As you know the DC Court of Appeals FINALLY got around to issuing a ruling the gag order on Trump (and his lawyers) District Court Judge Chutkan implemented in mid October. Trump predictably not only threw a tantrum, he appealed. Worse, in the first few days of November the Appeals Court not only stayed enforcement of the order but didn’t even set a hearing on the matter until Nov. 20. It took damn near two freaking weeks for the over inflated with their authority judges at the Appeals Court to hand down their ruling. It reinstated most of the gag order but gave Trump an opening big enough to drive an aircraft carrier through. Right at and over Special Counsel Jack Smith who lest we forget has already been getting credible death threats. And his family is in danger too.

What angers me so much is the cavalier attitude from the appellate judges and one in particular over the threats to Smith. In reporting on the ruling reinstating but in part narrowing the gag order some of the oral arguments made back on Nov. 20 came up. In particular judge Cornelia Pillard. This piece from CNN Politics provides details of the oral arguments.  To be fair Pillard and the other judges displayed real skepticism of some of Trump’s lawyer’s arguments. Judges Pillard and Millet had been particularly pointed in their questioning of Trump’s attorneys. Later, a different tone was struck, at least when it came to the Special Counsel:

“It can’t be that he can’t mention Mr. Smith,” because most Americans have heard about the case in the context that it was initiated by Smith’s team. That has become the shorthand, Pillard noted.

“Surely he has a thick enough skin,” Pillard said of the special counsel.

I’ve got some news for Pillard – no amount of thickness of skin can stop a bullet fired by some deranged MAGA. And don’t talk to me about a bulletproof vest either. They don’t cover a persons head. Or arms or legs. A hit from an assault rifle in particular at the right spot can virtually if not actually blow an arm or leg of someone and kill them that way. And let’s face it, MAGAs tend to have assault rifles. Sadly, the WTF? wasn’t limited to judge Pillard. Judge Millet had her own (to me) questionable comment:

Trump can’t be forced under a gag order to “speak Miss Manners while everyone else is throwing targets” at him during a theoretical GOP presidential primary debate, Millet added.

The names of Smith and the other prosecutors are all “part of the public record,” she said.

“Miss Manners?” What the hell? Have I missed something? As far as I know the little we’ve heard from Smith has been short prepared remarks concerning the most basic elements of the charges on which the grand jury indicted Trump. He didn’t color his remarks up with harshly critical adjectives such as calling Trump deranged, out of control, crazy, a con-man, sleazebag etc. Trump is of course all of those and more but Smith has done his talking through his court filings. Trump? Well you know the kind of stuff HE’S had to say about Smith and others. As I’ve said it’s lead to serious, credible threats against Smith and his family. Limiting Trump to saying it’s unfair that he’s being prosecuted, or that Smith is wrong to have charged him and he will beat Smith and his case like a drum at trial, stuff like that isn’t limiting Trump to “Miss Manners rules.” Defendants are allowed to say such things all the time. Trump has gone WAY beyond that. And is about to get much worse.

How nice it must be to be an appellate judge on the most prestigious appellate court in the country, secure in the ivory tower and OUT of the line of fire! Did it occur to the judges who signed the revised gag order that with Smith as the ONLY target Trump can freely attack and pretty much as viciously as he wants (short of directly telling his supporters “One of you should kill him, or someone from his family”) that the rhetoric against Smith will intensify? It’s sure as hell occurred to me.

The more I think about this the more disgusted and angry I get. Jack Smith is a public servant doing his job. Those judges are wrong. Prosecuting Trump and making court filings alleging various crimes, or his team making arguments in court on points of law is NOT personally attacking Trump. Not the way Trump has attacked Smith and others involved in his prosecution. Jack Smith deserves better than those appellate judges have given him.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

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  1. I fail to see how tRump’s over the top, vile attacks equate to campaigning. I am right with you, thinking these appellate judges are full of themselves. I’m pretty sure if they were on the receiving end of this, they would think differently.

    • Maybe they should be. Just sayin’ maybe someone outta do sumthin about it – know what I mean? (my weak attempt at mob speak notwithstanding)

  2. No worries. If one of trump’s crazed cult members shoot Jack or one of the members of his family…the judge will offer thoughts and prayers.

  3. Perhaps Smith has thick enough skin, perhaps not. Definitely not the point. If it WERE however, then we need to throw that back at the court up to and including the s.c. particularly when they are whining about protesters in front of their homes. Surely their skins, and walls, are thick enough.

    When you have an ass-hat like trump stirring up the crazies in his base, you assume for safety reasons they will do something violent, stupidly violent, and you act upon that knowledge. This country needs to get its head out of its collective ass about our biggest enemy: it is NOT china or any other foreign problem-it is the domestic terrorism tearing our nation apart. I keep seeing a political ad put out by Jon Tester in which he declares china our biggest enemy–no Jon, it is the magats within our country’s borders. We have done nothing to rein in these idiots and it will bite us in the ass if we don’t.


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