The choice this year at the polls is pretty simple: MAGA or America. Donald Trump is MAGA, but he is not America. Or, if he is, then America as we knew it is gone. It is only a memory and a dream. You can tell your children about it one day around a campfire — and you may be living in exile with nothing but a campfire with which to raise your kids, if Trump regains power. Trump made a sublimely stupid crack the other day about Milwaukee, where he will appear this time next month to accept the GOP nomination for the third time in a row, about the city being “horrible.” That has been picked up and amplified.

Both Georgia and Wisconsin are swing states. It’s not a good idea to be calling them shitholes or horrible. But this is a man who doesn’t need non-MAGA votes, or at least that’s what he said during his birthday celebration today in Palm Beach.

Since you’re already here, here’s another clip you will enjoy. It’s Trump’s shark speech from last week, incorporated in a famous scene from Jaws, back in the 70’s.

And to think that we missed a chance to see Donald Trump *play* a U.S. president in Sharknado back in the day. Sharknado is a fine meterological documentary, just like Fox News is a bona fide news organization, you see.

The countdown is on to the Milwaukee convention. All the GOP senators and reps have come forward to lie about how Trump didn’t really mean Milwaukee was horrible, he was talking about the crime rate or the Democrats or something.

And this moron kicked in her two cents.

Boebert would rather you believe a Murdoch edited fraud that depicts Joe Biden doing something wrong and embrace Donald Trump definitely doing something wrong. Trump had no business shoving people out of the way. But then again, Bobo had no business ignoring polite requests from the theater ushers to stop vaping, singing, and groping. So she loves it when people abuse power. That’s who she is and why she loves Trump so much.

We need to vote the entire bunch out in the fall. Time to clean house.

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