Today is the anniversary of a day that will live in infamy but it is also the occasion for counter culture crazy protests. A number of protesters have driven to Washington in order to support jailed insurrectionists and to celebrate their version of January 6, i.e., that heroic Americans tried to stop a stolen election.

One of these is Ashli Babbitt’s mother. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Twitter is speculating that this is a publicity stunt. You take a look and decide.

I don’t know Mrs. Babbitt from Adam, obviously, but I have always said that if she wanted to vent her spleen on the proper party, she should blame Donald Trump for killing her daughter. His madness is what prompted Ashli to get in the car and go to Washington.

But apparently Mrs. Babbitt can’t or won’t see it that way.

This is what it looks like on this cloudy January day, as the House is frozen with paralysis and their Mad King Donald assures them, “Good things will be soon happening for the Republican Party, and 2024 will be a “Monster” (in a good way, of course!).” That’s his latest take on Truth Social.

Here’s the protest.

At least it’s sparse and for the most part, law abiding.

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  1. The officers clearly and repeatedly told her to get on the sidewalk or be arrested. SHE chose arrest I guess for the publicity. I noticed after she turned around and VOLUNTARILY placed her hands behind her back, the rest of the group complied. They mouthed off but complied. Too bad her daughter didn’t do the same.

    • I have one comment about this and I already made. Trump killed her daughter. His asking MAGAs to run wild like they did, “fight like hell,” were his exact words, was going to get somebody killed. It’s a shame it was her daughter. But her daughter lacked basic common sense. Did she think she was a character in a movie and would break into the Capitol and nothing could happen to her?

  2. Publicity stunt. No question. She WANTED to get arrested, and then go begging for donations for her “legal defense.” I wonder if Trump will get in touch and demand tribute? You know damn well if someone is using HIS insurrection to grift, he’ll feel entitled to his cut of the action. The Capitol Police were firm but not at all out of line. They gave her multiple chances to avoid arrest by directing her to the sidewalk. She instead chose to be arrested and as noted turned around and put her hands behind her back. Maybe she figured since she was a WHITE woman they wouldn’t dare do it. If so she figured wrong, but I’m sticking with her wanting to get arrested, having pals film it so she can put it on social media and then using it to raise money. Some “mom” – with a mother like that is it any wonder Ashil Babbitt got so jacked-up-out-of-control that she got herself shot?

    I have zero sympathy for this “mother” – her daughter got herself shot and killed. No one to blame but herself. And her money-grubbing mother who should be spending the day mourning her daughter, visiting her grave is instead in DC on a money-raising publicity stunt venture!

    Oh, I’ll guarantee you this mom and every fucking one of her associates have, every time some black person has been shot and killed by cops said “If they’d just followed the cop’s instructions they’d be alive and fine.” Think about THAT!

  3. True. And I bet if they were at home watching some Muslim group or black lives matter pull a stunt like the insurrectionists did, they’d be just fine if they were mowed down with gunfire. Hypocrisy, stupidity, and racism are their ‘gods’.

  4. Publicity stunt!! Mommie has the SAME ‘respect’ for Law and Order as her daughter.

    But she’s giving the maga crowd, and orange jesus, another shot at the Police/Law Enforcement. It will be turned around that ‘she did NOTHING WRONG (famous words, huh!) and the Police were using EXCESSIVE FORCE to restrain her.

    It won’t matter what the videos show!!

    This is maga!!


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