Another Trump Company Bites the Dust, American Freedom Tour Going Under, MAGA Investors Are Furious


It’s surprising that so many people have to find out the hard way that Everything Trump Touches Dies. It seriously is true. Truth Social came to the end of the road last week, when time ran out on an SEC deadline and investors left the sinking ship. It’s a matter of time now before Truth Social closes its doors, minus some kind of last minute, Hail Mary save.

That save, should it come, will not come from American Freedom Tour, which is a company that was formed with MAGA money for the purpose of paying Donald Trump and the stars of the MAGA firmament, i.e., Candace Owens, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Don Junior, et. al., large speaking fees. It’s going the way of Truth Social. Washington Post:

A company that organized a lucrative series of post-White House paid speeches for former president Donald Trump is now struggling to pay vendors, investors and employees, angering Trump allies who supported the effort.

The American Freedom Tour, which struck a multimillion-dollar deal with Trump after he left office, has lost two top executives and canceled events in a number of locations as it has failed to pay its bills, according to people familiar with the activities and documents obtained by The Washington Post. Its founder and owner, who has a history of bankruptcy filings, recently sought bankruptcy protection again.

The group has promised events in a number of locales but canceled them before they began and appears to be banking on a large event at Mar-a-Lago in December to turn its financial position around.

The problem with a large event at Mar-a-Lago in December is that it will be post-election at that point and Trump may be looking at an indictment, or possibly three, two federal (January 6 and/or the classified document removal) and one from the State of Georgia, for election interference. Not to mention that the New York attorney general’s investigation is still proceeding apace. Trump is up to his ass in alligators, it’s poetic that he should be in Florida.

With speakers, affiliates and investors all clamoring for their money, one of the people involved who did get paid was Trump, people close to the former president say. Some Trump advisers have warned against doing future events, though Trump has expressed interest.

It’s not clear what that means for the tour’s advertised upcoming black-tie gala at Mar-a-Lago, with tickets starting at $10,000 a couple to spend time with Trump. The event includes a poolside reception and a formal ballroom dinner. Dinner and a photo with Trump costs $40,000, and a private library meeting with Trump is so pricey that it’s only listed as: “INQUIRE BELOW.” The company declined to say how much Trump is being paid for the event.

Interesting how sources of revenue are drying up, isn’t it? I guess Kimberly isn’t going to be getting paid $60K for a minute and a half of yelling into a microphone. As Trump would say, “sad.”

And this is the least of Trumpty Dumpty’s problems. No, what is going to push him off the wall and turn him into a big puddle of orange yolk is none other than Letitia “Peekaboo” James, about whom he raved on Sean Hannity’s show a few days ago.

Former President Donald Trump has swung back at New York state Attorney General Letitia James, claiming that instead of targeting him in a massive fraud suit to the tune of $250 million, she should put more effort into reducing crime in New York City. Appearing on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show for part two of his interview with the conservative commentator, Trump was touting his efforts in his dealings with the Taliban when he swiftly switched to crime in America.

“In New York, where Letitia James rules, we have the worst crime that we’ve ever had,” Trump said. The Washington Post reported that while “overall, violent crime is up 34%… there have been 13% fewer shooting incidents this year than last” and that “the number of homicides in New York is down 13 percent, not up.” Trump made brief mention of James’ suit, in which she is suing Trump, three of his adult children, and their family real estate company, alleging they overinflated the value of Trump property.

“That’s where Letitia James, she should focus on murder and crime in New York where they walk into stores with axes and they start swinging the axes at people,” Trump said. “That’s where she ought to be focused, not on how much is Mar-a-Lago worth.”

Thank you for sharing, Donald, but the fact is James is going to push full speed ahead on the trial. So you best get some funding from somewhere. Maybe the evangelicals and the QAnon Qrazies can have a bake sale or something, ya think? Because American Freedom Tour is going kerplunk.

It’s taking a lot of people down with it. Oh, yes. Michael Flynn will lose money, Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell, the whole cavalcade of clowns, they’re going to be going without just like Trump. Tsk, tsk. Again, all we can say is “sad.”

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  1. with trump’s business track record well know way before this latest endeavor, anyone losing their money investing in another one of his ventures probably deserves to lose it. They obviously did not do anything approaching due diligence before investing and quite frankly the research into one of trump’s business ventures would not be all that onerous: it isn’t as if he has much in the way of successful businesses.

    • I agree with you but I think it’s more basic than that. The election of Trump was so stunning and unexpected that when it happened, there was this rush to get on board the MAGA train, thinking it could never end. I think that’s what really happened here. There was some idea that there was a limitless amount of cash to be tapped — and if that was the case, then this company wouldn’t be losing money, right? Because they did a lot of rallies, events, whatever you want to call them. They had all the MAGAs up there on stage on a regular basis, Stella Immanuel, all the hard core nut jobs. And obviously they weren’t doing sold out shows.

  2. You people are petrified of Trump. What’s going to happen when Trump is the new speaker of the house next year? You’re talking out your ass when you’re talking about the real estate business.

      • Concinnity, let’s keep him around for comic relief. He’s our mascot, our pet MAGA. We never had a pet MAGA before and now we have one. (I had a pet rock once, and it was about as smart as this guy.) Let’s enjoy the comedy. :))

    • The speaker of the house has to be an elected member of the House of Representatives. If he’s planning on being elected, he better get working on a campaign, IJS…

      • No, technically he could be Speaker of the House. That would involve him backstabbing Kevin McCarthy but that’s not a biggy. No, the problem is he would have to show up to a job every day. That is not going to happen.

      • Actually no. The House can choose whomever they like for Speaker and their choice isn’t limited to a Member of the House (past or current) or any elected official.

      • Thats like going into your bosses office at work and telling him he’s fired because he has some really important paperwork in his files that is filed wrong. They’re calling it a fishing expedition and they didn’t catch anything and now they’re in legal trouble and people will be losing their jobs. It’s one fiasco after another and you are so gullible you buy it hook line and sinker every time. Is Trump in jail yet? 7 years of investigations and Trump is not in jail. Trump is clean. He would be in jail by now. 7 years by the best investigation agencies in the world and Trump is not in jail. After a while you wonder why you put yourself through all the mental anguish.

    • He’s going to be Speaker of the House? Is that the newest in Trump world? That’s wonderful. My Gawd, what a howler that would be. Especially when the sergeant at arms puts him in handcuffs and turns him over to federal authorities.

      • 7 years of the investigations. 7 years. Are you so gullible that you would put yourself through 7 years of Trump victories? He’s not in jail yet is he? But we got him this time right? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results.
        If he’s selected as speaker of the house… Speaker of the house the Honorable Donald Trump.

        • Sorry for the up-vote folks, I was just trying to hit reply. As usual red4751 is still making a fool of him/her self with their ignorance.

  3. What about the Covid deaths in New York (and elsewhere) that Traitor Tot is directly responsible for? How about prosecuting Traitor Toton at least 700,000 counts of murder!? How about all of Traitor Tot’s other crimes committed in New York and elsewhere!!



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