I have been SO waiting for this! In an 8-1 decision, the Roberts court of extreme wussies did what it does every time there’s no political gain for it, it refused to grant Trump’s appeal to block the National Archives from turning over documents to the J6 committee, instead allowing the lower appellate court ruling to stand. The lone holdout was the court Forrest Gump, Justice Clarence Thomas.

This is a crushing defeat for Trump, on so many fronts. First of all, there are no more barriers. By tomorrow morning the National Archives should be beginning to forward the requested materials to the J6 committee. Personally, I cannot imagine that Traitor Tot has the vaguest clue as to what’s in those documents, but he’s such a total scumbag that he knows they can’t be good for him.

Second, this is a crushing defeat for Trump personally. He personally elevated three of those justices to their seats, and was fond of referring to them in the media as His Justices. Which is not a tag to an allegedly independent Supreme Court justice wants to be saddled with. Gorsuch flipped Trump double birds, Kavanaugh hoisted a can of suds and said Cheers!, and Comey Barrett looked down her nose at him and said, Hey! Do I know you? This is an incredible slap to Trump’s ego.

But worse yet, it puts his faithful howler monkeys all alone on an island. Both the federal circuit court, as well as the federal appellate court, made it clear that executive privilege is a privilege of the office, and not the occupant! It is intended for the executive to get free and honest counsel, without fear of political repercussions for those opinions. But once you’re out, you’re out. And SCOTUS is fine with that interpretation.

Look, forget about mental midgets like Steve Bannon, he actually wants to be a martyr. But other cronies like Mark Meadows and Jeffrey Clark, who are fighting their subpoenas based on executive privilege, are about to get hung out to dry in their cases. Their judges are going to use the appellate decision, and the SCOTUS deferral to it, as an easy fix for their cases. My guess is that they are going to have some pretty difficult choices to make going forward shortly.

So, there you have it. Trump stacked the SCOTUS to protect him in his darkest hour, and every damn time, the court has tossed him to the wolves. This is what happens when some dude that excels at $0.25 video poker slots gets into the World Series of Poker. They get burned.


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  1. This is the best news I’ve heard lately. No justice with any self-respect was going to vote in favor of the Mango Mussolini. Thomas is probably worried about how many times his wife’s name pops up in all those records.

    I heard, on MSNBC, that the first tranche of documents went out tonight, some 700 records. Step by step we are getting closer to the end.

  2. Well, we needed to have SOME good come out of the day since the Senate GOPers (both actual and mightaswellbes) voted to thumb their noses as protecting voting rights on a national basis.

      • Wait a minute buckaroo. The whole idea of Executive Privilege was to allow a sitting President to get free and honest input from his advisors without having to worry about later political backlash if the opinions became public…At noon on 1/20, 2021, Trump ceqased being President…Therefore, any conversations he held on decision making were now historical…There is nothing strange about the court ruling that the power lies within the office, AND NOT THE president…

  3. As Bill Palmer preaches incessantly on Twitter (as he should), politics is all about leverage. Whoever has the most over the other person typically wins. And every last bit of Trump’s leverage on “his” Justices evaporated faster than a gasoline puddle in August the second they got their lifetime appointments.

    Also, something else to think on: given how much folks ALREADY are talking of expanding SCOTUS, why would these justices do ANYTHING to encourage that? Clarence Thomas? Sure, his wife is in WAY too deep with the insurrectionists so his vote’s no surprise. But neither are the others for reasons already outlined.

  4. How wonderful! Just as my heart was breaking hearing the news about our RIGHT TO VOTE.
    The poor brainwashed peons in jail and prison will finally get what they were promised on that horrid day;”” And I’ll be right there with you”! Well now it will be!!!

  5. Too bad it isn’t going to be held accountable for all the destruction it accomplished in 4 years.
    Democracy may have been threatened before, but never has it been so blatantly attacked, where all could see yet none could stop the course. History will show what the republican party under the destroyer did to America and how that effected the entire world.

  6. It’d be nice if our nation’s attorney general would do his job and start the grand jury, etc. proceedings against former guy. STARTING WITH the obstruction of justice from the Mueller investigation. Garland isn’t for some absolutely inexplicable reason. Starting from the beginning of mango man’s illegal actions would be a good starting point.


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