This is better than Elmer Gantry and it’s happening in real life and in real time in North Carolina right now. Strike that, this is way beyond Elmer Gantry, this is on a par with when Jim Jones had his secretary wear dark glasses and enter one of his lectures in a wheel chair. At the given moment he said “Heal!” and by golly she whipped off those glasses and jumped out of that chair and headed for the stage. The kool-aide came a year or so later.

Now we see Madison Cawthorn is taking a page from Jim Jones’ book and that makes perfect sense.


There is yet another group of people which Cawthorn has now disgraced, besides Christians and Republicans, he has now disgraced wheelchair users. I’ve had friends in wheelchairs. They had dignity. Cawthorn has none. I expect him to bounce a ball on his nose, next.

I guess Trump will come out in a short while and walk on water. I have no idea. I’m like Chance the Gardener, I like to watch.

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  1. I had a professor in a wheelchair. He was a far better person than Cawthorn. He also didn’t blame anyone else for the accident that put him in it (and in a hospital for a year, relearning how to live with no leg use).

  2. Oh gag! How does anybody fall for this kind of crap? So phony, so calculating, such a schtick. Wonder how much he’ll make off that little display.

  3. My skin has been crawling. The very air I breathe is foul. The explanation? Trump is perhaps thirty miles away from me tonight. WAY too fucking close. I’d rather my mobility limited ass be trying to navigate a rope bridge over a toxic waste dump than be so close to Trump.

    • Denis, Denis, you should have gone down to the rally to cover it in person. How many cultural opportunities like this come along in one lifetime, hmmm? :))

      • Properly astute a comment as usual, Ursula … the humor is in short supply these days … Denis always has a crystal clear image in his mind and statements … I wonder how long it will take for the Republicans to shed Trump’s ample ass before 2024 ? Maybe DJT will be too busy swabbing hallway floors in the hotel of many doors ?

        Trump’s stain on our country and our historical election process has and still is a painful reminder of the days of Hitler and the complete brainwashing and absolute control of all news and publications … of course, with the aid of FOX and Republicans in general being complicit by total inactions .. and the pursuit of power and their own greed …

        The good news if there is any, is you, Denis and the rest of us will survive to see the crushing collapse of the GOP, with all the creepy voices of the current house members and Senate losers, looking for jobs somewhere else …

        Trump is already begging for someone to buy him another airplane … probably needs it to sneak off to Rio, so he can pretend to be a Whale, (Vegas term for man of wealth who plays in the game rooms) …

        Well, he has the appearance of an aquatic whale I suppose …



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