prez of that admin recused, we’d lose a lot of the judges in this country.

      I mean, I get your point since this is specifically against former guy but it would get cumbersome at best and unworkable at worst.

  4. Don’t be a fool Sharon… If you’ve actually been paying attention, you’d realize that bribery and obstruction are tactics of Treasonous Trump. There’s a reason why he focused so hard on appointing judges, and it’s not to make America great again. It’s so sad and scary that so many still think he’s remotely a good person, much less good for the country… I guess ignorance is bliss..

    • if she stands atop her legal disaster of a ruling and tries defending it, the 11th circuit will destroy her.

      there is no law, no precedent that says former Presidents get to claim executive privilege and claim ownership of classified materials.

  5. She probably thought she had Barr’s invisible blanket of protection from taking advantage of her position, all to protect a criminal who conned his way into the WH. Took him way too long and he did way too much damage but even Barr now admits the orange fart stain is dangerous.

    • Donald Trump is a fraud narcissistic misogynistic misanthropic imbecile of a man who is about as brilliant and smart as you think he is as cement should have never even become president he’s a weak very weak man no leadership abilities and incapable s of rational thinking those who are following him has about as much brain cells as a piece of grass he will go down as the worst president in America

      • And Biden is nothing more than a senile and brain dead puppet controlled by the extremely radical left. The man hasn’t formed a decision of his own in ages. Biden and his son are the biggest crooks in presidential history!!

  6. As far as I’m concerned and I’m not alone, this idiot of a judge should have never been part of this rulings biggest conflict, her career is now tainted forever and she deserves it she needs to be removed from any Judgeships

  7. You peoples hate and ugliness never ceases to Amaze me . Your hate alone makes me vote away from you this year . The name calling NEVER quits like kids in Gradeschool you think your words are powerful behind your keyboards when all they really do is show your dark hearts . I sure hope democrats are replaced this fall and your ruthless words are shown for the ignorance you are display here

    • Chris, the hateful ones are Trump and the Republucans.

      and it’s hypocritical of you to chide any name-calling against Trump when you never castigated any of Trump and the gop’s insults.

      and Trump stole classified materials and refuses to give them back. and at least several dozen of them are missing.

      that is a violation of the law.

      why do you think Trump is above the law?

    • He should be careful what he wishes for. If he suckers fellow inmates into being President of his cellblock he might not like it when all the stuff he promised them doesn’t happen. Convicted felons can be pretty “mean” when they want to!

  8. The Clinton’s were caught with documents in the residents in the White House that were stolen from the scene of Vince Foster’s death. The records were all the legal documents pertaining to the White Water scandal, and when discovered in their home Hillary’s fingerprints were on every single page!! Then the Clinton’s were caught stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars of furniture from the White House that were all American historical artifacts owned by the people!! This is but two of countless crimes committed by the criminal Clinton’s. We Republicans will consider pointing fingers at Trump when you retarded liberals have the Clinton’s arrested!!! Until then, Trump For President!!

    • Well, for starters “residents” are people, and a “residence” is where people live you asshat. (Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m willing to bet you have yourself a MAGA hat or two which does in fact make you an asshat, or at least a wearer of one) And people are allowed to have documents in the residence portion of the WH. They just aren’t allowed to have CLASSIFIED documents laying around up there and some classified documents quite literally have to (or are SUPPOSED to) have an actual properly cleared National Security staffer or military person transport it to the President (and the handful of others allowed to see it) present the entire time. They transport it in a locked box chained to their wrist and when the contents have been read they lock it back up and return it to the proper storage. And log it back in. National Security procedures are such that for some documents (and it appears since Trump had not just Top Secret/SCI but also Special Access Program or SAP documents at his club) failure to log out, NOT remain with said documents and log them back in (and who saw them) is a felony. Run of the mill legal stuff from your lawyers about civilian matters that happened before you were living in the WH don’t qualify. And there is NO truth to a single allegation you made about the Clintons. If Ken Starr had had an OUNCE of evidence of any of it and he spent years trying to find it, and then manufacture it we’d have all heard about it! Really, your comments are pathetic. Maybe you should learn actual real, truthful stuff and get your information from sources other than RWNJ (that’s Right Wing Nut Job) radio, Faux Nooz’s morning couch potatoes and their three “Three Hours of White Power” evening hosts and even crazier sources. Just a wild thought on my part.

  9. There’s something very similar in the expression on this judge’s face and that of Amy Conney Barrett, the blank look of a Stepford Wife. Apparently, these two got through their Federalist Society indoctrinations successfully. No one home anymore.

  10. I knew nothing about this judge initially other than her being a Drumpf appointee. That alone made me wonder as to her qualifications since I knew that during his presidency a number of inexperienced, unqualified, and undeserving arbiters of justice had made it to the federal bench with the blessings of Dishonorable McConnell and the rest of the gop cartel in the senate. As I said, at one time I knew little about her, but I do now. This woman was installed to the bench to serve some unknown future need of our former president or one of his lackeys by twisting the law into something unrecognizable by pretty much anyone other than those partaking of the Drumpf kool-aid! About now she’s probably wondering why she disgraced herself so thoroughly and removed all doubt as to her legal acumen. But isn’t it peculiar how Drumpf is all hugs and kisses for everyone he’s had a hand in getting to their positions of public trust until the day comes when they must decide to do what he wants or do their jobs? And should they, as some have, decide to do their job, he curses their bloodline and all future generations! Makes me giggle!

  11. This Trump maintains more devotion by his followers than Hitler did. He didn’t care if Chris Christie died from covid that he caught at the white house, didn’t care if Pence got killed at the capital, he is destroying this judges reputation as a jurist, by pushing the big lie he is absolutely destroying the reputation of Clarence Thomas, countless people around him and supporters have been disbarred or put in jail pushing the big lie and obstruct justice. The guy is toxic, yet all of these people either say nothing or continue to support him. I remember one time when Trump wished his miltary aids were as loyal as Hitler’s generals. They were quick to point out that they tried to assasinate Hitler four times.


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