Once again we find out something positively cringeworthy about how close the wheels came to coming off the democratic wagon. And once again the news is out of Georgia. CNN is reporting that “a source familiar with [Fani] Willis’ investigation tells CNN that Willis and her team have in their possession evidence that Trump allies planned to use the breached voting data from Georgia to try to decertify the state’s senate runoff election.” They’re talking about using phony data to take Jon Ossoff’s seat away from him and give it to David Perdue.

The texts, sent two weeks after operatives breached a voting machine in Coffee County, Georgia, reveal for the first time that Trump allies considered using voting data not only to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, but also in an effort to keep a Republican hold on the US Senate.

“Here’s the plan. Let’s keep this close hold,” Jim Penrose, a former NSA official working with Trump lawyer Sidney Powell to access voting machines in Georgia, wrote in a January 19 text to Doug Logan, CEO of Cyber Ninjas, a firm that purports to run audits of voting systems.

In the text, which was obtained by CNN and has not been previously reported, Penrose references the upcoming certification of Democrat Jon Ossoff’s win over Republican David Perdue.

“We only have until Saturday to decide if we are going to use this report to try to decertify the Senate run-off election or if we hold it for a bigger moment,” Penrose wrote, referring to a potential lawsuit.

These two may be lower level people but make no mistake, this is the brainwork of Giuliani and Powell.

The plot to breach voting systems in Coffee County, coordinated by members of Trump’s legal team including Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, is part of a broader criminal investigation into 2020 election interference led by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

This is just more evidence of another close scrape for democracy and our elections process, what with Kari Lake and bamboo ballots in Arizona and this going on in Georgia. Here’s some welcome news.

Special Counsel Jack Smith also appears to be examining the broader effort to breach or seize voting machines as part of his federal probe into efforts to overturn the 2020 election and the January 6 attack on the US Capitol. It’s unclear what if any evidence he has in his possession related to the Coffee County breach.

If anybody can get the big picture, it will be Jack Smith.

As to Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, a few days ago Dominion may have been their worst worry, now that situation has changed dramatically.

And this is interesting.

Penrose and Logan were also named in a state-level criminal investigation in Michigan alleging they participated in a conspiracy to seize voting machines there.

Only the best people.

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  1. Trump presents criminal investigators with the same conundrum that artist or writer have, when is the work done. When do you stop painting or writing?

    I hope this voter machine tampering is looked at all across the country. Remember in 2016 Georgia deleted the voting data from their servers so as to prevent an examination of the possibility of Russian interference.

    Ursula, I would like to thank you and all the other writers here for your tireless work. I always go to Politizoom first.

  2. Smith and Willis appear to be broadening and coordinating their investigations, which is really good news. This is going to lead to conspiracy charges and long prison sentences for those involved. What Willis seems to be doing now is using new evidence to pressure some key players into flipping for the prosecution. She will likely issue the first indictments in a month or two and take down some of the big bigger game, including a notable senator. Smith may come before year-end and bag the the biggest quarry of them all, the orange abomination himself. There could be literally dozens facing prosecution, so buy a case of popcorn.

    • The more republiscum that they can net the better.
      Imagine what would happen if he locked up all of the sitting scum for 72 hours while they were “processed”.
      Why I bet we would get a new scotus lickity split, new gun laws, new health care laws and a lot of firing of incompetent fat ÷ss “appointees” like that meathead fascist punk “judge” in texass….
      Plus, lowering federal assistance for natural disasters to 50% so states can experience “bootstrapping”…

    • If you are correct about Willis and Smith coordinating and enlarging their respective investigations, I wonder how much this is in response to the efforts of the Georgia legislature to scuttle Willis’ efforts. “You may be able to legislate me out of existence, but my bud’s at the DOJ have my back. How are you going stop them?”
      Now the conspirators may be looking at Federal charges. Nothing a friendly Governor could pardon them out of. Like in Tennessee, the republican legislature in Georgia may have overplayed their hand to their own detriment.


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