This is a revelation. Did anybody know that Herschel Walker and Donald Trump were BFFs long before either got into politics and that the Trump children used to vacation with their Uncle Herschel?

I suppose it’s no more batty than anything else we’ve ever heard of. I wonder what Ivana was thinking of at the time? Too bad she’s not around to ask.

But it gets weirder still. Somehow taking kids to an amusement park conflates with being responsible for their IQ. Whuutttt? Don’t ask me, just listen. This is Herschel Walker we’re talking about.

Oh, I see you’ve joined me down here on the floor. Good. I may not be able to get up for a while after listening to this. I feel like about thirty IQ points have drained away but that is how Herschel Walker always makes me feel. Going to Disney World and Sea World raises a kid’s IQ???? WTF????

I found a video on You Tube which expresses my sentiment about all of Walker’s bon mots.

Here’s another sentiment that perfectly matches my own.

You know, Herschel may well have created this. This is starting to make some kind of sense.

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  1. Maybe the hidden truth is Hershey the candyman slipped frumpy’s ex-wife a chocolate bar while frumpy was out assaulting other women. Anything is possible in the twilight zone. Their IQ does seem to match. I wonder which personality managed to slip past security?

    • Not very likely. The timeline doesn’t fit for that speculation. Walker was born on March 3, 1962 while Don Junior was born on December 31, 1977 (when Walker was only 15 and still in high school; I’m not saying it’s entirely impossible but I doubt the teenage Walker would’ve had the resources to meet with Ivana). As for Ivanka, she was born on October 31, 1981 while Walker was still attending the University of Georgia.

      Now, ERIC would fit the timeline as he was born on January 6, 1984 and Walker was playing with the USFL’s New Jersey Generals at the time; the team would be sold to Trump after the 1983 season.

      HOWEVER, I can’t imagine Donald really would’ve let any of his children hang out with the “hired help” (other than, of course, the domestic help) and Walker, while playing for the USFL was doing so during the summer months (when most folks go to amusement parks) and, beginning in 1986, Walker was playing in Dallas. (By this point, Don Jr would’ve been about 8, Ivanka would’ve been about 5 and Eric would’ve been a mere toddler.) I don’t really see Walker spending time with the Trumps (parents or children) especially given his own lack of “quality time” with his own wife and son (as well as the children he sired by other women).

  2. Someone needs to rip that shirt off his carcass. Ali stood for everything this idiot pisses on. He had integrity, character, intelligence & courage at a time when black children were being attacked by German shepards set loose by the racist police. Hershey bar is the product of a culture that makes athletes rich, famous, and places them in power. Ali was placed in prison for refusing to kill in Vietnam at the height of his powers. Take that goddamn shirt off you fucking impostor!!! Or…just add more bullets to your game of Russian roulette. Just as good.


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