The internet has a memory that makes an elephant look amnesiac. Marjorie Taylor Greene aka the QAnon congresswoman aka the CT Queen, never met a conspiracy theory she didn’t like. That said, she is busy scrubbing Facebook and Twitter for posts that don’t age well, and we found a doozy, courtesy of Media Matters. This is where Greene holds forth on the topic of “Rothschild” and “space lasers” causing wildfires in California.

The Enterprise was run by a couple of Jews, did you know that? Shatner’s a Jew, so was Nimoy. Just goes to show you how pernicious this whole Hebrew conspiracy is. It goes way beyond just an international conspiracy, it’s intergalactic. Thank heavens we have Marjorie Taylor Greene on the case.

Greene is getting committee appointments, too. The GOP is just fine with all this. And if Kevin McCarthy has had a chat with Greene, he must have put it on the inside of a fortune cookie. What, do you have a problem with people like this making laws?

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  1. Maybe one of the “mistakes” this idiot refers to is that the space laser missed its target “bigly” and instead of focusing all that energy at a spot on the ground on the west coast and starting a fire instead focused on a spot on the east coast – where her head happened to be. And cooked her freaking brains! Crazy notion? Well of course it is! But it would explain this particular Congress Critter’s level of STOOPID.

  2. What is wrong with these people? And the GOP have put this clear sufferer of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome on the Education Committee? How quickly can she be ejected?

    • If the GOP keeps her around, and they just might, it will be a symbol of what deranged lunatics they have turned into. I find it sobering that all the people at Lincoln Project, Republican Voters Against Trump, the Bulwark, lots of places, are Never Trumpers and ex GOPers.

      • I find the latter groups’ existence and willingness to speak out reassuring. They know the stakes and risks and are going for it anyway. As Kim Newman put it in his novel Anno Dracula, “No one hates a degenerate Jew or Pole more than another Jew or Pole.”

  3. I seem to remember what happened the last time big media reported every deranged and racist thing a psychpathical crackpot made for attention… I recall, that didn’t end well.

  4. It’s the people who vote these idiots into power that I’m having a problem with understanding. I mean who believes Dems. worship the devil, eat children, etc….. WTF

  5. And everyone in CA knows that it wasn’t started by a “space laser” and there’s no rail plans for that area, *especially* HSR – which is mostly on flat land, now. She could at least come up with something that isn’t unbelievable.

    (There are more than a few people who have written stories where Spock is Jewish through his mother. [See “Ishmael”.] And some fans theorized that Vulcans are one of the Ten Lost Tribes.)

    • Maybe it was really the Romulans posing as Vulcans to throw off the Klingon High Council regarding Amish infiltration of the Deep State led by The Borg as predicted by the Q Continuum.

      They had no choice but to attack.

      Resistance is futile.

  6. I used to believe the cult members that drank cyanide in Jonestown were either true believers or forced. Now, after seeing our government representatives spiraling down Dante’s inferno, i’m inclined to believe they were sick of the whole thing & they “runn oft”. (Like mrs.hogwaller in O’Brother…), “searching for answers.” I feel like running, but where do u run to on a planet? Round &round. God help us. It’s hard to turn 75 million lemmings around.


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