We live in a period of history which will be known as the Trump Era. It will mark a time when the Republican party found itself floundering and splintering. Finally, one day, a “desperate, unstable man” showed up and he preached a line of utter muck — but it was muck that appealed to the fringe elements of the GOP. And so this man stepped into what was then a vacuum of leadership and was put on the GOP ticket in the year 2016.

2020 in particular was one hell of a year for this country. In March of that year it could no longer be concealed that the COVID virus was serious and deadly. The desperate unstable man didn’t want to hear that, even when a reporter pointed out to him, “A thousand Americans are dying a day.” “It is what it is,” he brayed back.

Four years ago was quite something. Once again we have to make a decision and the main decision is this: Do we want the desperate, unstable man back? Or have we finally had enough of him and we want to keep the government we have — not just the individual who is in the White House now, but our form of government.

Trump is already a compromised president. We don’t know and may never know the extent to which Vladimir Putin owns him. We don’t know and may never know the extent to which various American billionaires, such as Don Hankey, who fronted the $175M bond for Trump, own him. We don’t know what checks could be being written at Mar-a-Lago this very evening and what the agreement for those checks might be. Trump is a candidate for sale. That much we do know. Who owns what piece of him and how he’s going to pay off, when the time comes, is something that only he (and the authors of gangster novels) can deduce.

And the final thing to bear in mind is this: We’re not just talking about another four years. Trump and his henchmen have already been having conversations about amending the Constitution to allow him to run again in 2028. To vote for Trump in 2024 is to vote for a different form of government and a different way of life. Permanently.

I hope that enough people believe this. I hope that Trump’s actions have spoken clearly enough to people about who he is and that enough Americans realize that they don’t need somebody like him within a mile of the White House.


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  1. “Trump and his henchmen have already been having conversations about amending the Constitution to allow him to run again in 2028.”

    Well, they can have as many conversations as they want but they’ll have a LOT to overcome in getting that done.
    For starters, it would require two-thirds of each House of Congress (290 members of the House, 67 members of the Senate) to pass an amendment, followed by ratification by 3/4 of the states (currently, 38). And there is NO way–barring a massive amount of easily detectable voter fraud–that the GOP could get that. Even changing the amendment process itself to allow for a simple majority (or simple majority plus 1) vote for Congress to approve an amendment requires a Constitutional amendment.
    There is an alternative in which 2/3 of the states (currently, 34) can call for a “Constitutional Convention” to propose an amendment. This has never actually been used but, presumably, the ratification process still requires a 3/4 majority.
    When the 22nd Amendment was adopted, it didn’t actually pass either House with the required 2/3 vote of ALL members so, presumably, the vote is only for those “present and voting” so someone who’s there but doesn’t vote effectively doesn’t count in the tally (the Senate vote was only 59-23 despite there being 96 members of the Senate at the time; 59 of 82 is 72% while 59 of 96 is only 61.5%). But, the Amendment was led by Republicans who’d taken control of Congress in the 1946 elections and passed the Amendment in March of 1947 and it still took until February of 1951 before it was added to the Constitution. Without the Trump-supportive GOP gaining (or regaining) majority control in several state legislatures, the amendment would linger, if not die outright or, at the very least, not become effective until well after 2028. Again, the GOP this year would also have to increase their majority in the House by picking up more than 70 seats and regain an effective majority in the Senate by picking up nearly 20 seats; there are 23 seats held by Democrats or D-leaning Independents up for election this year, but 13 of the Democratic seats are considered “safe” or “likely” at the very least and 2 of the independent seats are in the “safe” or “likely” column so, even if things go horribly for the Dems in November, the GOP still won’t have the seats to pass an amendment overturning the 22nd. (As for the House, hell, the GOP can’t even manage to get a Speaker elected in what SHOULD be a pro forma vote–and they’ve had TWO speakers in just the past 6 months. And, thanks to GOP state houses playing the gerrymander game, there really aren’t enough Democratic seats that could be considered “up for grabs” to let them gain those 70-ish seats.)

    • ‘pubes not only need to control both houses, they need to CONTROL both houses: 3/4’s, 2/3’s, that is still a heavy lift. Granted, the ‘pubes love of voter fraud makes it more possible than I am comfortable with but until they get that at least, they are not getting anything. They would have a much easier time overthrowing the government. They have attempted that before and got much closer than they should have. Smarter people than the magats in charge of the insurrection likely would have turned our constitutional republic into a dictatorship and a taliban-esque one at that. We should be extremely thankful they were dumber than a box of rocks but even so, we are still too close to at least the attempt happening again.

      There is a very good reason why the higher-ups in the j-6 insurrection need to be executed for treason-we may never again be rid of white, con, xtian attempts to overthrow our government and object lessons serve a useful purpose.



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