Avenatti doubles-down on his prediction Trump won’t last his full term


On Thursday, Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels lawyer, made a bold prediction on Nicole Wallace’s show:

This is a very, very serious matter for the president at this point. There’s no question that Michael Cohen knows where many, many bodies are buried. They are going to turn him. And when they turn him, the president is going to be in a very, very bad place.

I’m going to make a prediction now. I do not think the president will serve out his term. I just don’t.

Watch (starting at the 2-minute mark):

Avenatti was on MSNBC again this morning, this time on AM Joy talking to Joy-Ann Reid. He reiterated his prediction that Trump would not survive his first term, adding a few more tidbits, being the master showman that he is.

I heard this live and haven’t found the video yet, so some of what follows is a paraphrase. As soon as I get the full video, I will post it and get Avenatti’s exact quotes.

Leading up to his prediction, Avenatti reminded us that he has insider knowledge of the various investigations. First, he suggested that the original lawyer for Karen Macdougal and Stormy Daniels, Keith Davidson, who was earlier reported to be co-operating with the Cohen investigation has been forced to co-operate with the investigation, suggesting he has been subpoenaed.

Later when Joy-Ann asked him about his prediction on Nicole Wallace’s show, he repeated his prediction that Trump would not last his full term reminding us of his insider knowledge:

I think the amount of heat and evidence that is going to come to light in the coming months is going to make it absolutely impossible for Trump to serve out the balance of his term.

Then, surprisingly, he adds:

I think resignation is going to be his only option. That’s my prediction.

When all facts come to light, Avenatti is not predicting impeachment, but that Trump will have no option but to resign. That additional part of his prediction was met by a gasp by Joy-Ann Reid.

Here’s a tweet from the show:

This Avenatti guy is worth the price of admission. He’s made predictions before that have come true, so we have to take him seriously. He is bold but measured. He acts like he is in full control all the time, in stark contrast his mad-tweeting adversary. He is exactly the type of guy who could bring down the Trump house of cards.


I found this video of Avenatti making his resignation prediction on CNN yesterday:


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